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  1. Terah: Supercharged

    I'll say. That's about 2 pieces of my regular at Dominos.
  2. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Date night, Avengers, deep dish pizza, and ice cream sounds about as good as a weekend can get.
  3. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    Week 0 Weekend The plague has entirely cleared up and no one else seems to be affected. Unfortunately, shark week took a turn for the worse. The sharks have vacated and it is now homocidal maniac week. I am taking a real beating this time around. It kept me from any activity Friday evening and Saturday. Sunday I was able to move around a bit more but energy was definitely a problem. I still managed to get some yard work done. I didn't really have the energy for it, and I had to make sure I ate as I shaky most of the day. But the weather finally let up and I had a lilac bush that had to get planted before it decided to take root in the garage. Shello eats sensibly, not restrictively I did still manage a deficit each day (Friday 643, Saturday 514, and Sunday 443) although I can't trust this as according to the math, I should have lost half a pound for the week. Instead I gained 1. But it's also homocidal maniac week so there's that. Eating was sensible in that I managed to avoid brownies and ice cream all weekend (it helps that they were gone) and all other obvious sweets. I was more concerned with eating for energy so I wasn't all that concerned with the deficits, they just happened. Shello is active, not lazy My step count has increased again. It's still not a lot but it's much better than when I had the plague. Despite the uterine shenanigans Friday I managed 7,000 steps. Sunday I almost hit the 8,000 goal but you can only get so many steps pacing around your bedroom at night and I was ready to call it a day. I stopped 330 steps short of goal. I spent about an hour and a half gardening with the kids on Friday. I'm counting that as a workout. Shello puts herself first, then cares for others With the kids back at my place Friday afternoon I still managed to get some reading done daily. I may even be a little ahead of schedule. I took both kids to see Black Panther Friday night. Qbert fell asleep, not because he was bored but he had been greatly sleep deprived from the week and he had to get up ridiculously early Saturday morning for a competition. Shello is an introvert, not a recluse Friday I texted my mom some. We ended up reminiscing about line dancing in the 80's. I did also text college bestie some. She is off to Italy in a few weeks and I just couldn't figure a way to make it work for me. We made a pact to travel abroad sometime before we are 50. Our current pick is Iceland. ETA: I was reading Sylvaa's challenge and remembered that I also got out and talked with one of my neighbors. He was out watering his lawn when I went to get the mail. We've hung out before at numerous driveway parties but I'm usually less likely to just start up a conversation on my own. His lawn looks great and mine is dismal so I got some advice from him.
  4. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    I am trying to handle it well. The biggest part is just trying to be kind to myself and allowing myself to feel all the emotions and give myself a break regarding my goals. It has certainly been an eventful year. Nice you see you around again.
  5. LadyShello Rangers through 2018 - My Roadmap

    There was a Death Star pillow on the list too but I didn't get to that. Another reason I am still not ready for an auction.
  6. LadyShello Rangers through 2018 - My Roadmap

    Thanks. I appreciate the support. The kids took it well at first but it's going to take some time for this rotating visitation and always having a parent to miss to sink in so they can adjust. Qbert absolutely loved his trip! He had a blast. I still haven't done that auction. I really wanted to finish the Dr Who scarf I'm working on before I had the auction but I can't seem to get myself to work on it. Plus it's mostly blankets and scarves so it seems like this is the wrong time of year to be selling that type of thing.
  7. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    Belated Roadmap update.
  8. LadyShello Rangers through 2018 - My Roadmap

    Well this is quite late. It completely missed my attention that I never posted a March update... so here it is. March Check-In March was tough month. It was completely dominated by divorce shenanigans. LS and I spent a great deal of time going through the house and dividing belongings. This was tense and since we were still living in the same house throughout the month there was little break from the stress. This impacted my fitness goals the most. Rangering Strength - No progress and most definitely some regression. Cardio - I probably managed a few workouts at the beginning of the month but the effort was short lived and all my energy was devoted to self care. More regression on this goal. Agility - I gained 7 pounds. This put me half a pound above my starting weight for the year. That starting weight was supposed to be the max. Measurements increased as well, some above my original 2018 measurements. As far as agility, I can feel the 7 pounds and extra inches and I feel as agile as a beached whale. Preparedness - No progress Domestic Rangering Cooking - I didn't make any progress here but I maintained where I was at. I didn't have any goals aimed at this particularly this month. Home Improvement - As far as decluttering is concerned, divorce is a pretty decent way to declutter. Tidy - I did also manage a little bit of progress here. It's tough making this a habit but I at least have a plan and I get to it some of the time. Relationship Rangering Self - I spent most of my energies here, giving myself leeway when needed, paying attention to my stress levels and working on some boundaries and some destressing activities. Wife-ish - I'm not sure I'd call it progress but I did my best to stay level headed and try and keep things amicable during this cohabitation and negotation. There definitely were some bad moments but overall it could have been much worse. Mother - We shared the news with the kids about the changes in our family structure, delivering a unified narritive. I made sure I was there for them to talk when they wanted and tried to provide as much stability as possible. Financial Rangering Budget - This was all over the place as we negotiated our way from one budget to two. I did go on a bit of a spending spree with some of my share once I got a taste of the financial freedom. Savings - Spending was still a bit of an issue and we had some last minute joint expenses that we needed to get out of the way before we could split the savings. Our savings took a pretty decent hit.
  9. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    Week 0 Day 4 Another day, another bit better after the plague. I still had a migraine trying to take hold. I spent most of the day at work in my office with my glasses on and the lights off. By the end of the work day though it felt much better. The sun was shining and I could be outside without freezing my tuckus. I decided I could benefit from some fresh air so I decided on a walk in the evening. I was in no hurry and had no particular goal in mind. I just meandered through the neighborhood. It was glorious. When I got home I realized I was just shy of a mile so I went back out around the corner and back to even it up. Shello eats sensibly, not restrictively I managed a deficit again, 65 calories so just barely but I'll take it. I logged my walk into my Fitbit and my yoga from the previous day. It gave me more calories burned for the yoga than the walk. It did put me in a deficit for yesterday but I'm not taking it since that yoga was the laziest of yogas ever. I've finished off the last of the brownies save two that I am leaving for the kids. That should definitely help with future deficits. Shello is active, not lazy a slow 25 min mile around the neighborhood. Shello puts herself first, then cares for others I had quite a few errands to run but then I made time for the walk, a couple of shows I wanted to watch - The Americans and Imposters and still had time to get my 50 pages of reading done. Shello is an introvert, not a recluse I reached out and caught up with one of my favorite people. I don't know why I tend to isolate myself when it's such a joy to chat with a friend. I did also reply back to college bestie's text. I texted my sister a bit but she initiated the conversation. She's a tough one to communicate with sometimes. We have a big age difference and she sometimes thinks of me more of a mother figure. Sometimes if I reach out to her she feels like I am 'checking up on her' in a judgmental motherly way instead of an inquiring sisterly way. But if I don't reach out I think she feels left out. Sometimes I get lazy and just wait for her to initiate but I that's one thing I'm trying to change.
  10. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    I don't think we have that same process. In Nebraska, whether I were to try to sell it on my own or not, it is considered marital property and is subject to equitable division, regardless of who actually has ownership.
  11. therealkat :: This Action Will Have Consequences

    You could consider this 'verbal journaling'.
  12. Bearlee is ...

    That certainly deserves to be celebrated. Well done.