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  1. Progress Updates! Week 1: Steps: 88253/50000 Exercise: 2/5 days Eating: 7/5 days 0 on the life goal front Other achievements: first aerial silks drop! And got a dog! Also started to master the hiplock Week 2: Steps: 6037250000 Exercise: 2/5 days Eating: 5/5 days 4 tasks done! Other achievements: went back to the gym with personal trainer, which felt really good Still stuck in the Shire though >.<
  2. I think it is just called the dive? It's basically like this one, except that instead of using the silk to climb into it, you have it in a knot instead to make it easier
  3. welcome and welcome back assassins! It's time to kick some ass!
  4. bahaha! No. Well not yet. it's a terrible video- especially since the way I did it was quite uncontrolled and painful, so it's a bit difficult to watch xD I have an enormous purple and yellow bruise on my inner upper thigh, about 5cm square, which is sore and egg shaped and worst of all, because of where it is, I cant even show people my battle scars!
  5. Silks last night was awesome, I did my first drop!!! I have never been so scared before in all my life, I honestly thought I was going to be sick. And then faint. But it was sooo good to do! And then I did it again! I even managed to video the second one, so I can improve on it and compare to my almost very first try, which I hope will be motivating xD
  6. I think I really didnt realise quite how big the shire is!!
  7. Just updated the step count- STILL in the Shire!! But so far this week I have reached my goal of 10,000 steps. I am hoping today to do some cleaning up too. Exercise has been hard with the dog and me being sick, but I am hoping that will settle soon. Plus silks tonight!
  8. yes yes yes!! thank you all for your input about the dog. Today he got a clean bill of health from the vet and after an hour walk, half an hour play, and about an hour round trip to see the vet and back, he has finally taken himself to bed for a little while! Now that he is chipped and registered and vaccinated, I feel more comfortable leaving him outside in the yard when I have to go out too, which I think will be much nicer for his energy levels than being stuck in the garage for a couple of hours. Hopefully we can start school this weekend too. I must try to teach him to jump into the
  9. So we should just copy our post to our clipboards and refresh the browser instead to see if it actually went through? On my second day of dog ownership, I have some questions: Why does my dog prefer to chew toilet rolls and cardboard rather than the expensive and very nice chew things i bought for him? Why did my dog go all cupcake dog on me in the bath and then afterwards go absolutely freaking nuts? Where is the off switch on my dog? Can you tell he is about to go crazy by the look in his eyes or is that just my imagination? What do dogs do most of the day? Mine seems to spend most of his
  10. Got new puppy. Am exhausted. Pls send help
  11. w00t! Day 1!! Let's goooo!!!!!
  12. Nervousness isnt always a bad thing though right? One day at a time, you'll get there! You and me both >.< I dont know the background to the wedding, but I hope that if you want to get there that you do. You looking and being awesome is a given! Weirdly I had a dream last night that I hurt my leg So dont do what I did in the dream- take the moonboot off, lose it, spend 3 hours in A & E getting a new one (such exciting dreams I have). My random thoughts for this morning? Why did I stay up so late watching Black Sails? Why did I get up so early? It's hard to eat right when you
  13. *cough* Silks! *cough* I am a bit biased But probably just about anything that is body weight fitness focused would be assassin-y too? And doesnt need lots of gear or special locations since you are just training with your own body weight
  14. ugh I had the weirdest ocular migraine thing today. But still managed to get 12,000 steps! I thought I would count steps from this week towards my overall goal, because I find it motivating and lets face it, Bree is a freaking long way off and the hobbits totally cheated by having ponies. This brings total steps this week to 35,256, which is about 26.7km or 16.6 miles. Which places us...still firmly in the Shire XD
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