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  1. In all honestly, people are acting like COVID is done because they're tired of it, I guess, but it's NOT done, and the protests aren't even close to done, and then there's the election to worry about, and and and... Yeah, Sitting out 2020 at home seems like the only viable option to me anymore. From a COVID perspective alone, I'm planning to be in this house until we have a vaccine, and that's not going to magically appear this summer so... eff off, 2020, I didn't want to be your friend anyway, NYEH.
  2. I've basically talked myself into accepting that this entire year is fully a wash. It made me feel terrible at first, but now that I've sat with the idea a while, it's starting to feel "normal" enough that I've stopped stressing or counting down. I'm just pushing every thought of normalcy off until 2021, and weirdly this has helped me be a lot less anxious in the day to day right now. I don't know if that's helpful or depressing...
  3. Oh gosh, sorry, I've been soooooooooo absent, but things are okay! I've been walking a fair bit and am trying to drag myself back to IF land. I haven't lifted in about a week because my wrist got wonky again and my broken foot is bothering me, but I'm actually feeling pretty okay. I haven't had many spoons to spare and my presence here has suffered. I'll summarize at the end of the challenge and hopefully carry on next time.
  4. Yes, I've been donating, signing petitions, and emailing representatives. I started taking steps to educate myself on these issues a couple of years ago, so that has been an ongoing thing for me since before this specific incident. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out along with other resources I'm looking at.
  5. You can't see me, you don't know that. 😜
  6. Flexibility class was cancelled yesterday, but I did get in a short afternoon walk with starlet. I benched this morning and felt twinges of wrist pain coming back, which is annoying as I thought the sprain had FINALLY healed. Still, I got through it. I've got a full day of conference calls today, about half on video, so I pulled myself together (make-up and all!) and it feels very strange to look kind of like a semi-attractive human. starlet is up to six teeth officially as of yesterday, which certainly explains some of her explosive fussiness over the last week. I'm feeling low and kind of hopeless about the state of the world right now, but aside from donating money to organizations that are out there doing good, I feel like I personally can't do much - protesting isn't an option for me for a whole slew of reasons. Given it's also Pride month, it's been an interesting experience watching the various queer activists I follow looking for the points of intersectionality to lend support both to the BLM movement and the continued push for queer rights - there is a LOT of work to be done for black trans folk especially, who are disproportionately impacted by violence and whose deaths are frequently ignored.
  7. Soul hugs are magical and can be given from half a planet away, while socially distanced. ❤️ I'm sending some your way as well. Hope the yoga was awesome!
  8. The video is still pretty cool. ☺️ Thanks for the good conversation yesterday, by the way. I appreciate you.
  9. I feel you on not wanting to be outside on toasty days... this has been an issue for me as well. I've had to shift my walks with the baby out - one very early (before 9:30 ideally) and one late (after dinner but before her bedtime, like after 5:30). It's annoying, but going out in the afternoon is just impossible. FWIW, the early morning movement, which I am historically very bad at, has actually been great when I get over the "don't wannas" and get out. Your campaign sounds FASCINATING, by the way.
  10. I did indeed take a walk yesterday afternoon - all three of us went, in fact! It rained on us at the very end, so I actually ran about a block home. It was predictably terrible and my broken foot is telling me this morning why I should not have done that. My dad came over in the afternoon to fix the broken gate and put up yet another gate because starlet is running now and we really don't want her taking a tumble down any of the multiple sets of stairs in the house. I made dinner for everyone, then after starlet was in bed, helped him pack up and sent him on his way. My wife and I then watched the new Iliza Shlesinger comedy special because we have finally given up on actually ever getting to use the tickets we bought at the start of the year to see her live. I once again wound up going to bed at 11... though the good news here is, I haven't had any anxiety wake-ups in almost two weeks, so I'm actually feeling pretty rested sleeping 11-7. I did not lift this morning because I woke up feeling super worn down and sore and in pain (thanks, foot). I did the last four days straight, so I think taking today off is okay - I might take an online flexibility class tonight after starlet is in bed instead. Back to lifting tomorrow.
  11. I hope you can get your brain in gear and do some amazing DMing. You are, as always, doing awesome in a whole range of ways.
  12. I'm super behind on everything after my time away from the internet, but I'm glad you're doing okay and continuing to work on the bath resistance. A+ in parenting.
  13. This is a pretty good summation, yes. Hugs, friend.
  14. Success on the moving front, yay! As for the rest, I wish you the best of luck. Bumble does have Bumble BFF as an offering... 😋
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