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  1. W1 Monday - I had improved by morning but still got a little dizzy if I moved too quickly. I was extremely tired still so I called in late for work and slept in late and then went into the office. I just took it slow all day. DDG didn't want me to have to walk upstairs to change after work so he brought me my sweatpants for lounging and I changed in the living room. I still hadn't batch cooked meals for the week and DDG also refused to allow me to cook and offered to cook for me. But that involved making pizza dough for a stromboli so we just ordered pizza and it really hit the spot. I did a decent job of not eating too much but it was a Domino's pan pizza so you can only be so mindful. The rest of the evening was spent on the couch mostly watching Youtube and doing some Christmas shopping. I took a pass on gentle movement and skipped physical therapy too. 16/15 points. I missed a point for PT but got plenty of sleep so that made up the points.
  2. Me TOO! In fact, I think about it all the time. What can I make for dinner next week? Oh, that recipe looks good! Who can I make it for? Oh there's a food day? What should I bring; there's so many choices! I want pizza! What can I make with these leftovers? Am I hungry enough to eat...
  3. I'm right there with you. It doesn't take long to spiral out of control. Wow. That's even colder than I keep my house at. I keep my house set at 63 F (just a bit above 17C) although DDG has turned it up to 64.
  4. W0 - Weekend update Friday 12/15 points. We stayed up a little too late the night before so I was a little short on sleep. It was also pizza night so nothing homemade and no freggies at dinner. We split s frozen pizza. Other than that it was a fine day. Work was slow and by afternoon I couldn't wait to get out of there. DDG had appointments to get our Covid booster jabs. We had a quick snuggle for some coziness before heading out to that and then stopped for groceries on the way back. We spent the evening on the couch finising our 9/11 docuseries. Saturday 16/16 points plus a pass for gentle movement due to the booster sleepies. I woke up after a little extra sleep but then got really sleepy in the afternoon so I went up for a nap. I'm sure it was a booster initiation nap. Peach had some leftover sourdough bread from Panera, we had some apples that needed using, and I remembered the apple butter syrup we picked up at the apple jack festival. This led to some homemade apple crisp french toast. It was excellent! Dinner was a spicy chicken italian sausage and chimichurri sandwich on toasted ciabatta (DDGs was on sourdough). Sunday 17/16 points. I woke up feeling much better than the day before. I slept in a little and had much more energy. DDG and I needed some engagement pics to put on our save the date cards so we took Peach out to the lake where we walk and had her snap some. I counted the strolling around between pics as gentle movement. I had tried on a gazillion outfits trying to find the best one for pics. In the afternoon I went up to put the closet back together and decided I was already half way to switching out the winter for the summer clothes so was just going to get that job done. I started to have some vertigo, which isn't really unusual for me. I get it occasionally and I think it's migraine related. It usually lasts a few seconds at a time and will happen repeatedly. Except this time was different. I got about three quarters the way done and the vertigo wouldn't go away and I got really dizzy and nauseous. There was only one spot on the bed clear and the cat was there. So I pushed him aside and just laid down. I could barely get up the rest of the day. I got up to use the bathroom and my eyes couldn't focus on anything as everything was swimming. I got really nauseous again and just sort of fell back into bed. DDG tucked me in and insisted on a nap, though I didn't really need any insisting since it was the only thing I could do. I started to feel feverish and ended up sleeping about 3 hours. I made another attempt at the restroom with the same results so it was right back to bed. I had to have DDG finish up my task as the rest of the bed was covered in piles. I was able to sit up and felt fine then so when I was starting to get hungry and dinner time I tried to get up and head downstairs with similar results. DDG had to bring me dinner in bed, where I stayed for the remainder of the evening and then went to bed early. Still no clue what caused this. DDG thought maybe it was booster related, which is certainly possible, but it started nearly 48 hours after so not sure how likely that is.
  5. W0 Thursday - Fasted until lunch. Had a bit too much candy in the afternoon but did at least get a banana in too for a solid 3 servings of freggies. I have to start reminding myself I'm supposed to be hibernating and stop snacking so much when I'm not actually hungry. Just because all the rest of my goals are free nilly willy doesn't mean I can just eat what I want. I wasn't going to give myself a point for being mindful but after dinner Peach was tempting me with her late night dinner and I declined all. (and a good thing too since today she tells me she's getting sick!) Dinner was the last of the homemade pizza. I did come up with a good idea to incorporate the last of the charcuterie board leftovers into batch cooking - I'll make a stromboli this weekend and use up whatever is left! We were pretty lazy the rest of the evening. I didn't do anything particularly cozy to count for a point and no fitnessing or gentle movement either. I did sit with DDG when I got home from work to catch up and then we watched some tv. We started watching a National Geographic docuseries about 9/11. We decided to watch it since we just finished The Looming Tower. It's a very well put together show and I learned some things I had never heard. There is no shortage of tragic personal stories so there were some that I hadn't heard either. There were tears. We didn't make it to bed early so another hibernation bust. 13/15 points.
  6. If I make homemade ones I always make the peanut butter butterscotch ones! They're so good! Now I'm craving them!
  7. I suddenly have a craving for banana bread. Must make some soon. How often is the official position true? Aw, you know you love it!
  8. That fall decoration soup sounds lovely. I think I might adopt this for next year and I love the energy saving hour. I'm sure DDG and I could think of something to do while all the lights are out!
  9. I had to absolutely stop buying bags of chips or multi-portion snacks. I spend the extra money on individual sized snack bags, mini candy bar sizes (though currently struggling with not eating 6 at a time). The other change was making 'healthy' substitutions. Having a couple squares of dark chocolate when I would normally want candy is more satisfying that a handful of mini chocolate bars. And I started buying the baked potato chips instead of regular. Now if I eat the regular I feel kinda gross afterwards.
  10. Nice. I rarely venture out of the challenge forums but the rare occasion that I do I find this lovely nugget.
  11. I get this. I used to use multiple accounts but then I found the YNAB app (You Need A Budget). Changed my life.
  12. W0 Wednesday - I fasted until mid morning and had a banana. This was helped by the fact that there wasn't anything really enticing in the cafeteria for breakfast. I did have a free coupon for a rice krispy treat so I picked that up and saved it for the afternoon. There was an excessive amount of Reese's after lunch which should have precluded the rice krispy treat but for whatever backwards reason my brain thought that was the only thing that would curtain the bloat from the Reese's. It was like the little devil on my shoulder telling me to eat it and then I'll finally be satisfied and the angel on the other telling me that was stupid and just stop eating. I ate the rice krispy treat. Class went long as a couple students stayed behind with questions. I don't mind staying after if it helps make things click and in this case it did. My brother called me as soon as I walked in the house and we ended up chatting an hour and a half. We haven't really been keeping in touch very well and it was a nice call. Afterwards DDG and I made open faced ciabatta cheeseburgers again. They were better this time because I didn't follow the recipe. We just had green beans with it so we could save our bellies for the last of the cheesecake that needed to be eaten. I got my shoulder exercises done but no other movement for the goal. We spent the rest of the evening working on save the date cards for the spring wedding and going through old pictures just for fun. 14/15 points.
  13. My, how everyone's reading preferences overlap! I am enjoying the book so far and fully expect to purchase and read all the way through!
  14. Great goals to get you squared away for a new year and a new beginning!
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