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  1. Week 3 Day 1 Power - Rest Day Grace - Rest Day Wisdom - I ate well all day, following my normal routine. Dinner was meatloaf, fried leftover potatoes, and a salad. Meatloaf had tons of veggies in it and I used beef. I usually use turkey or a mix of turkey and beef but Aldi's was out of ground turkey. It tastes amazing. LS and I did finish off that cheesecake while we watched GoT. Freggies - 6 Sweets - 1 Wonder - Work was quite productive and then the evening was thoroughly relaxing. I did do the dishes and since LS was watching TV downstairs, I took my crochet upstairs and caught up on TV all evening. LS had to go to the scout meeting so I had an evening mostly to myself. No calls from the Boundary Waters so I am assuming Qbert is still alive and accounted for.
  2. Ouch. Good luck with the recovery.
  3. I should think so... but then I'm on your team so perhaps we should get confirmation from the others. Sorry to hear that Terah. Get well soon. I've entered our scores too... So Much Light!!!
  4. It's missing the sausage that is customarily found in biscuits and gravy.
  5. That's a bummer and I know it stinks to take a break on the lifting but its certainly the sensible thing to do. Hope you return to good health quickly.
  6. I really like Adriene's videos too. I've really struggled to find something good to continue with but never struck gold. NF does have a yoga app but I haven't tried it and haven't wanted to spend the money on it. There are plenty of others who have. I'm looking forward to seeing your updates for Week Awesome!
  7. Very true. I've been staying pretty well hydrated but I probably was not prepared for the weather. It was worse, too, that I went first thing and hadn't had any water since the night before. I distinctly remember wishing I had access to some water while I was out there.
  8. The scale would just be laughing under it's breath anyway. They all seem immune to birds, likes being told it is #1, and gain power by manipulating us to eat pizza and ice cream.
  9. Just tell yourself you only need to do some minimum... Once you get started you'll end up doing it all anyway.
  10. I hadn't thought of that. It might have made a difference but I usually run before breakfast on the weekends. My guess was the humidity just sucked all the life out of me.
  11. I have a ton of projects pinned in Pinterest. I have a few things on Ravelry but most of those are ones I found through Pinterest.
  12. Week 2 Day 5 Power - I gymmed after work and grocery shopping. I really only needed to finish up squats and then deload on deadlift and bench. I decided to finish it up witha superset of knee pushups and planks. Spreadsheet updated. And now I'm ready for cycle III. I was comparing my lifts so far this time around with my numbers from 5/3/1 from last year. For some reason I never finished cycle III. So far, my squats are 20# ahead of what I did last time, bench is 5# ahead. OHP is about the same and I've taken a 25# hit on DL's. I am looking forward to seeing some gains this time around. Grace - Nothing scheduled. Wisdom - I finished off my pizza for dinner. I have stopped putting much effort into logging food so I can't really recall much else. I did get the bare minimum of 4 freggies in and I'm guessing I had 1 sweet. Freggies - 4 Sweets - 1 Wonder - I realized I had the pattern wrong on the scarf I was making and I had to rip out almost the entire thing. I was determined to catch back up and use up all the yarn gathered in a pile at my feet. I didn't quite make it on Friday but got caught up by Saturday. It looks a ton better. _______________ Week 2 Day 6 Power - Nothing scheduled Grace - It was hammer day. It was hot and I had forgotten about a party at the neighbors. I pushed this to Sunday Wisdom - I ate mostly sensibly. We grilled at the neighbors. There were no veggies in sight so rather than have veggies with my dinner, I just grabbed a second burger. When I got home that night I was 1 freggy short of my goal so I had some berries.... covered in chocolate ganache, with a side of ice cream. Freggies - 4 Sweets - 1 Wonder - I wasn't particularly looking forward to the party and it was hot. It turned out to be not that bad. We had a deadline to leave my 10 since Qbert had to be home and ready for an early morning pick up for his Boundary Waters trip. So I spent only 3 hours at the party, which turned out to be just about right. _______________ Week 2 Day 7 Power - Nothing planned Grace - It was supposed to be the coolest day of the week but it was turning out to be warmer than forecasted. I slept in until 10am so I figured if I was going to get a my run in I needed to get my arse moving. The humidity was 75% so I wasn't looking forward to it. I did it anyway. It was scheduled as a 'long' run for 2 miles. I ran intervals for the first mile and did decently but then I started skipping some running intervals and shortly didn't have the energy to run at all. I walked most of the 2nd mile. I'm not sure if I pushed myself too much for the first mile, not leaving enough in the tank for the length of the run. As it was, I barely had the energy to walk up the hill to get home. By the time I finally got home, I was hyperventilating and overheated. Luckily LS took care of me and since the kids weren't home I was able to collapse on the floor and strip down and lay in front of the fan. I was pretty much wrecked the rest of the day and didn't have any energy. Wisdom - I was famished after my run and I made myself a large breakfast with sausages, bacon, eggs, banana, and 2 pieces of toast. It was fantabulous. I didn't eat much except for some fruit for the rest of the day until dinner. LS made me a great dinner with salad, carrots, potatoes, and bacon wrapped chicken legs. He finished it off with some store bought cheesecake. Freggies - 5 Sweets - 1 Wonder - Since I was wrecked I didn't even have the energy to crochet. That meant holding up my hands. I did manage to run a remote and looked for some movies to flag for watching. Instead of watching a movie though LS and I took a nap. He set an alarm for an hour (since he had to cook dinner) but then I slept another hour an a half.. and could have stayed sleeping. I did watch Hacksaw Ridge after dinner and then went to bed early. Qbert is now gone galavanting in Boundary Waters on a canoe. My anxiety is extreme at the moment and ahve to get past all these bad thoughts before I can fall asleep. I also learned that they are letting each pair of boys go off on their own and return to camp at a designated time. So I've calculated in my head a certain time that I would expect a phone call if Qberts canoe doesn't make it back in time... Hopefully I can sleep once that time passes and I get no phone calls.