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  1. I'll try to use my healing skill on MickChele. I also listened to music about 2 hours today.
  2. This week? I'm game. We shall slay the floordrobes!
  3. I was actually hoping for the Domestic Rangering feat this week. My floordrobe has started to take over the closet. I was hoping to save it until it counted but something must be done. Maybe I shall lift it overhead first.
  4. That is hilarious. Given this child's current predicament she looks a little too happy. The only explanation that makes sense is they got the jacket on her too late.
  5. I don't have the magic skill but I'd be inclined to add it if I could viciously mock someone to death. I think it would be a good blend if there are some magic spells that are more general too.. The Hand of God - telekinesis powers in general so you could still use your imagination to apply it conveniently in battle Something like a Magic Missile something that can restrain enemies something defensive - like a magical Cone of Silence or the Boy in the Bubble
  6. I like the spellbook idea but at the same time I like having things open so we can apply our magic using our imagination in battle and then use our level to determine if it's successful. Making the change to increase our HP with levels and having better armor makes it more realistic. This would make it more interesting when we have characters who have been on lots of adventures and new characters playing together.
  7. Week 2 Day 5 (Friday) I've had too many rest days this week so I had to work out yesterday, as well as today and tomorrow. So skipping it wasn't an option. It could have been a gym day but I honestly didn't want to go all the way to the gym, plus I needed some DareDice workouts in for the Doodlie D&D. So I figured I would do some rolls until i tired and then finish off my minimum 30 minute workout with some rucking. I ended up spending the whole time doing DareDice. I decided to use the opportunity of the weekend's increased calorie goal to eat the dinner I had made for Peach with chicken, bacon, and some cheese rolled up in bread dough. This left me unsatisfied and seeking additional food stuffs. I didn't go overboard but I did still go over the limit. I did not have any diet soda after my dinner though. Life seems to be really kicking my butt now that classes have started. I am feeling overwhelmed. But I did find myself using my visualizations and affirmations to calm myself. I know I can do this. I need to take steps to be as organized as possible and work smart and then bluff when I need to. It's still stressful, and I still have moments where I feel overwhelmed. I did create a spreadsheet that lists all the weekly tasks I need to do for each class and then list that for each week of class. The goal is to get as far ahead as possible. Kitty Jar: 10cents Doodlie PVP Day 5 I am grateful for all of your support. I am grateful for a freshly made bed I am grateful for a smart, sometimes too independent daughter I am grateful for a smart and capable son I am grateful for a loving husband. I am Shello. I am a Doodlie and a Ranger. I can do whatever I set my mind to. I make healthy choices and I live a successful life.
  8. I am in awe at the degree to which you are winning. #DefWinsHard The Adam Sandler song I posted from the Wedding Singer was actually played at my wedding. We loved the 80's and we're both a bit goofy so it's our song. But, equally love this song that was also played at my wedding. I may have said this before but I have a thing for Dean Martin. Also, I absolutely loved the movie Return to Me. It genuinely made me cry and ugly cry.
  9. I like how you do D&D.
  10. The beast is reeling from it's hit from the Patronus but LadyShello can see it's got a lot more damage to deal and when it strikes, it strikes hard. Before the whale has a chance to strike back, LadyShello centers herself and gathers her strength. In a whirlwind of movement, I circle the beast and repeatedly striking it with my trident. With every strike the beast moves slower, and I continue to circle it, striking, faster with each strike.
  11. My kids' schools have similar cell phone rules about the lockers but security is an issue, Crap gets stolen from lockers so the kids can't actually keep their phones in their locker. Actually, crap gets stolen in classrooms too. Great job sticking to the clean eating and the yoga. I've fallen off the yoga wagon again. I can feel the difference. You should keep doing it.
  12. I'm listening to music today as I work but I don't want to count the time until I'm done or I'll forget where to start counting again.. But I can take 1 shot with my Ram Petronus Ring.
  13. Week 2 Day 4 (Thursday) I hit all goals but I had wanted to get a workout in but I had no time. It was LS's actual birthday so we talked about going out for dinner. Then Qbert broke his glasses in gym so we had to go out anyway. Of course they no longer carry the same frames so we couldn't just pop the lenses into a new pair. I am confident this is just a conspiracy. There is no need to slightly change all lens designs each year. While we waited for the new lenses we ate at burger/brewery place. I had an amazing burger. We also ordered some soft pretzel appetizers with a beer cheese dip. The dip went really well with the french fries. LS got a free dessert. I had 2 bites and it was amazing. I also had a meeting over lunch at work so the boss decided to order Jimmy Johns. Luckily, my schedule didn't allow time for my afternoon snack yesterday so that helped me fit these bigger meals in. I still went over my regular calorie goal but I came in right around 1800 calories which is not very bad at all. There was no need for any snacking and I had no diet sodas after dinner. Actually, the waitress asked if I needed another refill but we were almost done and I really had no room for anything else so I think that's a win too. I chugged some water when we got home to hopefully counteract the extra sodium I consumed. It ended up being a very busy day but good overall. Doodlie PVP Day 4 I am grateful for kids that can actually get along occasionally. I am grateful for bacon havarti burgers I am grateful for family time I am grateful for sleeping in I am Shello. I am a Doodlie and a Ranger. I make healthy choices and live a successful life.
  14. I also got 2 miles in yesterday.