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  1. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    It did occur to me I started having mood issues last fall so I did consider something along those lines. But it's still basically summer here since its 90 degrees and still sunny by the time I wake up and sunny by the time I am in the house for good. You are awesome too! Hopefully it was helpful.
  2. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    I don't get enough sleep but nothing has changed there. The only thing that is different is related to that really bad day I had last week. Things aren't necessarily resolved in that respect but at least de-escalated to a good place. We are seeking assistance for long term resolution however, which I am happy to report has finally been scheduled. I'm sure this is playing some role in my mood. Whether it is the sole source is yet to be seen but I can't think of any other changes that could be contributing other than some sort of general malaise.
  3. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod's New Groove

    LOL. I'm Ok with this. Great job with this.
  4. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    Week 1 Day 4 My mood was still improved into the morning but by afternoon it took a dive. I just didn't want to do anything. I had a craving for chocolate pudding but we had none. Peach tried to convince me to take her to the store so I could get pudding but really so she could buy some makeup. I knew going to the store with my mood in that condition was a bad idea. I ended up making a bargain with her that backfired on me. I told her I'd take her if she did the dishes for me. It was my night to do the dishes and I really didn't want to. I didn't think she'd agree to it but she did. O_o Then Qbert wanted new headphones so we all went. I ended up with a cheese and garlic pizza bread, chocolate pudding, milk for the pudding, a new healthy frozen meal for a future date and one for LS, and the headphones. Basically I paid almost $50 to not do the dishes. And I never made the pudding because Qbert grabbed lactaid milk not realizing it and it tastes disgusting. Power - Rest Day Grace - I intended to go for a walk and then do Terah's kettlebell workout. Once I got home I just laid in bed until I was forced to go to the store. I took the evening as a mental health evening although it occurs to me that a walk probably would have done wonders for my mood. I just couldn't get over the hump. Wisdom - My mental health certainly got in the way here. I had no prepared lunch so I grabbed JJ again. We had an employee engagement meeting at work and the boss brought cookies. I did avoid that. But dinner included that cheesy pizza bread I bought at the store. I had more than I needed but forced my self to also have some chicken for protein and a salad for veggies. I was quite full afterward though. Freggies - 3 Variances - 4/3 Wonder - I spent some time with LS talking about our days and then watched the finale of Big Brother with Peach. I was extremely tired so I just watched part of a show in bed before lights out.
  5. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    Naturally. <5 I did sort of take a mental health day yesterday after work... so I guess it was a mental health evening. Such a cute babysloth! Thanks!
  6. This is probably a quote from my thread the other day but I'm sorry you were feeling so low yesterday... and you know where I am if you need to talk. <3
  7. Pumpkin Spice All the Things! The Tanktimus Fall Challenge

    Glad to hear you had such a good day yesterday.
  8. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod's New Groove

    As a real rocker I now feel compelled to have relations with a groupie backstage. They'd better never give me keys to the church or MFG and I might de-sanctify the baptistery. But only if the water is warm. I have my to guard my dignity at least a little bit. I would LOVE that! Worship services tend to keep the flashing to a minimum, though some of the more creative dudes in the men's groups occasionally have hilarious ideas. ____________________ W1D4 - 2 1/2 points. I woke up super late and totally blew off my morning stuff. After rushing to work the day settled down a bit and I was able to be mindful of my goals, but owing to being late I had to stay late in the evening. Since I would up running straight from work to small-group I had to scrub my Move goal, but once I got to small-group I stayed busy setting up all the stuff for potluck (tacos, YEAH!) and then after our discussion I did most of the cleaning. So I'm awarding half a point for being at least a little active. Eating itself was fine. I broke IF with some roasted almonds and an apple (Shana Tova!), then lunch was leftover pot roast with a sweet potato. From that point on I was laser-focused on Tacos! for potluck dinner, so I ate nothing else until I was able to load up a couple of plates at small-group. My discipline crumbled after four monstrous chicken soft tacos and I added a single chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Day finished up at 1915 kcal which is still within my 4% tolerance. The rest of the night was simple. We got home too late from small-group for me to bother with any woodworking, and I'm having a fair amount of muscle-soreness from Tuesday's squats; so I just did some banking and other home-office stuff at the PC before heading upstairs on time for rituals and lights out. It was a fine day. I've got a perfect day locked in my sights today. This week's spreadsheet is looking a lot rockier than I'd like, so I'm going to zero in and focus on all four goals today. So far I've bulls-eyed my Wake goal, and my eating is right on pace. I'll crush the gym this afternoon and then make sure to get a good night's sleep tonight. This morning's nuclear stress test has been accomplished, so once again I've been poked, prodded, questioned, and scanned (multiple times). Each successive test seems to pile on more indignity, so this morning I also got to be shaved for application of EKG leads. The nurses were perfectly lovely about it, but as medical folks they clearly lack any aesthetic or artistic sensibilities; so I arrived back home after the test looking a little ragged. Fortunately I had some time to address it before heading in to work, and I was able to salvage some dignity from the job. It'll grow back, but not before Sunday's check in. It is with deep humility that I admit y'all are going to be calling me Shiro Kabocha before I get to be Captain Tightpants. Will that make you look as grumpy as that cat? We can compromise and call you Shiro Tightpants. or Tightpants Kabocha.
  9. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    Week 1 Day 3 My mood was so low and dark yesterday. I felt like the air was just too heavy and I was surrounded by some heavy shroud that kept me so isolated. I didn't really have the energy to gym, the mental energy I suppose, but I drove there anyway. But I sat in the parking lot on facebook for 15 minutes before going in. Luckily, I did feel better after the gym and I still feel better so far today. Power - I am still making up for the missed gym session from last week. I did squats, DL, and OHP. Both DL and OHP were the 3rd week of the 5/3/1 cycle. I am finally caught up with my PR. Last year I PR'd with 175x3. Yesterday I was able to get 175x5. OHP did PR at 80x2. My previous PR was 75#. Spreadsheet updated. I warmed up on the row machine and managed 4 HIIT intervals for the ranger mini. I did hurt myself a bit on one the intervals. That first row has more resistance but I wasn't braced for it. Dumb. Grace - I figured I could modify Sledgehammer Shenanigans to make a total of 23 HIIT intervals. HAHAHAHA. Not so much. I managed 5. I am planning to gym on Friday and Sunday. I only need to lift one of those days. That should give me the opportunity to put more energy into SS. Wisdom - I still haven't prepped my lunchs for the week and at this point it's just not going to happen. I ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch. I somehow completely forgot to pack my afternoon snack. Despite the bigger lunch, I still got hungry in the afternoon, though less so, but still had to finish the work day, go to class, and them gym on whatever sustenance I found. Since I had no packed rations and no emergency rations I opted for a Salted Nut Roll (highest protein candy bar I could find) and a few M&Ms. I wasn't done with the gym until late so I just grabbed JJ again. This time I got the cookie. I ate only half of it but then I finished the other half off before bed anyhow. So I count 2 variances but the scale is still moving in the right direction. Freggies - 1 Variances - 3/3 Wonder - I made some time to catch up with LS but it was late-ish when I got home. So other than that I started grading some tests and then just watched AHS and some other TV and went to bed.
  10. T2SC- Time & Tits

    Damn. I finally knew one but I didn't get here first.
  11. Pumpkin Spice All the Things! The Tanktimus Fall Challenge

    Two in the same mall? That is some serious ice cream consumption. Are they also attached to an Orange Julius?
  12. T2SC- Time & Tits

    I haven't watched the videos yet since I've only been on NF while at work... Maybe I'll watch them tonight with LS.