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  1. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Dude, you lost 30 pounds this year! That's awesome. Each pound gets harder to lose the closer you get to your goal. Don't discount what a huge win this is. I'm with you on this.
  2. LadyShello; from Ogre to Wonder Woman

    November Update 1. Onederland, Status: Turning a corner Onederland, Schmunderland. I just want to finish the year less than when I started... or as close as possible. This will have a new look in the 2018 Roadmap. 1.5. Reign in my inner critic. Status: Improving Still meeting with my counsellor and planning to work through some unresolved issues that certainly play a role in my inner critic. This is a slow process but it's good to have a clear plan. 2. Events. Status: Completed I did the thing. 3. Sleep. Status: Completed I did this thing too! Now it's time to feed the habit. 4. Be more Present. Status: Improving Overall, I've hit a wall here but I am where I want to be. Currently working on getting the rest of the family where I am. Also started couples therapy which has helped in this arena too. So much work being done! 5. Finances. Status: Completed For all intents and purposes, this goal is completed for the year. It will, however, be making an appearance in the 2018 Roadmap with a new focus. 6. Carryover from 2016 Status: Completed I'm calling the goals leftover from 2016 as completed as they will ever be. Home improvement projects are in the works which indicates a transition into the 2018 Project: Tidy House. 2017 was supposed to be the year where I turn everything around from the disaster of 2016. I had hoped the actual turning around part would have gone quicker and I could have moved on to more progress. But if it takes an entire year to turn things around it's better than not turning things around at all. Overall though, I am pretty happy with where I am on the roadmap. Most goals have either been completed or retooled. Two of the remaining are a work in progress with only Onederland as a goal unattained. I've already diagnosed the issue with this goal and it should have been focused on positive habits, rather than a number all along. There is just a little more time left of 2017 and I plan to use it to just keep moving in the right direction on the remaining items and I will get done what I get done. The 2018 Roadmap is in the works and should be shared sometime during the next challenge. Huzzah!
  3. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    Make it happen!
  4. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    We have have the same problem with Christmas. My brother is a stickler for tradition and he's a picky eater. I only wanted to change the glaze on the ham. He resisted for a couple years and then last year I just did it without telling him. Best damn ham ever... It had a fig glaze... which tasted amazing as leftovers with some havarti cheese in a quesadilla.
  5. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    I don't think you are wrong. This is the case for a large portion of Thanksgiving celebrators. I am lucky to not have a family ideal to live up, but the holiday still has some expectations that can be hard to live up to. One year I tried to be experimental with the menu and our friends decided they wanted a 'traditional meal' so they made other plans.
  6. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    Truth. When I was growing up we never cared that much for turkey so my mom always made homemade pizza for Thanksgiving, less stress and it's pizza. Although now that I think about it, we never had much money so I wonder if that was really the reason she always made pizza... But it's my tradition to this day. So Thursday is always reserved for a proper Thanksgiving dinner, even if it was just us, and then Friday is home made pizza.
  7. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    I think a lot of the stress comes from the number of people we are cooking for too.
  8. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    Good choice. I agree 100-thousand%. I went in with low expectations. I knew how they were approaching this story and though I wasn't happy with it, I figured it made it harder for them to mess up. Yet they still did. It adds nothing to the DT universe.
  9. LadyShello Finds Her Way

    Well, it's almost finished. I suppose I should recap... Challenge Summary Overall the challenge went decently. There wasn't a ton of red on the spreadsheet and the amount of red was reduced a bit towards the end, with the exception of the food kerfuffle from last weekend. However, the red was replaced with a lot of yellow. For the most part, I tried to only use Passterisks when our home improvement plans interfered with my workout schedule so I was still active but I did not gain any cardio endurance. I enjoyed the kettlebell workouts but not doing them daily. Sleep Goal - I was most surprised by my success on this goal. I thought it would be tough just to make a dent here but I not only managed the 7.5 hours of sleep nightly, but increased that to 8 hours and managed to wake up twice unalarmed. I reduced the average number of alarms/snoozes from 7 to 3. Full marks: +2 CON Food Goal - This is a bit of a mixed bag. I think I have landed on something that I can follow. Naturally, I still struggle but aiming for compliance with Paleo PlusTM but allowing other foods as long as I am under a calorie target is the best of both worlds. I had a few extra variance days and some of those were epic. Ultimately I gained 1 pound during this challenge, which is essentially maintaining. That wasn't my goal but I think I am one step closer. No points. Well, I'd award half a point but I don't do half points so it rounds down to 0. Strength Goal - I missed 1 full week of lifting but that really just means I didn't get to the deload week. Since this week is Thanksgiving I wasn't planning on hitting the gym anyway so now instead of delaying the next 5/3/1 cycle, I'm just missing deload week. I did miss one other lifting day but since I couldn't do squats, I just made up the bench on the another day. I did still miss 3/8 sessions. Half Marks: +1 STR Cardio Goal - I still hate cardio. I went for my walks. I went for 6 of the 13 scheduled walks, and subbed 3 of them for other activity. I wasn't even aiming for high intensity and I couldnt seem to get it done. I need to figure out something that works for me, that I like and isn't such a struggle to get myself to do. Winter is almost here so I could try some dancing at home or rucking. I'm also considering getting a 2nd gym membership (Am I crazy?) for one of those $10 a month places that is really close to home. My other gym is across town and I will not drive there in the winter jsut for cardio. Maybe if I had a place closer I would be able to convince myself to go. No Points. Not even half a point. Kettlebell Challenge - I was probably a little over ambitious with this but on the other hand it literally was minutes a day. Why couldn't I get it done? Mostly, if I wasn't at the gym I forgot about it. Perhaps if I made it part of a morning routine? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Maybe not. I did like the workouts and it's a nother good way to get some cardio in, especially over the winter. Half marks: +1 DEX Week 0 Plan I am taking a proper week 0 over Thanksgiving. I don't have much planned as far as workouts but we're still finishing up the dining room and then beginning Wednesday evening we are ripping carpet out of the living room and laying laminate in that room and the kitchen, as well as some more painting. This also involves moving a piano, twice. I am not really concerned about staying active. The biggest hurdle will be food. Thanksgiving will be... Thanksgiving. And there will likely be copious amounts of pizza towards the end of week 0. However, I am now 6.8 pounds heavier than the beginning of the year. I would like it ever so much to be able to just a tad lighter than that at the end of the year. Is it possible to lose 7 pounds in 44 days, inlcuding holidays? I'm not really going to worry about that exactly but I am going to try and stick to eating compliant or logging food into week 0 but my calorie target will be 1800 instead of 1600. I'll continue to update this challenge thread through week 0, at least until I post my next challenge.
  10. LadyShello Finds Her Way

    Week 4 Day 4 Finally. The challenge is over. Done. Finito. I'm Over it. Eat Food was compliant most of the day but I was way under on calories by the end of the day and I had to repaint the damn dining room. I figured that was good cause for some ice cream. Calories came in at 1430. Train I subbed painting for cardio. It counts. Sleep I did get a full 8 hours of sleep but did not wake unalarmed. I did, however, wake feeling a bit sick.
  11. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    1. Change into house clothes/work out clothes depending on the day 2. Appease the feline 3. if there is nothing urgent to do, and often even when there is, just lay on the couch or in bed for a few minutes to relax and then spend another few minutes convincing myself it is prudent to get up and do something.
  12. LadyShello Finds Her Way

    So, measure my progress in HammerRace unitsTM? It so happens that I started describing my end goal and it was measured in HM success. I see your point but it still gives a decent estimate. The margin of error is much smaller if you are cooking meals since I don't usually have any problems finding ingredients.
  13. Bearlee Rising

    Sweet Chili Pineapple Chicken sounds good. I hope you enjoyed it. I love Pinterest and have a ton of healthy, healthy-ish, and not so healthy recipes saved up to try. I do a lot of pinning but not always actually making them though. That will be something to work on next year. Hopefully the cubs will get to being healthy again. You could use a break!
  14. LadyShello Finds Her Way

    Is this challenge over yet? I am working on my 2018 Roadmap and I am struggling. I am possibly probably most definitely overthinking this but maybe writing it out will help. I did a mindmap for 2018 and I have a pretty solid idea of what my goals are, or rather what areas I want to work on for next year. But I am struggling to come up with a way to measure it. I deliberately do not make my roadmap goals SMART; the specifics are done in each challenge as I adapt by way through the year. But for 2017 I tried to set timelines (as guides at least) but that just didn't work. I feel good about where I have landed on those goals but as I check in with them throughout the year I could only evaluate progress subjectively. I'd like to try something more objective for 2018. But what? Setting up milestones for each goal seems too strict and I don't want to set it up to be discouraging if I am not progressing at a particular rate. I could describe each goal with a level 50 (or whatever level you can achieve in 12 months) and each progress check is a comparison of current state compared to the starting point and the level 50 point. Actually, I quite like that. It seems to ride the line between objective and subjective and gives me a clear vision of what I am hoping to attain by the end of the year. I don't know. Any other ideas?