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  1. Well yes, I listen to friends complain of this all the time. I suppose I should have better clarified in regards to meaning physical game copies. I know they're going out of style now, but I generally can't help myself but to get hard copies as I like having something to hold/look at.
  2. Ouch, that hurts. The system issues that is. I've been wanting to replay a few olds ones recently but I basically told myself no replaying old things that I've already played unless I'm making progress on at least one unplayed game 'cause this is getting ridiculous. I have games that I bought and never took the plastic wrap off of.
  3. Oh howdy there! I've actually been at this for a while, but I'm terrible at regular updates which I have no one to blame but myself for really. Life is consuming and it has quite the appetite for my time. >.< Hilariously, the back injury from last challenge isn't the first time I've hurt myself before/during a challenge. I'm jacked up both my shoulders last year (at different points). So, coming back from injury is more frustrating than anything for me at this point. Thank you! I'll have to go find your thread and follow along too.
  4. Update of the day: Max numbers as of 7/28/15 are: Run: 1 mile in 8mins 43secsDeadlift: 180lbs plates/230lbs totalLeg Press: 470 plated/ 505lbs totalBench Press: 55lbs plated/ 100lbs totalPush ups: 30 in a row Talked to PT about macros and agreed on an alteration in them to balance between what I was doing before starting with him, and what he told me to do. Getting better results that way. Think I need to aim for 9hrs of sleep on days I lift with the PT, but that's hard considering there are only so many hours in the day. /sobs Took 100 floors off the 1,000 needed for this challenge
  5. Recently re-organized all my games and realized the severe number of PS2 games that I bought and never played (at least 15, probably closer to 30 though, whoops!). Therefore, I have started playing Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia on my PS2. Which is brillant (anime looking parts) and weird (general game play is a little pixelized) on the 48" Sony Bravia I picked up not long ago. Though, BioShock (recently started playing the first game in the trilogy there) looks fucking amazing all the time on it. Anyone else have a similar problem of buying lots of games and not playing them, or is it jus
  6. HOOAH! I mostly came in here to ask if your UN has anything to do with TLOK, but those goals look awesome too!
  7. Man I suck at keeping these dates right lately. I'm going to blame it on getting sick (yes again). It seems it tis the season of me catching all the injuries and illnesses in the last three months! Though I did manage to keep on track for the last couple challengers regardless. I've learned a couple important lessons though... Which are mostly don't powerlift while angry. Probably not the lesson I should take away (my lesson probably should be don't run effectively 5k, and then do almost two entirely different sets of lifts, but hey...) Right now my goals are simple: don't hurt myself! (I'v
  8. Been crying about it like a big baby half my morning so far!!!
  9. Ah crap. I thought this challenge started in the 15th for some reason. Whoops! This is what I get for back injuries, work audits from the state, and landing myself with a debilitating illness all this past week. D'oh! I'm posting this up quick and will come back to finish filling it out tomorrow as I have stuff half filled out on my computer and I'm on my phone right now. >.< Note to self: Amanda Palmer, Madonna, Tove Lo & Florence + The Machine.
  10. I'm personally a fan of sliquid ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000C5KATO/ref=mp_s_a_1_10?qid=1433532618&sr=8-10π=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70&keywords=lube ) and the please cream lube ( http://www.goodvibes.com/m/sextoys/product/Please+Cream+Lubricant/22FL12?lref=Srch_null%7Ckeywords%3ALubricants_product_25 ) myself, but I mean also playing with mostly high quality silicone toys requires a special attention to detail here.
  11. What I learned from this challenge? Back injuries suck. You basically can do close to nothing when you have one. Even with that I managed to complete the following: Earth: None completed, because back injury. Wind: 1 mile run time: N/A2 mile run time: 20 mins3.1 mile run time: 38mins Water: Silence: Crushed itMeditate: Done.Job Apps: Got some in, but between injury, an entrepreneurial adventure, and finals, this became far harder than expected.Fire: Write: Didn't get this all in, but did more than I had.Music/Art: Nailed it.Touch: Slam dunked this one, and didn't realize how littl
  12. Yes, this challenge is Avatar (mostly Korra) themed... Yes, there will be both ATLA and TLOK spoilers in here. You have been warned. Dem water tribe girls thou... Unf. Welp, I always forget to write an intro, so I guess I may as well actually do one this time. Yo! I'm Aerinity. I'm 29, female, work full time, work out 6 days a week. I'll be 30 near the end of this year, and I'm determined to hit goal before I get there. I was born and grew up on the East coast of the US in New England. Nine years ago I moved to the other side of the country (California!) because it was th
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