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  1. I'm afraid if I had a watch, I would keep looking at the watch and not pay attention to where I was going.
  2. The workout gear at home. ugh! I had to get into the habit of packing my gear the night before and either placing it in the truck or have it right beside the door. I have done the running late and forgetting the gear if I wait until the morning to get it organized. That evening workout looks pretty good.
  3. Hmm..... Which ingredient to use? decisions, decisions.
  4. I use map my run to keep track of my progress and the app does a pretty good job of keeping up with me. It helps me in getting ready for the longer runs.
  5. Spinach is a good quick source and I have developed a taste for it in just about any form. I also found a list that you can refer to for other veggies. http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/iron.php
  6. I have the parts to crank out some pieces, it is just sitting down and getting it done. I hope to work on it this weekend. Let me know how your training goes with the half. Do you use any logging apps for your run?
  7. Sorry for the inconsistency in reporting in. running is going really well. I got a 9 mile run for the weekend and a 4 miler for Monday and 5 miler this morning. My pace is still around 9- 9:30 which I hope I can keep so I can get my first half in under 2 hours. I am back on track with my PLP and did day 22 this morning. My right elbow is a little tender so I am going to keep a closer eye on it. the pull ups are tough, but I am to get 6-7 reps on my first set most days. I hope to get the first set up to 10 soon. Limiting my eating out has been tough and i have got to really prepare my meals. It has been better, but not where I need to be. Until I get this take home test done the projects are on hold.
  8. Sounds like the sugar ban is still going well. I walked a couple of miles in my Chaco sandals Saturday after my morning run. I think my fee twere still swollen from the run, and I rubbed a blister with the sandals. I am going to have to stick with my rule of always having my running shoes with me. Keep up the good work.
  9. I use my fitness pal as well. I love the huge database but I still get lax in entering in my food, especially if it is a meal that is not in the database. I hope you are able to bounce back from last week quickly.
  10. Change is always good. It keeps the body guessing. Keep up the good work.
  11. I agree Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome. I new space drama is really needed and I hope they can continue with this story. My kids had a blast watching it this weekend. I have got to find time to get my kitchen in order. The family has gone back to school this past week and now it is time to adjust back to the school schedule. I have a crazy class I am so looking forward to getting out of in a about 4 weeks. With all that said, the kitchen is not a welcoming site and it makes you really want to close the door and grab a bite somewhere else. I guess it is time for me to roll up the sleeves and clean house. Let me know what "quick fix" recipes you come up with.
  12. I agree with Chris on checking out your nutritional intake. I have had moment where I am getting enough sleep, but feeling wiped out at work because I had cut my calorie intake back, and ended up cutting back the nutrients I needed as well. I also had ramped up my exercise which required more rest for me. Looking forward to your battles.
  13. Got in some more mileage at lunch (3.2 miles) and I just noticed hills have another .25 bonus. All my runs are hills in my neighborhood. Sweet!
  14. I didn't get on the computer this weekend. I got a 9 mile run in Saturday and then a 2 mile walk to the farmers' market to loosen up the legs. That felt pretty good. Sheet has been updated.
  15. A massive field of red flowers? Me thinks someone has a pretty lucrative side business going on here and it ain't from selling the flowers. These blooms better be of the tulip variety or I am going the other way.
  16. I am enjoying your write up for this 6WC. Looking forward to reading your future posts.
  17. I got a 4 mile run in during lunch and it felt pretty good. I concentrated on slowing down my pace a little so I can build my distance back up. I kept from eating out at lunch and that was a big win for me since I had fallen back into that habit of grabbing a quick bite after a workout instead of heading back to the office and fixing something to eat. I also started a PLP program (Pushups/Lunges/Pullups) two weeks ago. Last week I hit a snag with traveling for a funeral and just being bummed out with stress. This week I decided to stick with it since I am still early in the program , and make up the days I have missed. This week I have a total of 25 reps of each exercise, but I do my current day rep before my normal workout and I do a missed day number of reps afterwards. I am a little sore from the double duty, but it is getting easier and I have only 3 days left of double duty. I am proud of myself for day 15 I did the pullups in 3 sets of 5.
  18. It is hard to rest when you are posting some good workout results. Rest and come back stronger.
  19. I got in a mile running this morning with my workout group. I must say East and West teams are covering a lot of ground on this island.
  20. Got in a 4 mile run for lunch and that put our team over 50! Woo Hoo!
  21. I signed up with you. We will cover some serious ground this week.
  22. I am glad to see you are getting back up. Do you have a diary or online log that you are using?
  23. I know the sugar goal would be a huge challenge for me. I am looking forward to see your progress. Way to go in developing a plan to keep up with your workouts during vacation. I had the same challenges on our vacation and I just had to make a priority without messing up other folks vacation time. It can be done.
  24. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the costume.
  25. Way to go in jumping back in the fray. Keep us posted on your progress.
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