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  1. Those are some impressive savings on the solar panels. It's such a balancing act. The current prices are up everywhere and I suspect that even as things calm down and go back to normal there will just be some new reason for the prices to stay here and this is where we will just stay.
  2. I had no that was a thing. Oh NO!! I'm so sorry to hear that!
  3. I do still use Noom but I don't pay for it anymore. I use it to keep using the weight chart and the daily food logs. I like their food categories and I don't get distracted by the macros and all the other statistics on MFP. But since I don't pay anymore I no longer have access to any of the content. I do recommend it though. I found it really helpful.
  4. Friday I really got back on track on Friday. It was pizza day because Friday. I stuck to my usual meals at work and kept snacks to a minimum to accommodate the pizza. I also made sure I got a strength workout in. There were issues with the grocery order and I couldn't replenish my Totino's pizza. Target is by far the most convenient and cheapest place for grocery orders but the one by me was out of a lot of foods so I started an order with the regular grocery store. Groceries are just as cheap but grocery pick up and delivery both have fees and they aren't as convenient. They had most of what I needed but I couldn't get a pick up or delivery time until Saturday. I ended up stopping at Aldi for a few things I can only get there (and cheap produce) so I grabbed the pizzas from there. When it came time for dinner though those were just too high calorie, even splitting with DDG and I would have gone way over. We decided to whip up a creamy tomato sauce pasta dish with garlic bread. We had huge portions and way less calories. I also started a crochet project. All my old crochet dishcloths are falling apart and many have been relegated to rags or the trashbin. So I decided to make some more. It was a slow start refreshing my memory on everything. 90 minutes spent on 1/2 of a dishcloth. Saturday I tried sleeping in but multiple texts came in as I happen to just be waking enough to roll over and then I checked my emails because my ex and I were having a stressful conversation the night before and I was anxious for the reply. I had one, the one I expected but not the one I wanted. I replied and we got the dispute 'settled' but I was angry and couldn't get back to sleep. DDG and I relaxed on the couch all morning long. We couldn't quite fast 16 hours but broke fast a little after fifteen hours and we shared the leftover disco waffle and Denny's leftovers. I did scramble some eggs to go with it since it wasn't quite enough food and very carb heavy. It was delicious. After more relaxing and binge watching The Man in the High Castle we decided to get some movement in. We went over to his apartment and packed up some things and got some other things ready for Goodwill. The weather was nice and he has a nice walking trail by his apartment that gets plenty of sunshine so we were hoping there wouldn't be much ice so we had prepared to take a walk while there. That turned out lovely. We hadn't had a chance to walk in a couple weeks and it was his first walk since a hip injection and it was mostly pain free! That should open the doors for more and longer walks as the weather improves! Since we got a nice walk in and hadn't really eaten much we did have room for the pizza from the night before so that was dinner. I finished the day with only 2 calories leftover but it's not a surplus! I spent most of the time we were binge watching TMitHC to crochet. I finished the first dishcloth and started a 2nd. The first half of the first one was a hot mess but it's just a dishcloth so it's fine. Sunday I finally got to sleep in. We didn't quite make a 16 hour fast. I made some homemade hashbrowns with some leftover potatoes and then made a skillet with some turkey breakfast sausage, cheese, and eggs. I made the hashbrowns in the cast iron skillet and it was all very tasty. We snacked a little during the day but nothing unreasonable. We spent a TON of time on the couch watching Youtube and TMitHC. We did take a break to finally tackle the dining room. We got the table cleaned off. Some of the stuff just got moved to other places but they at least got moved to the rooms they belong too. I was able to get it cleaned up enough to post it on Facebook to sell. I cleaned off the old wine rack I have and boxed up a lot of stuff for donations. I have 1 small box to go through still but I no longer had the mental energy to do it. It got saved for later. Other than cooking dinner, stir fry with cabbage, carrots, and broccoli over steamed rice with cauliflower rice, we spend the rest of the day on the couch. Working in the dining room sort of counts as daily movement but I still just barely got 2500 steps all day. But I supposed had we not done that project we might not have hit 1000. I guess it counts. Another 4 hours on crochet and I have 2 dishclothes. I feel like it shouldn't take that long but I'm not in any hurry.
  5. Thanks! We really enjoyed the disco waffles even though you couldn't really tell by then that there was any disco.
  6. Feel free to PM or Line me. we haven't caught up on Line in a long time anyway. It's gorgeous! Even though it's not a tshirt bra it is still a necessity for a job interview!
  7. If that's the worst then he's doing alright. I'm glad to hear you've got the supplies you need!
  8. Starting 248.4 Week 1: 245.6 (down 2.8) Week 2: 245.0 (down 0.6) Week 3: 244.4 (down 0.6) It was a tough week but I kicked things into gear over the weekend and managed some loss for the week. Workouts will be tough to get in this week but I'm planning to keep nutrition dialed in. Stir fry on the meal plan for the week so plenty of veggies!
  9. Awesome! I'm glad to see it caught up with you! This has been a tough week. My official weigh in is Monday but I weigh every day. Today I am exactly where I was last Friday. Less working out and more food this week. Lots of excuses, none really valid. I'm going to buckle down next week though.
  10. Thursday Another day over calorie target. In fact, most of the week was over and I averaged 67 calories over target daily for the week. It's a combination of less workouts opting for bare minimum more often and just eating more most days. I did my meal planning for the coming week and opted for a veggie heavy stir fry hoping to turn the tables a bit. DDG is a little veggie hesitant so it's a bit of a balancing act. He would definitely eat veggies he doesn't like rather than have me cook two separate versions and I'd rather he didn't feel like he had to eat veggies he didn't like. I didn't fast much yesterday. I put what was left for the hot cocoa bar for round two and made myself a sea salt caramel and coconut hot cocoa. It was super delish! Fasting was only 12 hours. I was basically back to the normal food routine and had ham and cheese for lunch with pita chips and hummus followed by a couple mini Reese's. But then there was leftover cracker and cheese tray from food day the day before. I thought some crackers and cheese with summer sausage would go nicely with my grapes and strawberries for an afternoon snack. They did indeed go nicely. So nice that I went back for more. I was full enough that I probably didn't need any dinner, or just a light snack in its place but I had plans to make dinner with Peach. I found chocolate chips that were covered in edible glitter called Disco chocolate chips. We decided to make disco waffles. They were very good but I was stuffed after dinner. I didn't put any effort into measuring as I was focused on hanging out with Peach so the margin of error on my food log is high. But as it is I went over but only by 75 which I can take, I guess. I didn't do a workout but I did work on my closet again as soon as I got home. I started putting stuff in it. It looks amazing but I'm getting discouraged and a little distressed by the large volume of stuff that still needs a home. It turns out even a more efficiently designed IKEA closet is not a miracle cure for closet space. But I really love how it looks and I'm determined not to put anything in it that I don't love. 6 things got purged yesterday and that is only a start. I was pretty beat by the time I stopped and then had dinner with Peach (standing up in the kitchen because we're animals). DDG wasn't over yet and I thought about starting a crochet project only to realize I didn't have the mental energy so I just curled up on the couch and watched some trash TV until he arrived. We didn't do much the rest of the evening either. We chatted, he chatted with his son on the phone for awhile, and then we went to bed early.
  11. I didn't even notice that! Due to that placement it would be very untamed indeed! Those are lovely choices! Do you have things similar to those already to help convince yourself you don't need more?
  12. We have a mask mandate in place again but our governor is fighting it and filed a lawsuit. There’s barely any press about it and not all stores are putting much effort into enforcing it.
  13. Lingerie box arrived. It was mostly boring with 2 pairs of leggings, a sports bra, and some lacy boy shorts. But there was this…
  14. Hi guys! I have a reading goal for the year in the battle log and I just found this thread. I'm totally in. My goal is just to read 300 days during the year. I don't care how many books that turns out to be. I used to read all the time and then grad school and babies and I just lost the habit. I'm trying to pick it back up again and expand a little. I like historical fictions the most, supernatural/mystery (mostly Stephen King), and some non fiction but that tends to go more slowly. I love the idea of the Read Harder challenge. It's just the thing I need to look outside of my comfort zone.
  15. I do the same thing. I convince myself I haven't done enough and then make a list or my post and realize there are a lot of wins. I hope the call about rent increases went well. Or you could just decide it wasn't a thing to begin with like we did.
  16. Hmmm, I wonder where you might have picked something up. I hope that nap helps!
  17. But the kids are just sitting at home on their couches eating bon bons. It's only fair. yay!! Can you teach from your trainer? That would be awesome multitasking.
  18. Aren't they though? Lol. I am but I have never ever come across one. I did come across a car tired that I did pick up and bring home to use for rucking. Since it's Zoom school can't you Zoom from home?
  19. Wednesday The employee engagement committee I run hosted a hot cocoa bar at work. And there was a food day. I only fasted twelve hours and grabbed a slice of strawberry and cream cheese danish early in the day and then grabbed a cup of hot cocoa. We set up the hot cocoa bar with lots of things to add to your cocoa to add flavor and richness. I logged the hot cocoa but none of the extras because add-ons are free. It was very filling though. I wasn't hungry at my normal lunch time since I had broken fast early but there was a food day so I just grabbed a snack. I grabbed some crackers ,cheese, and sausage and then also some tortilla chips and queso. I ended up just getting another plate of the same and calling it all lunch. But then for good measure I grabbed a few more later in the day. I meant to have another cup of hot cocoa to try a different combination of flavors. The first was basically a deep rich dark chocolate but we also had a sea salt caramel syrup and a chocolate coconut chocolate candy that I thought would be tasty. I realized I was definitely not hungry and didn't have the room, or the calories, for any more. I left work early for class. That went fine enough and then it was still practically light out when I got home. I quickly got the spots on the closet wall painted and I let it dry while I did a workout. I had DOMS hard from the squat workout the day before and the app had the restorative stretch session queued up so I just did that. It felt great. DDG had planned to help out and finish installing al the drawers and rods while I worked out but he was delayed. I couldn't possibly wait so I started after my workout. I am so pleased by how it turned out. I still don't have any shelves because IKEA was out of them but the rest looks amazing. We stayed upstairs awhile longer and celebrated before dinner. We ended up not eating until 9:30. Dinner was the reheated pasta I made over the weekend and some garlic bread. I skipped dessert since I had already done enough damage for the day. I went over target but managed to stay under 100 over, barely. It hasn't been a great week for my calorie target and the scale is starting to realize that. I need to do better.
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