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  1. We do but no water for cleaning anything with. At this point pretty much anything requiring dishes of any sort is out which leaves us very limited.
  2. Congrats on the wine success! That one is hard! And congrats on the progress you are making! Isn't it funny how our perspective changes? I remember being 170 lbs in high school and thinking nothing of it but when I dropped to 135 in college and then went up to 160 I felt so fat, now I'd love to be back at 160! I blame America's sorry unrealistic standards of beauty.
  3. I could probably use a "shower more frequently" goal myself as well. Are there adventures you could have within your neighborhood? Maybe a nearby park or taking a walk every now and then? I know some neighborhoods are crap for walking and it's really not an option but if that's a possibility it could help you get out of the house without needing the car.
  4. I thought winter was done for here, but then got a big fat NOPE in the form of an ice storm. I hate the cold... Ugh. I desperately hope my living situation changes a lot sooner than next winter. I found a few healthier options this time around with broccoli in cheese sauce and some chicken with mixed veggies. I just hope this weather clears up so I can cook real food again. I've never bought this frozen stuff before, it's like a whole new world for me. Sorry I've not been around guys, with the weather being how it is we have been having pretty frequent internet outages. Hopefully that should clear up and I can keep up with this and everyone's challenges better.
  5. It is. I've got a couple articles I've started and not finished and a few that are just titles waiting to be filled. Even when I don't have a complete concept yet I try to get at least a little down. Sometimes it ends up going in a completely different direction than anticipated.
  6. Popping in out of the snow. Sounds like things are a little rough. Hope they can get better for you.
  7. Hey guys, so I'm starting off a bit rough as far as eating healthy goes. We had a winter storm roll in that trapped us inside and it's finally starting to melt. Long story short, since cooking in the rv makes a lot of steam which ends up frozen on the inside of the windows and making everything colder, I'm temporarily cooking via microwave only which definitely is not the most healthy of cuisines. But, since this is Texas, the weather should be back to not freezing soon enough and I can cook again. Until then it won't be the healthiest of fares.
  8. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/61202-candace-does-stuff/ next challenge
  9. The important part isn't to focus on measurable achievements, it's actually doing stuff. Gotta learn to reward the effort, not just the success. Rather than having a number I shoot to achieve, I will focus on doing and effort to do. So long as genuine effort is made it will be considered a success. Quest 1: Training and Preparation The beast of business demands many a sacrifice. It demands energy and motivation...things I am no longer willing to give. The creature must be slain. The first step is to prepare meals despite its orders to be lazy and give over my energy and motivation. This will anger the beast. Cook more/eat out less +3 WIS, +3 CHA Quest 2: Power Ups In order to actively fight the beast I must have sustenance that will fuel me for the battle. Nutrient density is key. It will give me the energy and mood boosts to defy the monster. Eat more veggies +3 CON, +3 STA Quest 3: Healing Spells There will be times the creature will win and I will make its demanded sacrifices. In these times it is important to recoup. Meditate when overwhelmed +3 WIS, +3 CON Side Quest: Map Making When others traverse the same path as I it can be helpful that they know the way I have been. Work on blog more actively +1 WIS Life Quest: Make our 11 acre plot my new home Step 1: Get a portion fenced for chickens +1 STR *COMPLETE* Step 2: Get a house +1 WIS
  10. This challenge needs some restructuring. I've read something recently about setting goals for people who have a hard time feeling like a failure. Basically it said to make the goals vague and less quantifiable. For example, rather than setting a goal that says run ten minutes every day you set one that says every day go run until you don't feel like it anymore. It puts the focus more on doing than achieving. The logic is that people are more likely to give up completely if they don't reach the time goal. If I can only run for 2 minutes before I get exhausted I'm more likely to quit running rather than keep trying to reach the goal because not achieving it would make me feel like a failure. And the more important part is actually getting up and doing it consistently rather than trying to hit a certain goal. So I'm going to try to restructure things to reflect that.
  11. I tried binging on junk food once to remove cravings. It was not pretty. It didn't work for me either, just ended up gaining a lot of weight. Have you used this technique in the past and found it to be helpful?
  12. I've hit a rough patch and I think I'll be needing to adjust my goals. The only one I have kept has been eating a vegetable every day. I'm still maintaining my weight in the 196-195 range which is good. Better than the continual gains I was seeing. Sorry I haven't been osting guys, this just became a bit too overwhelming for a little while.
  13. Usually I find week 1 I do well, week 2 I half do it, then by week 3 I've usually given up keeping track of things. Week 3 is tough indeed. Keep pulling.
  14. I really like the idea of appreciating things for their broken parts and the idea of picking a small thing to improve continuously.
  15. Anyway, in other news, despite things going bad I have managed to keep my weight in the 195-196 range which is better than the constant upward trend I was facing every time things went sour.
  16. We've talked about it a little more now and it seems like I'm to blame for everything. I think he'd be better off without me in his life honestly even though he says it's not true. The only thing I seem useful for is an easy punching bag when things get frustrating. Maybe that's why he keeps me around. I don't know. All I know is I feel like everything is always my fault even when it isn't and he seems content to keep it that way. He's not happy with our situation right now (who would be) and I guess he just doesn't know what else to do about it other than tear me down for it.Maybe that's just what it takes for him not to tear himself down. Thanks for listening and for the encouragement guys. I can't talk to anyone IRL without them telling me I'm wrong instead of just listening.
  17. My husband and I got in a fight yesterday. There is so much to do on the land and it is stressful and he took it out on me, said he never wanted it and that it was my fault we have it, then later said the exact opposite so... I don't really know how to take that :/ He's been improving with his own depression and seeing how much better his life is when I don't come to him with my problems. So now I am alone. All I ever do is ruin people's lives and add stress to them. I don't even know if my husband wants me anymore. My husband is my everything. I don't know how to do this without him.
  18. I've hit a pretty bad slump. At this point I have no one to turn to. I've been pushed away and this time I'm alone. I have no one I can rely on or turn to even though people say I can. Experience proves otherwise.
  19. Blog post is up. I wonder if I can manage one a day? That seems like a good challenge but I wouldn't want to end up just writing for the sake of it. Maybe I can write one thing a day elsewhere and if it's good post it on the blog.
  20. I can definitely write about that. Going unheard is something I struggled with a lot during childhood.
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