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  1. Yes, following and interacting with a few people is what I plan to do for the next challenge. Stealthstitcher, I'll watch for your challenge thread.
  2. sorry i disappeared. I never imagined things would get so crazy. With my daughter graduating and a big project at work it has been hectic to say the least. I saw Steve's blog and did my 30 push ups and wanted to try to reconnect. I don't know if I will do a challenge. I seem to have completion issues. I may do one on my own perhaps?
  3. You did well!!! setting up those healthy habits requires a lot of work and sometimes life gets in the way. Cheering you on for a successful week two!!! (Love that recipe you posted on our SpringCrushers thread)!
  4. lyona I really like your cleaning challenge. I think I will take that one on next time. I wish I had some words of wisdom to keep those sugar monsters at bay, but I run into the same problems. I guess they only thing I can say, is that you are not alone in your quest to slay those sugar monsters.
  5. alright. I already had some sugar today. I'll limit myself to one sweet a day. (This is a birthday week for my son and I, so going totally sugarless would end up backfiring). I'll report back regardless. Sugar is always very hard for me. I do great, at least for a while, when I abstain, but then I binge. If I have a daily limit, I have to pay attention because it doesn't take long for my sugar laden habits to come back.
  6. Oh my goodness...what a long long trip (21+ hours of driving). My daughter and I only got into one big tiff, which is amazing since we were together pretty much non-stop from Friday through Monday night. Cool thing is we saw a couple shooting stars during our drive Friday night. I did very poorly with my challenges. The only one that I really did was the movement quest because of all the walking during the college visits. I guess it gives me some insight on my big problem areas - being out of my normal routine and being tired. I have the same issue when my parents visit with me. So far today I did get my meditation in and plan to get a walk in later. I brought a bunch on fruits and veggies to work with me so I will hit that quest too today. So I will salvage this week and I am pretty much back on track!
  7. Week 1, Day 5 TGIF!!!! Q1- 15 min of movement. yes, I finished Week 1 of the "couch to 5k" - woot! woot! My speed and recovery time improved during the week - Yes! So I got 30 min of cardio out for today Q2 - 5 freggies - froz veggies in my omellete, "to be continued" Q3 - meditation - yep, a 10 min meditation. unguided...hhmmm, that sounds funny. computer was acting up so I did the corpse pose and concentrated on breathing and relaxing. Sometimes the 10 minutes goes by so fast, however today it seemed to drag. I am heading out for NY and then Vermont for the weekend. My daughter and I are wrapping up our college visits. My plan for my freggies is to pack portable freggies like apples, baby carrots, strawberries, etc to eat during the trip grabbing a salad when we eat in restaurants. For my exercise - I did my workout for today, tomorrow we will get plenty of walking visiting Ithaca, Sunday I want to do a strength work out in our hotel room - maybe I'll get the nerve to check out the hotel fitness center - and Monday more walking at UVM. Meditation will be tricky. I'll do my best at that one. My daughter likes to talk, I don't think she will be able to contain herself while I try to meditate. I'll get her to try it too. I hope the hotels we stay in have wifi, if they do, I'll check in and report back on my adventures.
  8. I am out of town for the weekend. Best I could do is look up recipes or share my favorite recipe.
  9. Week 1, Day 4 (thursday) Q1 - 15 min of movement- Yes! went to my 1 hour step class today and did 20 minutes of strength this AM (2 set of the BBWW and 1 set of obstacle wo). Q2 - 5 freggies - yes, craisins, red pepper (2 veg servings), dole fruit cup, strawberries, salad Q3 - meditation - yes, I am still discovering new and exciting (or I should say relaxing) meditations on youtube. I did my meditation tonight - that was a little weird since my daughter is around and it is noisy, but it went by fast and I did relax. The week is going well so far. I was really tired this morning though. All this exercise will take some getting use to. Going to be early will be really important too.
  10. I just set up an accountbuddy thread - here is the link http://rebellion.ner...sugar-freggies/ I can never remember how to use links - this is my sorry attempt. I went with Springcrushers as a team name for now. what should we have as our first group mini challenge? maybe one sugary treat a day? It can be anything really.
  11. I just set up an accountbuddy thread - here is the link http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/64170-a-s-mini-springcrushers-movement-sugar-freggies/ I can never remember how to use links - this is my sorry attempt. I went with Springcrushers as a team name for now. what should we have as our first group mini challenge? maybe one sugary treat a day? It can be anything really.
  12. Welcome to our accountabilibuddies group!!! Our main focus is moving more, beating the sugar monsters and eating more freggies.
  13. I am so happy your joined our team. I like the name too! Can't wait to crush this challenge.
  14. Excellent goals!!! Keep them simple - remember you have to maintain these for 6 weeks. Rate them as that you either did your base goal or you didn't. If you get too far in the weeds, you won't do it. I look forward to hearing how your challenge goes. Give us an update at least a few times a week. Giving up your sugary bread might be really tough. Sugar habits are nasty and really tough to kick. Both Lyona and I are at war with the evil sugar monsters! We'll see what weapons we can send you. ttyl
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