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  1. Oh howdy there! I've actually been at this for a while, but I'm terrible at regular updates which I have no one to blame but myself for really. Life is consuming and it has quite the appetite for my time. >.< Hilariously, the back injury from last challenge isn't the first time I've hurt myself before/during a challenge. I'm jacked up both my shoulders last year (at different points). So, coming back from injury is more frustrating than anything for me at this point. Thank you! I'll have to go find your thread and follow along too.
  2. Update of the day: Max numbers as of 7/28/15 are: Run: 1 mile in 8mins 43secsDeadlift: 180lbs plates/230lbs totalLeg Press: 470 plated/ 505lbs totalBench Press: 55lbs plated/ 100lbs totalPush ups: 30 in a row Talked to PT about macros and agreed on an alteration in them to balance between what I was doing before starting with him, and what he told me to do. Getting better results that way. Think I need to aim for 9hrs of sleep on days I lift with the PT, but that's hard considering there are only so many hours in the day. /sobs Took 100 floors off the 1,000 needed for this challenge today. HOOAH!
  3. HOOAH! I mostly came in here to ask if your UN has anything to do with TLOK, but those goals look awesome too!
  4. Man I suck at keeping these dates right lately. I'm going to blame it on getting sick (yes again). It seems it tis the season of me catching all the injuries and illnesses in the last three months! Though I did manage to keep on track for the last couple challengers regardless. I've learned a couple important lessons though... Which are mostly don't powerlift while angry. Probably not the lesson I should take away (my lesson probably should be don't run effectively 5k, and then do almost two entirely different sets of lifts, but hey...) Right now my goals are simple: don't hurt myself! (I've managed to mostly recover from the back injury at this point but now I'm super paranoid about it!) get enough sleep (this one is always wonky when lifting 4 days a week, and working out 2hrs a day most days) tinker with my macros some more (started following macros recc'd by a trainer and didn't like the results I saw, seem to get better results sticking around what he recc'd but mixing it with what I was doing before starting to work with him.) Take on a 1,000 flights of stairs within the next six weeks. Keep up with lifting regimen appropriately in hopes of recovering from the 1.5months down time I had due to the back injury. (Major items currently are At: leg press: 505lbs/deadlift: 200lbs/bench press: 100lbs/push ups: 30 straight/mile: 8mins 45seconds - will update further after looking at tracking sheets) But for now I gotta run back into work!
  5. Ah crap. I thought this challenge started in the 15th for some reason. Whoops! This is what I get for back injuries, work audits from the state, and landing myself with a debilitating illness all this past week. D'oh! I'm posting this up quick and will come back to finish filling it out tomorrow as I have stuff half filled out on my computer and I'm on my phone right now. >.< Note to self: Amanda Palmer, Madonna, Tove Lo & Florence + The Machine.
  6. What I learned from this challenge? Back injuries suck. You basically can do close to nothing when you have one. Even with that I managed to complete the following: Earth: None completed, because back injury. Wind: 1 mile run time: N/A2 mile run time: 20 mins3.1 mile run time: 38mins Water: Silence: Crushed itMeditate: Done.Job Apps: Got some in, but between injury, an entrepreneurial adventure, and finals, this became far harder than expected.Fire: Write: Didn't get this all in, but did more than I had.Music/Art: Nailed it.Touch: Slam dunked this one, and didn't realize how little I had in my life until I started paying closer attention to it. Fight: Couldn't fight due to back injury.
  7. Yes, this challenge is Avatar (mostly Korra) themed... Yes, there will be both ATLA and TLOK spoilers in here. You have been warned. Dem water tribe girls thou... Unf. Welp, I always forget to write an intro, so I guess I may as well actually do one this time. Yo! I'm Aerinity. I'm 29, female, work full time, work out 6 days a week. I'll be 30 near the end of this year, and I'm determined to hit goal before I get there. I was born and grew up on the East coast of the US in New England. Nine years ago I moved to the other side of the country (California!) because it was the furthest I could move away from my blood family and still live in the same country, it wasn't a sea of white people, and hey look! There's a lot of homo's out here too! To say my life's been rocky would be a joke. It's been like a thunder storm hit head on with a tornado and a snow storm all at once that triggered a rockslide. It's kind of hilarious looking back on it in some regards. It's made me a very patient, understanding and accepting person though in the end. In fact, it's made me too nice for my own good. That's something I need to change. I need to learn how to be more of a fucking douche bag, and not feel bad about it. This year I'm going to quit my job. I'm not sure when in this year that will happen, and if I'll have another job lined up before I quit or not, but I am going to quit because it does nothing but upset me, and bore me. I had a discussion recently with someone I'd just met. They had a very valid point that if something is more boring than not, it's clearly something you shouldn't be doing anymore. So. Fuck my job. I'm debating how much I want to fuck them over before I leave, or if I want to go peacefully. I could use to burn some bridges sometimes instead of always taking the high road. In both my job, and my life. On a note related to things I need to change! I've been at this fitness thing since about May 7th of 2014 when I said to myself if one of my former friends could work out six days a week, I could too. Since then I've lost just short of 100lbs, have gone from a men's 2XL and 48 pants size to a men's M t-shirt and 38 pants size (probably closer to a 36 now actually), have brought my lean mass up to 64% ( over 150lbs of lean mass still), and am aiming for a lean mass of 78%, because if I'm going to do this, I may as well really fucking do it. That means I probably have about another 30-50lbs of fat to lose. I want: An eight minute mileA 200lb bench pressA 700lb leg pressA 400lb deadliftTo pick up a grown man with one armTo be able to stare someone in the eye and tell them to get the fuck out of my way because I could bench press them. I recently uploaded pictures to facebook (I haven't upload pictures in years because I used to hate myself, and how I looked in them) and friends that I've known for a decade and longer didn't recognize me. Here's me now: And this was me in 2011. I'm an emotional eater, and it's taken me a long time to recognize that. I've also had a lot of issues with portion size realization. I still have problems with this, which means I've resorted to weighing just about everything I eat out on a scale, or buying pre-packaged portions. I started doing fitness stuff for health reasons, then when I lost enough weight to not be so worried about my health, it turned into vanity, and then it turned into a desperate grab at being accepted/trying to make myself more attractive in regards to the romantic relationship I was in when I shouldn't have given a fuck. Yet, isn't that the tangled web we weave for ourselves when we get caught up in semi-toxic thoughts, and grasp for acceptance while trying to figure out where we've gotten lost, and what we can ever possibly do to make everything right again? I felt like I was never enough, and that I was by no means good enough, and I linked that feeling of not being good enough to be loved in the way I wished things could have been - on some level - to my looks. That romantic relationship ended officially about a month ago, but really - if I think about it long enough - was dead long before then. Hindsight is 20/20. Over the course of my adventures I've irritated my left rotator cuff, impinged my right shoulder, over strained my lower back to the point of being recommended a new exercise regimen at one point. However, fuck that. I'm here to blow shit up. EARTH: STRENGTH! Accept destruction. Weigh in: Bench: 55lbs (plated)/100lbs (total) Deadlift: 140lbs (plated)/185lbs (total) Leg press: 440lbs (plated)/475lbs (total) Goal: Bench: 105lbs (plated)/150lbs (total) Deadlift: 180lbs (plated)/225lbs (total) Leg press: 515lbs (plated)/550lbs (total) Outline: This one is pretty self explanatory. Build muscle and strength. Accept that pain comes with this. Accept that things must be broken down and destroyed before progress can be made. Accept and embrace that for my own well being in fitness, health, and my life, I must cause destruction. WIND: SPEED! Accept removal. Weigh in: Mile: 9mins 30secs 2 miles: 22mins 5k: 45mins Goal: Mile: 9mins 2 miles: 21mins 5k: 40mins Outline: Get faster. Make better times. Accept that in order to make speed, progress one must be removed from themselves, and others. Accept that sometimes you must physically remove yourself as quickly as possible from situations of even potential harm. WATER: PEACE! Accept change. Weigh in: Silence: 10 mins/week. Job apps: 0 per week. Meditate: 10 mins/week. Goal: Silence: 20 mins/day. Job apps: 5 per week. Meditate: 50mins/week. Outline: Become comfortable with my own thoughts. Become comfortable with a lack of thought. Move towards the inevitable changes that must occur instead of struggling against them. Embrace change. Embrace internal monologue. Acceptance and embracement of forward change, and acceptance. Heal. FIRE: PASSION! Accept anger. Weigh in: Write: 0mins per week. Music/Art: 10 mins per week. Touch: 0 times per week. Fight: 20mins per week. Goal: Write: 150mins per week. Music/Art: 120 mins per week. Touch: 5 (or more) times per week. Fight: 80mins per week. Outline: Embrace strong emotions. Embrace things that fill me with fire, anger, and passion. Remind myself of who I was, and what it is I've loved, and what I've given up that has made me feel like I've lost parts of myself. Embrace the things that make me feel alive. Engage in more actions of physical affection. I've always feared the anger and fire inside of me as a destructive force that would upset, unbalance, and destroy. While fire, passion, and anger can do these things, they can also create things anew. A phoenix rises from the ashes of flame. REWARDS: Low level (25% complete): Wardrobe replacement. Mid level (66% complete): Passport. Full completion (100% complete): 1 additional trip out of country or 2 extra trips in country.
  8. My life this challenge was basically a disaster, but considering all I'd still say I passed. I followed the workout plan outlined by the trainer to a T. I maintained my sleep as well as it could be maintained since my emotional state went to shit for a fair part of this challenge. I maintained eating much better than expected actually. LG1: Fail for outlined goal, but succeeded on progress on this aspect of my life in other ways. LG2: Completely failed this, but I also got ahead on other things, so I'll take the trade off there. LG3: Finished 2 books. LG4: Did it! LG5: Have three major trips outlined, with at least two possible smaller trips over the course of the next 1.5 years.
  9. Not relevant to anything, but I thought it was funny:
  10. Also? He's bumping up my carbs. WTF am I going to do with 35-45% carbs? I don't even remember the last time when I had a carb intake that high....
  11. HILARIOUSLY after a more in depth analysis of my food, exercise and eating habits, apparently I'm still not eating enough according to my personal trainer. Now we're at a min of 2300 cals a day going up to a max of 2700-3000 a day depending on the day. W.E.L.P. At least I get to lift most days, and this weekend I get to go boxing glove shopping with a friend (who actually is also a certified personal trainer...) so I'll stop busting up my hands on the heavy bag. Which will be nice since all I want to do is hit/break shit lately. After this weekend I should be able to lift and punch things most days of the week, that'll be good at least.
  12. I love you too. I wish we lived closer together for movie nights and things of the sorts. There is, but there's also issues around "what your body responds best to" sort of idea. Which I'm super nervous of my body not working well with other food combos. Which is probably an irrational fear, but, it is what it is. Eh, it helps me be less angry. It also helps me to move towards badass status that much sooner. That's life, eh? Hopefully, I've gotten all the bad out of the way for the year. xD Yeah, it's... Just what it is right now unfortunately. It's weird on the cardio though? I like being able to do it, but I don't like doing it. If that makes any sense. I do like lifting, possibly more than is healthy. I've always been good with feats of strength, and it makes me feel like I'm not failing miserably at fitness. Like I can actually do something/get something right since I'm not speedy, or bendy.
  13. Cardio is just... Boring for me most of the time. I've started picking up some alternative forms (stairstepper, ew. Boxing, FUCK YEAH!) but I've also had some problems with them (mostly busting up my hands with the heavy bag, and some stiffness in my hip flexor). As far as the general grump in this post it's because I'm pissed off/depressed/insecure (basically cycle this emotional grouping) at life between ending a 1.5 year romantic relationship and having other RL issues that are making me want to break fucking everything into itty bitty pieces and then stomp on the pieces. Some days are better/easier than others. So the grump mostly isn't at my work outs. I feel like my training is likely a wet dream for most Rangers as it's "LIFT ALL THE FUCKING HEAVY SHIT!" and "DESTROY ALL THE MILES/HEAVY BAGS!". xD The sleep thing is both a blessing and curse. I have a very busy life. More sleep means better recovery and less mood issues, but it also means less time to do anything else (train, have a social life, do school things, run errands, do chorse). Which is... Frustrating. I often don't feel like there's enough hours in the day as of late. I've regularly had 12-16hr days for the last several weeks. The trip planning = Go back to my "general grump at life" rant above mostly.
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