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  1. I hope things work out for you.. I am an emotional eater and so kudos for sticking to it when going through the rough patch..
  2. We have taken to exercising in the evenings, then I can crawl into bed after a shower... On a bit more of a risque subject - Has exercise/ diet made their partners more amorous? I am definitely not complaining but he is more interested when we are exercising and eating right..
  3. How do everyone cope with heat?.. We don't get warm weather over here very much and so when it does get hot, I find it really hard to get the energy and the motivation to do the exercise...
  4. I managed a new set of strength training last night which was actually fun because we are now using the right weights for the exercise and each my mine and my hb needs. It was fun.. But had a moderately bad weekend for the diet. Was hb birthday and although my meals where diet friendly, the dessert definitely wasn't. On a plus side, didn't go over board and stuff myself silly. Which I would have done before. So lost 3 pounds last week, but put 0.5 pounds on over the weekend..
  5. Thank you for all your advise it has been really helpful. We got another set of dumbells, had a lower weight on the new set and up the weight on the old set. plus started using the barbell too at the old weight. This meant that we could both use the appropriate weight for each exercise and last night I actually felt like I got a workout rather than a muscle ripping session... Even managed to add wipers to the set as a bit of fun.. Loving exercise again.. Thank you..
  6. Bit of cardio, but other than carrying my little one around. Not really.. Low carb is a much for me as I am insulin resistant and my body does not handle carbs/ sugar very well..
  7. Thank you for all your help. We only have one set of dumb bells and we tried to pick a routine that would be good for me and the husband. Clearly not working and we need a rethink.. Your help has been great..
  8. Hi, I have been doing a set of 6 dumbell exercises, 3 sets of 5 at 22ib in weight for about 3 weeks. I am having a low carb whey shake after the exercises and following a palaeo diet plan. I am leaving a day in between doing routines, but my strength does not seem to be improving. I am warming up but still feel like I have bee attacked by a herd of rhino the morning after. In fact some exercises are becoming harder rather than easier. I know it is no pain no gain but some of them nearly have me in tears. What am I doing wrong? last time I tried this it was working for me. Do I need to mix up the routines? Overhead pushup (difficult) bicep curls (ok) arm up to the sides (painful) bent over row (easy) squats (ok Arm one over my head (which I can't remember the name of) (ok) Any help gratefully received..
  9. I missed the start of the 6 week challenge and am new to this whole thing.. Thank you..
  10. I would like to join if there is still room. I am currently 255 ibs need to loose. Goal weight is 140ib
  11. I hate clothes shopping, most of the time I avoid it as I don't think anything looks nice on me. I buy loads for my little girl, it is daft. I was brave last night. I had a radical new hair cut and although I am still not sure. I have been getting loads of praise for it. I also have other things to obsess over so the diet and exercise are going good cause it is the only constant keeping me sane. I have got a new job, but they have to do extensive background checks and so far they have take 3.5 weeks to complete. they were supposed to be completed Tuesday and its not happened. My current team keep nominating me for things and I am worried I am going to let them all down when I say I am leaving. But I can't say anything until the checks are complete. It doesn't help that I don't like waiting for anything.. I also had a bit an light blub moment yesterday. My daughter takes after me in so many ways, including her daredevil spirit. So when did become such a wimp!?! I make excuses not to do things or be able to do thing cause of my weight or what people will think of me. And it crept up on me so I am not even sure when I started doing it. The funny things is my professional life, is the only place I don't do it..
  12. Thank you for the words of support. For me the diary keeping and hypnotherapy are really working at helping me to stay in perspective.. I am trying to weight myself once a week but I am kind of a little addicted to them and so find it hard to resist.. I need to take measurements, maybe that will help. If I can get to the month stage and still be doing well, that will be my first milestone met.. Especially as my husbands birthday is in the middle of that time as well.
  13. Party was yesterday.. Resisted all temptation, so thank you for the boost in confidence. It helped a lot. However I still managed to put on 1.5 lb over the weekend. I was true to the diet and did lots of exercise, I didn't drink as much water as I should have and I am a day or two away from "that time of the month".. So I am guessing it is that and trying not to get too disheartened by the minor set back.
  14. Awesome thank you, that has helped. I also spoke to my brother yesterday and he understands. It is mid afternoon, so we can eat before we go and they won't be offended if we take our own snacks.. On a plus side this morning.. First weight in and I have lost 4.75 pounds in a week. It has given me a real determination boost..
  15. Need some advise. The whole family has been invited to my brothers kids birthday party. I know that all the catering (even the adult stuff), will be carb loaded crap. I have not accepted yet because I don't want to be in the situation I know my will power will be tested and they will be upset if we don't eat or take our own food to.. I think family is important and my daughter would love being round all the kids and sugar, but I am only a week into everything and not ready for this. Any helpful tips welcome please..
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