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  1. Hiya, I'm currently laying on my couch with a hot laptop spread out over my stomach. Five years ago, I may have been able to see above the screen while horizontal - but now there is a lovely rise in elevation due to the girth I have bestowed upon myself. I've done this before. This whole lose weight thing. It was easy. Now I am 35 and it's a feat of resolve and dedication. Effort beyond books and nerdistry was not something I likened to, but now... now I must. Luckily I have caught myself in the act of gaining weight early(ish). I have 35 pounds that I might like to donate to the ether, but then again - reading what NF has given us - I am less concerned with the weight in as much the way I feel, or the way my clothes choose to not commit mutiny against my ever expanding skin. I am unhappy, tired, puffy, and feel older than I should. I have never been active. I've been accustomed to frequent viewings of bad movies, Kids in the Hall, MST3k, and numerous books. Sitting has grown my imagination and decayed my bones. However, my life - what I have in front of me - governs that I should be much more. I am becoming my own boot camp. I will need cheering on from you, my fellow NF folk. I feel weak and downtrodden, but there is a spark - I can feel it burn (and I don't believe it's indigestion). Rally with me? Let me cheer you on? Scream along with me? Help me take whatever it is we want back? Are you pickin' up what I am puttin' down? Good then. Let's go.
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