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  1. This is an awesome attitude to have. I like who you are too so I don't want you to go anywhere either.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. It was almost turned into a mouse at the last minute. Crocheting that trunk proved to be a lot of trouble.
  4. Using a spreadsheet is always the answer.
  5. This is the program I use too. I haven't been lifting recently but I really liked this program.
  6. Baby Bert's gift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Week 0 Recap Food (+/- 0) -7, Freggie Bonus +11 Diet Soda (+/- 5) +4 No Soda at meal Bonus +1 Wake Up (+/- 7am) -4 Sleep 8 hours Bonus +2 Water (+/- 8) +2 Training (+/- 10units) 0/8, -8 Daily Dare Bonus +1 This is a bit late. I failed to post a week 0 update while I was gone and I won't have a Week 1 update since I didn't track. Freggie intake has increased, as has water consumption. I did manage 1 meal without a diet soda. I did manage more while on vacation but I didn't track well so I have nothing to score. Sleep is still a problem (and is even worse now that I am back from vacation). Training is the biggest obstacle. I don't really feel that committed to it. I don't have a lot of time and I feel like I am half-assing it to just do something quickly and I don't like half-assing it. Hopefully I can make some time during the rest of the challenge to get some rucking or some running in at least. <bujo traacking pic incomping>
  8. I'm a little late but I'm following!
  9. Sorry you had a stressful week but you did amazing things with what you were given. Congrats on your new old tartan. I love shopping in my closet for things that haven't fit in years.
  10. I've thought about allowing certain things but part of my problem is that I already aim for a 80% paleo with certain allowances and it has led to too many allowances. I'm going to use this week and next to examine my current foods and see what wouldn't be allowed. This should give me enough time to figure out replacement options for certain meals. Just looking at my normal foods, there isn't a lot of changes to make; skip the cheese in my breakfast, lose the protein shake, replace my sandwich with a healthier option. The big changes will come from the foods that I have been too lenient with - baked potato chips for a snack, snacks in general, tortillas and other processed carbs with dinner, too much cheese, and not enough freggies. Stay lean though is good advice. I don't want to end up replacing healthy non-paleo foods with fatty compliant foods.
  11. I'm back from vacation. I had a great time. I got to spend some time with my niece and nephew and my brand new baby nephew. I did a terrible job tracking my goals though. I started off organized but by Wednesday I was only tracking water and diet soda and by Thursday I wasn't tracking anything. My brother has been eating really healthy recently so we worked together to try and stay on target. As usual though, we started off making great choices and each day got slightly worse. There were plenty of cookies and treats around to lure us but for the most part our meals were healthy. No workouts happened. I still managed to lose just over a pound. It's not much but considering that typically being around my entire family results in a 5 pound gain I think think this is pretty phenomenal. I did use what free time I had to get some school work done. I didn't get as much done as I had intended but enough so that I am not currently stressed. It was too hard to stay focused when I'd rather spend time with my family, particular the little ones. I did manage to complete my crochet gift for Baby Bert (who has a real name now but I'll still with Bert here). I struggled with it until the very last night and then everything miraculously came together. I'll try and post a photo.
  12. This challenge will be a lot like the last challenge. I'm still super busy. I still don't have time to devote to progressing on my training. I still have less time to post. And I'm still committed to my 2017 Roadmap and not willing to sacrifice any of those goals because I over committed myself for 4 months of this year. While I bide my time I might as well keep my challenge goals similar to last challenge too. But, for the sake of progress, they'll be slightly more strict. There are a couple of differences this challenge - Week 0 coincides with Spring Break. This only means I don't have class; I am still behind on grading and I need to use the time to get ahead. Week 1 coincides with vacation. I will be traveling to my brother's for the birth of his 3rd child. My sister, her girlfriend, and my mom will be there. This is a much needed vacation loaded with school work that I plan to take with me but also the struggles of balancing food choices while I'm with family. They are very supportive and my sister tries to eat healthy too, though she eats completely differently than I do. But typically, ewach day shifts a little bit more into old food habits. At least this time there are no Christmas cookies. Something something goals.... Like last challenge, this is basically an over/under challenge. I've set targets for some of my goals; If I meet them I stay even, exceed them I get points, under achieve and I lose points. Theoretically, if I compelte the challenge with 0 points, I will have aced my challenge. But for those of you who know me better will know I would never be satisfied with that. Like last time, the points don't actually mean anything, but I earned 42 of them last challenge so the bar has been set. That means something. This challenge also features bonus points. Food This is one thing I can control despite my busy schedule. So there are no excuses. Monday - Thursdays I'm back to the snacking ban. I eat 3 meals plus a protein shake. I am not training so hard that I need anything beyond that. So no snacks outside of those meals. I do try and listen to my body so there may be some occassions where I really require some additional food, or perhaps a meal will be particularly small. In those cases, it must be real food, not ice cream, not chips, not cookies, or sweets. I am making some allowances over week 0 since I have some leftover cookies from weekend 0. This part of the goal is based on a work day so I will have to make accomodations for vacation week. There are no opportunities for points since I can't really go under 0 snacks but I could sure lose points here. Friday - Sunday will have a calorie goal. Last challenge was 1800. I aced that. So this challenge it will be 1700. 1 point for every 100cal over/under that goal. BONUS Points; Since I am really good at meeting these goals and still not managing enough freggies I'll add extra points for every serving of freggie. However, if a veggie is a snack on M-Thursday, do I lose a point for a snack and then gain a point for the freggie? Sleep Last challenge I thought this was another thing I could control despite a busy schedule. I hadn't accounted for all the late nights getting tasks done. But it made me really stressed out and obviously quite tired. I need to do a better job of this. My sleep habits are shit. Wake up on time: I still need to manage to get to work on time, and hopefully this will have the effect of forcing me to get to sleep at a more reasonable time. Last challenge I was aiming for a 7:00 wake up time; this time I'm shifting it to 6:50. 1 point for every 10 minutes over/under. Diet Soda; I drink too much in general and it affects my sleep. I made my goal 5 last challenge and I did pretty well. I think one more challenge of tracking this and it can be a solid habit. 1 point for every can over/under BONUS Points: I realize 5 cans diet soda is still too much. I did realize that 3-4 of those cans are with my meals. I seem to have a pretty solid habit of having a can od diet soda with every meal, 2 with dinner. I will struggle to get my daily limit much lower if I can't break this habit. 1 point for every meal without a diet soda. BONUS points: Waking up on time will only make me more tired if I am not getting enough sleep. So 1 point for every weekend night with 8 hours; 2 points for a weekday with 8 hours sleep. Hydration This hasn't been a goal at all this year but I've been tracking it with my tracking of diet soda and I'm not getting enough. So I'll shoot for around 8 cups or 2 litres. 1 point for each 8oz under/over. Training This is where I struggled the most last challenge. I struggle to come up with the time for it and I struggle even more for not having a schedule. On the other hand, setting a schedule seems like a fool's errand at this point. I'll use the same system as last challenge. I'll rate every workout according to intensity and duration. The most basic workout would be 10 minutes with intensity 2 (on a range of 1-3). So that's the 'unit'. 10 units last challenge proved to be unrealistic so I'll move it down to 8. I am hoping to schedule a couple sessions with my trainer during the challenge. BONUS points: I wish I had time for more training so I'll try to work in some of the Darebee Daily Dares. 1 point for each daily dare. Other Items Finances are still a huge part of my roadmap this year. I am continuing with YNAB but I don't have any goals tied to it at this time. Kitty Jar - still in effect though I've done a terrible job doing this every day. This only works if I do it daily. So do it. 25 cents for each great day 10 cents for each OK day, meeting some goals, but not all 5 cents for meeting at least 1 goal 1 cent for a day hitting no goal with some valid excuse 0 cents for lame duck days. I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something I intended to. I always seem to forget something. I probably won't have time to update as often as I normally do and I won't have as much time to follow your fantastical challenges so I apologize in advance.