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  1. Hey I am there with you on training for a half marathon. I will check in with you to see how you are doing. I got obsessed with the scale earlier this year and had to go with the fit/feel method as well. Do you have a schedule for your runs set up?
  2. Time to get back in the groove. I got 1 mile in my group workout this morning. Many more will come this week while starting marathon training. BTW, I will be happy to be on anybody's team.
  3. I have some races coming up and I have been neglecting my running schedule. This, along with diet, have been easy to cheat on the past few months. Exercise- Run a long run on the weekends to begin training for half marathons and have at least 2 shorter runs (3+ miles) during the week. Diet- Eating out is getting bad, so I need to reduce the number of times we go out to eat. Limit eating out to only 5 times a week. Improvement- My dad has started an antique/art booth here in town and wants me to help in filling it up. I need to create small pieces to help in getting inventory up. I need to make two pieces a week for the booth.
  4. I am going to go on and wrap up this challenge. I have to say that I had a lot of curve balls thrown at me and I think I could have done better. Diet- Did not stick with the Paleo plan and really had a hard time removing myself from bad habits. I did not gain anymore weight, but I really need to lose a few pounds before the holidays start back again. Exercise- I did make to the gym or workout at least 5 times a week. I did not get a muscle up, but I did enjoy the mini challenges. Improvement- I did keep up with the guitar practice and really noticed an improvement in my playing. My kids also enjoyed listening to me play and I hope I can encourage them to learn an instrument.
  5. nice job everybody. i got some battle scars from this challenge, but they will heal. it looks as if we are ready to move forward.
  6. Thanks! Keep up the recruiting.
  7. Thanks Raxie, I won't let you down. Doing double time this weekend to knock these Imps out of the game.
  8. My goal is to get a capture and possible a kill this weekend. A little boost would help me get beyond that goal. *hint, hint*
  9. Back on the wagon with eating. I went to the store and got supplies for lunch at work and stayed under my calorie goal for the day. Exercise went well and I am starting to get back into the normal routine after being out of town last week. No guitar yet for the week. I am planning on tomorrow having time to practice.
  10. Nothing like an Imp battle for lunch.
  11. I like your breakdown of your goals into manageable pieces. That is the secret, make small changes and not shock your life all at one time. You are on the right track and I am pretty sure you will do well. Keep moving forward.
  12. I am glad things are going well with the language. Keep up the good work and stay focused on your goals. I know how easy it can be to get caught up in everyone's stories.
  13. Let's knock this week out of the park. Looks like your fuel is pretty good, now go burn it off with some serious strength and speed.
  14. Safe travels getting off that rig. I am with you on the curve balls being thrown during this 6WC. Keep up the good work.
  15. I've been out for the week and just coming back to check in on you. (knocking on door and peeking in the garage.)
  16. I went out of town for training in Cleveland, OH.I wanted to concentrated mostly on my classes and unplugged for the week so, no TV or extra internet surfing. Diet was on the sideline for the most part since I was eating prepared meals. Some were pretty good with salmon and veggies, some were chili dogs and beer, but I did ok for the most part for the week. Exercise- I did make a point to get up every morning and either run. workout in my hotel room, or both. Improvement- I took my guitar with me and got in one hour long practice session.
  17. It looks like I got back just in time for some action. Hitting the gym for the next couple of days and I guess burpees and pull ups are on the menu, plus a couple of bottles of bourbon.
  18. Burpees, such a necessary evil. Ok, we are back at the cave and ready to get low. I always enjoy bear crawls with a 25 lb sand bag to drag around and I think I can get a few of those in this weekend. Too bad I don't have time to actually drop into a hole while I travel through cave country in Kentucky on my way up to Ohio next week. On the snack front, I have been keeping it simple with celery or apples along with almond butter, or just roasted almonds.
  19. Sounds good. I am glad the core is feeling stronger. That will help you with everything. I would concentrate on exercise right now since you have less control on food and see if you can continue to level up on strength. Keep up the good work.
  20. Hey Orc, every workout is better than no workout. I am learning that I take it easy when on the road due to the fact I am not sure what the day will have planned for me and I am not in my normal routine. I will be in Cleveland all next week and need to plan running routes, which will be fairly short, for my mornings.
  21. Week 4/Day1 Diet- I had two hard workouts for the day so ate a little more calories than normal. Exercise- I did 3.5 miles of fartleks before sunrise to try to beat the heat. It still felt like running in an armpit. That evening after work, i went to the gym to check on the status of the plank challenge. the one person I had been competing with had beat my time of 8:04 by less than 10 seconds. Of course I couldn't let that stand, so I put in a moderate workout for about 20 minutes and then went down for a plank of 9:15. I was wanting to break 10:00 minutes, but I think I will need to specifically train for planks to get me beyond 10:00. My core was on the verge of cramping when I finally relaxed. I may check into some plank training and see what time I can end up with. Improvement- no practice today. I fell asleep at 7:45pm in the recliner and woke up at 8:30 thinking I was late for work at 8:00 am. I took that as a sign it was time for me to go to bed.
  22. I forgot to post the weekend update yesterday. Week 3/ Days 5,6,7 Diet- It has not been Paleo. i am going on and marking that challenge as a bust. I did check my weight and I am maintain currently and my strength has improved. I do have a pair of pants that are a little tight, but they were small to begin with and I am sure I can get back into them when I start marathon training soon. Right now I am needing to concentrate on portion control. Exercise- The ranger mini challenges and monthly challenge I have at my gym have really been keeping me going. I worked out only 5 out of 7 days this past week due to weather changing my plans, but I did have a day or two with 2 workouts. Improvement- i got in another guitar practice on Sunday and I notice improvements in my chords every time. I now look forward to practice time and really enjoy it.
  23. Thanks, the exercising is coming along really well.
  24. Speaking of planks, we had a plank challenge at our fitness center and the top hold was 12:01! It was done by one of our senior members. She is 65 and works out 3 to 4 hours a day. I could only muster up a 9:15 yesterday to steal second place. I would say put that toward radishes, but I am up north at the mountains. BTW, put me down for another mile last night and a mile this morning. I don't know where I am going, I am just surveying the mountains for clues.
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