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  1. Had a completely garbage evening yesterday which included a sudden restructuring of the scene for the show after two weeks of work had already gone into it - but as the change was pushed by my (former) scene partner, it's obvious that work was either not good enough or just flat out didn't matter to anyone but me. Between the crappy class on Wednesday, my continuing leg pain, and then this whole mess which sort of made me feel like an extraneous dead weight, I'm seriously considering just dropping and walking away, so there's that. The good (?) news is that I've been so depressed and nauseous since about dinnertime yesterday that I've had zero junk food cravings. So I guess there's that.
  2. I've been moving everything up for several days now.... 😅 You are too nice! "Slacking" for me looks like eating a surplus of junk food and doing no exercise so... I think that's the common definition of it, actually. 😂
  3. Weirdly, I think viewing your message helped me get past the initial block and (maybe?) clean out the old messages that I couldn't see before. Let me know if you got my reply!
  4. Sounds good! Save my email, I'll go ahead and redact it out of the thread.
  5. JK, the forums won't let me DM you. They claim my (empty) inbox is full. Toss me an email.
  6. I'm frontloading because I usually just slack off on weekends... 🙃 It's hard to point you to any one given resource that's comprehensive, so go ahead and badger me! Once we both can tell what areas specifically interest you more, I think I might do better at offering specific resources. I'll message you with the core topics I think matter most! We can chat that way for a bit. That said, an audio or video call might actually serve us well to discuss things in real time, if you have availability say, in the evening after 7:30 mountain time (once kiddo's in bed). But I'm happy to chat via DMs, email, or some sort of live chat software (Google hangouts? Facebook messenger if I must?). I think text messaging is the worst medium because there's lots to say and autocorrect is a massive jerk. I will admit I've had my splits off and on since childhood, so starting as an adult is a more difficult topic for me. That said, there are some good stretching progressions online. I like the Finding Flexibility group on Facebook (though sometimes it's pretty daunting to see these contortionists doing insane rubber gumby things!). The image below includes the sequence of most of the stretches I do when warming up splits: It's also not a bad thing to work with a flexibility coach once or twice to see where your sticking points are and find ways to work through them!
  7. Did not yoga yesterday because of fussy child and insane workday. Did go to advanced fabric, which kicked my ass completely and thoroughly and left me feeling a little bit down on myself... but I did it, and that's what counts here. Did squats and deadlifts this morning during baby's first nap, though I had to stop after three heavy deadlift sets because something wonky was happening with my vastus medialis (I think? Somewhere thereabouts? Possibly thanks to fabric yesterday??) and I wanted to be cautious seeing as I have to maintain my splits at all costs right now. Still, it felt like a decent workout, so I'm not that mad about it. I also managed to finish my second book for the month yesterday! So now I'm ahead on that goal. Lifting: 2/2 this week (going for 3) Aerial: 1/2 this week Tracking: 5/7 this week Reading: 2/2 books for the month - complete!
  8. Popping in to confirm: if someone doesn't understand that sometimes you need to recharge, then is the relationship really worth cultivating? Keep taking care of you and kicking butt.
  9. I bet she's going to be so excited when she gets to eat your cooking directly someday in a few months. 😊 Woohoo!
  10. I've heard a lot of similar unpleasant things about CrossFit, which is one of several reasons I've not really been tempted to try it - I've got too many things to work around and frankly, my primary goal isn't (and will never be) lifting anything for as many reps as possible without rest. Glad you are doing something that suits you better now!
  11. I should try this. Probably won't work with my mom, but maybe other people... Whatever strikes us any given day from the free Do Yoga With Me archive. This particular one was a vinyasa class. Mostly, we do it together because my wife won't do it alone and her lower back and hips are not in good shape. She's had multiple medical professionals tell her she needs to stretch more and advise doing yoga regularly, so this is my way of ensuring she takes care of herself. For me, it's just an excuse to move a bit.
  12. Absolutely. Unless you're independently wealthy and have loads of free time, it takes multiple years of consideration and planning before you ever call an agency (or lawyer, or facilitator... depends entirely on a bunch of factors), so it's good to have info in advance! They really, really are. It's been years since my last long-term deficit and I am DREADING it. But I know both the deficit and the uncomfortably hard lifts are good for me. Ugh.
  13. If you ever decide you want to talk about adoption with someone who won't sugarcoat it, bring it on. There is SO MUCH I wish I'd known before embarking on this wild ride. Also, parents, man. Mine are very similar (especially my mom, holy moly), so I feel your pain. THANK YOU! She's not good at sarcasm yet, but she's absolutely fluent in blowing raspberries, if that matters. Trying to! I know I'm going to have to enforce a deficit next challenge, which I'm already dreading, but at least this challenge has gotten me out of my sedentary slump... even if the incredible, painful difficulty of benching 75 yesterday (the 5x5 nearly killed me and I was thisclose to bailing the last rep) made me feel like the weakest weakling to ever weak.
  14. I really enjoyed this series, but I agree that the second definitely suffered from the dreaded mid-series slump.