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  1. Unplug and enjoy the vacation. We will be here when you get back.
  2. I got in 3.5 miles of fartleks this morning to make up for the missed runs this weekend due to rain. It had been a while since I have done that and I need to work it back into the rotations. I am thinking I should be about done with the jungle and river.
  3. Sounds like a plan. we will give you a report tomorrow. Jungle/river/mountain tour here we come.
  4. Week 3/ Day 4 Diet- Did okay for breakfast and got distracted for lunch and dinner. I did splurge a little on sweets at the end of the day. Exercise- I was in recovery mode after the hard running from the previous day. I made it to my group workout in the morning and struggled with getting my stiff body moving, but towards the end of the workout I was feeling really good. Did not work out during lunch to let my body recover. Improvement- No guitar practice today, I had class. I am planning on making time on Saturday for practice.
  5. I agree with you on that note. I wouldn't mind seeing that in our dinner rotation more often.
  6. Week 3/ Day3 Diet- Not too bad today. The wife got a new vegetable peeler that will cut veggies into noodles. The grabbed some zucchini made a dish using grilled chicken and another using just marinara sauce. Bother dishes tasted pretty good. i am trying to kick a late night sweets craving which I did eat a small handful of chocolate chips to tame the craving. Exercise- I need to get my running back up and going. I did an early morning run at a pretty solid pace and felt really good for the day. When I got home from work, I did another shorter run and concentrated on hill sprints. I am feeling that workout this morning. Improvement- No guitar practice today. studying for an exam.
  7. I ran 2.6 miles with 5 hill sprints last night while heading north/ northeast through the hills towards the river. I called it quits at the edge of the jungle. We found what appears to be an abandon wooden shelter with a well, but no Red Beard.
  8. Ugh! nothing to do but be available can get to you. Thank goodness you have the gym. Here is my question; How can you NOT be available? You're stuck out there with them on a man made island. Won't they find you?
  9. I have a coworker coming back from being out with the flu. Who gets the flu in June?!?! It sucks being sick in the summer. Get to feeling better and hang in there.
  10. Tialoredron and I have decided to head north towards the interior of the island. If this island is like any other island you would imagine, it should have a mountain or hill in the middle. If any other runners would like to join us, I challenge you to at least 5 hill sprints on a hill of your choosing.
  11. Wow. You know how to make an entrance. I hope you have earplugs.
  12. week 3/day 2 Diet- I did better today. The family went out of town to visit my in-laws. I was tempted to just grab a bite out fro dinner, but I avoided the temptation and fixed me something healthier at home. It was a small victory, but one that I was needing in this challenge. Exercise- I had early morning group workout and the abs portion kicked my tail. I recovered fairly quickly and got another workout in for lunch. I tried out a different version of burpees which had a pushup in the down position and a pullup for the jump position. I did 3 sets of 10 with 1 minutes of jump roping between sets. It was a short workout, but intense. Improvement- I changed out the strings on my guitar for the first time. I found directions online that were easy to follow, and to advantage of a quiet evening alone at the house in order to concentrate on the task at hand. I took my time and everything went very smooth. I then practiced about 30 minutes to get use to the new strings. It was a good win in this challenge.
  13. I made a patrol of the perimeter of our camp before sunrise this morning. You could still see the red glow in the distance to the north. Our camp area is fairly good size making my run about 5k. The balcony can be seen towering over camp from all points, so it looks like the climbers have their work cut out for them. Everything appears good on the south end of our camp. Everyone made sure to build far enough away from the shore to avoid high tide. I did hear quite a bit of wildlife in the vegetation on the west side of our camp which will make the carnivores of the group happy if they can get some snares set. On the east side of camp it was pretty quiet and gave me the “creepy†vibe. The shoreline went a little further and then abruptly turned into some rocky terrain. I going to grab Tialoredron and we will investigate further east. BTW the way everyone watch your step around camp. The rutabagas will twist an ankle if you land on one.
  14. So what type of mileage are we looking for in covering this island?
  15. I am solo as well and need to get some running in this week. Lead the way and I got your back.
  16. Week 3/ Day 1 Diet- Eating was better today, I feel an upswing into healthy coming on. Exercise- I did the HIIT board at the gym that consisted of 20 burpees, 20 kettlebell swings (I did 30lbs), 20 box jumps, and 5 wall climbs, 3 sets of each. After 21:30 my tail was beat. This week is the last week for our plank challenge, so I decided to see how I was doing after my workout. I came in with a new PR of 6:38, putting me into second place. I am less than a minute out of first and I think I will give it another go at the end of the week. Improvement- We spent the evening moving furniture in the house trying to get a play room set up for the kids. I did buy new string for the guitar and plan on my first attempt at restringing it this week.
  17. I know, I know... I am restocking the fridge and have an arsenal of healthy grub waiting on me. I know you have been talking about the calipers and I am needing to check myself. I really think I have put on some more muscle over the past month and I need to adjust my game plan accordingly.
  18. You sound like my dad talking about the years of various acts of self abuse. After two knees and a shoulder replacements, he is like a new man. In the meantime make those God given joints last as long as possible.
  19. Shelter is complete with all the comforts of home; Big rocks for lifting, bar for pull ups, plenty of space for calisthenics, and a cistern for hydration. push 202 pull 200 squats 200
  20. I am sorry for your loss. Growing up I had a dog that attached to me when I was born and lived until I was 17. She was like my shadow and slept with me almost every night. I understand how you are feeling. We will still be here when you need us.
  21. Looking for body weight exercises? I started off with the Angry Bird workout here http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/03/10/angry-birds-workout-plan/ and it gave me a good overall body workout and level up goals. It didn't take too long to do and I would add running in between sets instead of resting. From doing that plan, I have developed my standard style where I do a set of body weight movements and then run a lap for muscle recovery which has worked out very well for me. Core exercises that I like: Scooby's rotisserie core workout -I found Scooby recently and I was told he is a longtime blogger on fitness. Leg lifts 6 to 90s. I will do a set of 20 with 20 flutter kicks on every fifth rep. It is a challenge to get up and run after that. Handstands for a minute or two each. I am still against the wall for these. I am sure I can think of more latter.
  22. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
  23. Nothing like doing something for yourself every now and then. Wife loves Egyptian history and does a mummification project using oranges in her social studies class. Keep up the good work.
  24. Week 2 results Diet- This was a complete fail for the week. For some reason my heart was not in it and I took any excuse that came by to derail me. My weight jumped up a couple of pounds, but I did lose all the ground I gained week 1, but no more slacking for week 3 Exercise- I got 6 out of 7 days for the week and really increased the intensity of the workouts. I need to find a race for August to give me a goal to work towards to help in the diet department and to continue my focus here. I improved on my pullups which in turn will help me in working towards muscle ups. Improvement- Guitar practice went really well this week. I got in two one hour sessions and I could tell there was a lot of improvement. I have two songs picked out and now I need to work on strumming and pace.
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