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  1. The Doodlies: Setting the World Alight

    Woohoo. Welcome back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ensi: The Beasts Of The New Year

    That's excellent news that you've found a likely reason behind your issues! It's often disappointing when your doctor can't figure these things out but I guess there's an awful lot that a general practitioner needs to know..
  3. RhiaWolfe Awakens from the Sacred Realm (Zelda, OOT)

    great job! that game night snack was really smart.
  4. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    That is an excellent rule. LS has finally learned not to wake me but he did bring me an ice cold Coke Zero as a peace offering.
  5. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    Week 3 Recap Overall I am please with how week 3 went. There was less red than the week before though I still struggle to get in 10,000 one workout days and even sometimes on workout days. I still haven't picked up my bujo and make any task lists but at the same time I'm pushing myself to get more done at home. Food was good all week. I used 1 variance but managed to be sensible at the same time. According to the scale I dropped all the tater tot bloat from the previous weekend and I am back on the right path. I stayed current on my budgeting and my water intake has been steady. I still haven't returned to lifting. My neck is fine most of the time but then I can easily move wrong and set it off so I think I'll stay away from lifting longer, probably the rest of the challenge. For week 4 I need to focus on sleep and getting in all the steps. I've got 1 variance left but I have no plans for any obvious variances and my birthday is over the break weekend. I might just not use that last variance and make as much progress as I can before birthday weekend. But it's there if I need it. 2/2 litres of water OOOOOOO 7/7 hours sleep OOOOOOO 10,114/10,000 steps OOOOOOO 1456/1600 calories OOOOOVO 3/3 daily tasks OOOOOOO 9 pomodoros + 0 meetings 1/1 HR test 6/12(15) cardio 1/6 (8) lift Yoga 3/4 (5) variances 3/4 YNAB 2 new recipes
  6. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    Week 3 Day 5 Friday was another perfect day. Friday was LS's birthday. We were celebrating a bit on Friday and a bit on Saturday and I really only wanted to use one variance and wasn't sure which day I would be best. Friday I had planned to eat a burger from the cafeteria and then go out to Dave&Buster's for a birthday date night. We decided to eat at home before going but left it open to get snacks while we were there. As it turns out we didn't need any snacks so I was able to avoid a variance and save it for Saturday. Dave&Busters for those of you who don't know is basically a big arcade for grown ups although children are happy there too. We were quite disappointed when we discovered our favorite game was gone. We found some new ones that looked really fun but were broken. After getting over our disappointment we did find enough games to keep us entertained. I got quite a few steps in while playing t the arcade. I was just 1,500 short at the end of the day so LS and I went for a walk in the neighborhood at 11:30 in our jammies and slippers to get 10,00. I did also have a therapy session on Friday. I started to get really anxious just ahead of the appointment. I was very glad to have put my thoughts down in writing ahead of time and my productivity at work had greatly improved. It was still a tough session but I felt relieved afterward. I started thinking about something in my life in a different way that I hadn't allowed myself to see before. I had a lot of doubts about this at the same time. I felt much better about my doubts afterward and I felt validated in my new perspective. There is still a lot of work to be done on my part before I can act on anything. But I suspect 2018 will be a year of change for me. Saturday LS spent some one on one time with each of the kids. I slept in while he and Peach went out for coffee and donuts. Then LS and Qbert went to see the SW movie. While they were out I made a batch of mini cheesecakes with a toppings bar including chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, caramel, homemade toffee sauce, and cherry pie filling. I had just enough time to make some dinner at home before going over to our friend's place for bday celebrations and christmas gift exchange. I finally finished the blanket I had been working on that morning. We had a good time there and enjoyed the cheesecakes and played games. I almost got by without even needing a variance but I had snacked a bit during the day on some Doritos and some crackers and then again while we were playing games. I didn't pay close enough attention to portion sizes so I just sotpped logging and assumed it was a variance. I still didn't go overboard. I did not get enough steps in despite standing and pacing a bit while we played games. I was still active but never got a workout in either. Sunday was a super relaxing day. LS woke me up, which he is usually forbidden to do, but he informed me it was noon. I was quite shocked as I hadn't slept in that late for a long time. I took my time getting out of bed still and finally got up to make some food around 1:30. It was quite difficult to get my steps in with such a short day but it was easier to stick to calorie targets. I meant to go to the gym but it got late quickly so I did a KB workout at home. I did the bare minimum to call it a workout but I did a thing and that counts. I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house in between episodes of Breaking Bad. 2/2 litres of water OOOOOOO 7/7 hours sleep OOOOOOO 10,114/10,000 steps OOOOOOO 1456/1600 calories OOOOOVO 3/3 daily tasks OOOOOOO 9 pomodoros + 0 meetings 1/1 HR test 6/12(15) cardio 1/6 (8) lift Yoga 3/4 (5) variances 3/4 YNAB 2 new recipes
  7. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    That would be a good idea but I still do plenty of it at home regardless of working out.
  8. Bearlee Rising

    This is a great strategy. Weight loss isn't linear so it's difficult to set goals based on it. If your goals are based solely on the things you can control, like what you eat, then you can focus on that and let the weight take care of itself. Also the scale is a dirty, dirty liar.
  9. Rabs exploration

    Title of your sex tape?
  10. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    I naturally have the same problem though not necessarily with pajamas. Anytime I see something that is just perfect for me, I have the intense need to buy it but then I end up with so much stuff. Stuff everywhere; for me it's mostly kitchen stuff. I am trying to make a change and follow something along the lines Ensi described. But it is Not Easy!
  11. JMK - The year of finding myself

    I hope everything is going well!
  12. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    Week 3 Day 4 I pulled off another perfect day. Sleep was just barely enough but only technically because according to my Fitbit I only slept about 5.5 hours. Work was still not productive. I can partially blame a last minute meeting thrown on my calendar during the nice big block of time I had planned to be the most productive. I did get some work done but didn't use the pomodoro timer. I planned to hit the gym after work and found LS was also planning on going to the gym. He was going to use the pool so he had to use fancy gym. I had the choice to go with him to fancy gym where I could treadmill and then pool or just go to local gym. I had quite a lot to do so I elected local gym. We left at the same time, worked out approximately the same amount of time and I beat him home by 40 minutes. I made a good choice. I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill watching the end of the Fifth Element. I planned on trying to run slow for as long as possible. Ha! It wasn't very long at all so I switched to intervals; 1 minute running and 1 minute walking. I did that for 15-20 minutes and then stayed walking but changed the ramp to continue intervals. Once home I ate first dinner quickly, showered, and got my 3 tasks done. Then I prepared a small 2nd dinner of a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich. I finally finished that blanket I was making for a friend for Christmas. It was supposed to be a lap blanket but the patter seemed hopelessly too small. I improsived. Now it's huge and could probably cover a twin bed. I just need to weave in the ends before we exchange gifts this Saturday. I was very close to 10,000 steps by the end of the night so I paced around the room until I hit 10,000, which I evidently didn't really need to do as I still got another 100 steps in after that probably from going to the bathroom multiple times. I had accidentally hit 'add 24 oz' of water to my Fitbit app. Instead of having bad data, I decided to just drink 24 more oz of water instead of the 8 I needed. I also spent some time yesterday journalling a bunch of the stuff in my head. I feel better. I still have a lot to work out but at least I can see all my thoughts in an organized manner instead of running in circles in my head. 2.5/2 litres of water OOOOOOO 7/7 hours sleep OOOOOOO 10,114/10,000 steps OOOOOOO 1456/1600 calories OOOOOOO 3/3 daily tasks OOOOOOO 0 pomodoros + 4 meetings 1/1 HR test 5/12(15) cardio 1/6 (8) lift Yoga 2/4 (5) variances 2/4 YNAB 2 new recipes
  13. LadyShello Starts 2018 By The Numbers

    Same. I definitely don't trust when I think I am hungry.
  14. NeverThatBored :: Fuck it | Dream Bigger

    It's true. I often say things that counter RangerBrain but always underestimate its hold on us.