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  1. Life got in the way, coupled with a poor work-rest balance - over the last few weeks I've had so much on and so little time so forums and the like have fallen down the list of things I can do. To be honest, I'm getting close to feeling burnt out. 1. Hit the calories - about 6600 over for the month - about 10% of my monthly calories. I know the reasons why (bread, chocolate, and wine). On the other hand, I am trying to put on weight and I have been hitting the gym about 3x week so I don't feel too bad, but I need to shift my food to the right kinda stuff! 2. Hit macros - averaging about 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. Again, bread, chocolate and wine don't help. Need to chance how I approach my diet (and not nip into the Tesco Express on the way home!). 3. Hit strength - a bit more success here. Leg press - Old PB = 130kg. Goal = 150kg. Acheived = 200kg. So fricken' happy with this, I maxed out the machine! Going to work on getting a deeper range of motion and then perhaps onto single leg presses. Lat pulldown: Current PB = 56.5 kg. Goal = 65kg. Achieved = 61kg Didn't hit the goal, but I did get out of a rut, so it's progress! Shoulder press: Current PB = 37 kg. Goal = 45kg. Achieved = 42kg Hit 42kg for 12, it's hard though. Going to keep working at it and power through. Pec fly: Current PB = 61kg. Goal = 69kg. Achieved = 71kg. Happy with this, my favourite exercise by a long shot. I can see the results of it, but I need to work in other chest exercises to get a deeper chest burn. Overall, not a great result but I simply took my eye off the ball with regard to macros. I'm enjoying the gym a lot, I like seeing my body change (even if it is slowly) - I keep thinking that if I carry on like this by my holiday in September I should feel very comfortable around the poolside.
  2. Probably for the best! I've not been hitting my macros at all, nor my calories. Looking through my food log for the week, the reason is clear - chocolate. My housemates are kind and generous so when they have chocolate they share it out, and temptation gets the better of me. The easiest way to keep me from eating it is to publicly say I'm giving it up for the month... so that's what I've done. Surprisingly, they've joined me! Hopefully this'll help. I'm determined to make next week better.
  3. Right. Chocolate apple crumble has been devoured, I will not be making anymore for a long time! Hitting protein targets and reducing carb intake is harder than I thought - all my standard 'go to' meals are carb based (usually bread based) so I'm going to have to work on this. Was meant to be going for an early run in my new Adidas Ultra Boost STs (<3) but it's too windy and my legs are super stiff from a new dumbbell workout last night, so I'm walking to work instead (50 mins) as an attempt to loosen up.
  4. Can I say it's been the best first day? No. Half the chocolate apple crumble I'd baked for my housemates was still there today, so I had a slice with custard. I had the calories for it but it threw my macros out. On the other hand, it tasted damn good. I'm hoping it'll be gone soon tho, the temptation is massive...! Apart from that, the rest of the day was good.
  5. Yes to the hard way, and yes to MFP - good luck!
  6. Bumped - updated the challenge - I will be focusing on bulking. This is the first time I've ever tried this. Not going to lie, I'm worried I'll revert back to the fat kid I was when I was younger, or as a fresher. Yes! I know I'll run and I know I'll go the gym - it's almost cheating to have it as a challenge.
  7. Looking forward to seeing how you get on - I know how you feel about the dragging the whole thing down. I changed my MFP week to start at the weekend so if I have a blow out I have a week to recover. Seems to have helped.
  8. Following since we seem to have similar goals!
  9. Welcome, friend! My overall quest is still the general ‘to look good’, and to move towards this my main goals for 2016 are: Lose body fat (aiming for 12-14%) Build muscle Obviously these cannot be done at the same time, so I have to focus one one. In January I lost a bit of weight and I think I’m making progress on my body fat %, but I’m ready to try bulking. Then, hopefully, by May I’ll have seen some results and can have a three month cut before my holiday. This challenge is going to be focused around what goes in my mouth. My current problem is that I neglect diet so much. I recently reread some blog posts by Steve and he was like 'diet diet diet'. So, this challenge will help me get my head out of the sand. 1. Hit calories I've been very lax about this - and the good thing is eating more is easy (for me)! After looking at what I need on IIFYM (http://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/), my TDEE is 1966 cal and so to have a ‘cautious’ bulk I need about 2164kcal - or 2200 kcal/day for ease. My aim is to have 2200 every day, and then 2200+protein shake calories on gym days. The reason I’m being cautious is because I’m worried about putting on lots of extra fat. I’d rather bulk slow and clean than fast and dirty. Very good = <5% of calorie goal Good = within 8% of calorie goal Ok = within 10% of calorie goal 2. Hit macros I've never given a toss about macros... but now I will. After reading this helpful article (I’d never heard of endo/ecto/mesomorph before…) I’ve identified a good macro balance. Muscle gain = 30% carbs / 30% fat / 40% protein After reading the article I can tell I’m an endomorph, so I think having a low carb threshold will be good for me. Incidentally, I do tend to be able to tell when I’ve had a bit too much bread etc, with a general bloated feeling. This will be challenging, since for January I averaged about 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. Side note: Although this isn’t a target, I am going to try to reduce my bread intake (I’m a sucker for french baguettes) and up my fruit and veg intake significantly. Very good = <5% away from each macro Good = within 8% away from each macro Ok = within 10% away from each macro 3. Hit strength I want to increase the weight I'm lifting by 10-20% over some of the key exercises I do. Leg press: Current PB = 130kg. Goal = 150kg Lat pulldown: Current PB = 56.5 kg. Goal = 65kg. Shoulder press: Current PB = 37 kg. Goal = 45kg. Pec fly: Current PB = 61kg. Goal = 69kg. This goal is a hit or miss one. No running targets this time (that all seems to be going well anyway), and no 'giving up' challenges - I've done a few and although they work, I sometimes use the ban to justify a worse choice e.g. not having fizzy drinks in the pub... so I'll have a cider! I’m also going to spend more time reading NF, Reddit etc for more advice, and at the end of Feb I’ll reassess my goals and see what needs changing. I'm also going to try and spend more time on the forums...!
  10. Cackling at 'SlothBelly' - you don't need luck, you've got this!
  11. I managed to get 6 sessions done. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the benefit yet. I think so. Done! Very happy. Managed to get 9 runs and 9 gym sessions in. Easy peasy. Really enjoying my running again, and the gym too. Sadly I didn't get around to this - due to commitments and costs. However, I'm not too sad - my average pace for this month is the lowest it's ever been, so I can tell I'm making progress, and there are a load of 10ks to choose from in London. I'm also signed up to a 10k back home on 1st May, and convinced Mama Nolondil to enter the 5k race the day before too. best get my thinking cap on for the next challenge! Thanks for the support guys Wow, it is that simple! Thanks
  12. This is true - but then I'm worried that muscle mass is also hard to measure and I end up putting on fat instead of muscle! Do you have any tips to avoid this?
  13. Having a day off (from exercise) to mark some essay - but happy with progress so far. Running = long runs more often sum-7min/mile, which I'm happy with. Gym = I'm going Yoga = getting it done I don't think I'm seeing any change in bodyfat. Getting weighed etc on Sunday so I'll know then. If losing BF% isn't working for me at the moment, I might change tact and try to build up some muscle instead, and focus on BF loss later in the year - thoughts?
  14. Half marathon done in 1:31:24 - 6:58min/mile. Very happy, this month has been much quicker than previous months too
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