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  1. Week 2 & 3 Hey Guys! Thanks for the encouragement. I have not been doing perfection but I'm doing well sticking with it. I've averaged only 2 times a week for the Activity Quest instead of 4 but I'm going to work harder on it. I have been more active in general but I'm only counting intentional workouts. For my studying quest I've learned up to 50 words now but I really need to step it up. My cleaning quest has been doing the best and I'm actually meeting my goal!!! I've slacked off over the weekend but I'm on it. Overall I think I'm doing fairly well I just need to step it up to intentionally blow my quests out of the water.
  2. Thanks for the Support everyone! Here is an update on my first week. WEEK 1 & 1/2 Last week I had a late start because I posted my quests on Wednesday, but so fare I think I have been doing ok. The best part about my crazy flexible quests is that I can think about them everyday and tell myself, "How can I do this quest today." This impulsiveness has lead me to going to college campuses to look at their programs, intentionally visiting people for the walk, finally trying to ride my bike in the street, and going swing dancing. I'm especially happy with my third quest to clean because I have only missed one day since I started. (I can't do this but I'm super excited to learn to dance) In other news, I'm super excited because I'm going to be starting an internship related to field of study, Botany, next week. I feel so blessed!!! Celebrate bean babies! Celebrate!!!!
  3. Hey!!! Awesome goals and super props for working on pull ups! One pull closer to being a better assassin.
  4. Back with the Assassins! So last challenge did not work out so well because life happens and I'm honestly just super lazy. So what can I do to not be so lazy? Practically anything! I'm going to be focusing on more life style challenges just to get me motivated to get out of bed and move. Main Quest: To live life to the fullest and be healthy. My practical goal is to get to a size 8-10 pants size or lose 30 lbs. P.S. My triathlon training was a bust. I'll get there someday but right now I need to try something else. Quest 1 Just do something active for 30 min 5 times a week or a total of 30 sessions. From walking, to running, to swimming, to riding my bike, to dancing. I just need to get up and move! For my crazy life I might as well try a crazy strategy. A= +3 Str, +2 Dex; B= +2 Str, +1 Dex; C= +1 Str, +.5 Dex Quest 2 Actively study or do something with my brain 4-5 times a week or at minimum 24 mental workouts. I'm still working on GRE and studying, but I'm also working on a science integration curriculum. I think I teach a class or work with students every day now so this teacher needs to stay sharp. A= +3 Wis; B= +2 Wis; C= +1 Wis (I would also put intelligence (INT) here too but I don't think that's a category) Quest 3 Actively keep my room tidy and wash my dishes in a timely manner. It's kind of sad that this is in here but it's the truth. I am combating laziness here and my environment is very important to changing this bad habit. A= +3 SDex, +2 Con; B= +2 Dex, +1 Con; C= +1 Dex, +.5 Con Life: Budget again. Because life. A= +3 Wis, B= +2 Wis, C= +1 Wis This challenge is to help me combat laziness, to stop being depressed, and become motivated again. I'm really glad that challenges refresh every 6 weeks because then I can try again. It’s time to get out of the pity parade and move!
  5. Hi Everyone, Well I seem to have totally barfed another challenge. It's just been bad news for the last couple of weeks with no new jobs and not doing any training. Sign. In other news my science curriculum is going ok because I've gathered a lot of definitions and resources so far to get a good foundation. Once I'm done with fundamentals I'll move on to more controversial stuff. I think honestly need to just stop being lazy. Well I hope to hear from you all again. It's time to try a different plan of attack.
  6. Your doing to awesome Thister!!! Keep it up and I'm sure you will reach the power of Billy! (I wish I could say the same for myself)
  7. Sorry for the delay guys, I've overall just been neglecting my NF goals because I'm working on writing a science curriculum and found my self teaching children about half of the week. Life is crazy so I don't have much to report. Some good news is that I might be getting another job soon that I really wanted to got. Fingers crossed.
  8. Week 2 Update I have not done well this week guys. I've restricted myself to my own room becoming less gregarious and increasingly frugal with my expenses. This is mostly bad for me but I just don't want to continue to be a prodigal mess. Anyway... Q1: is a bust because I didn't get on my bike at all. My way of buttressing the situation is that I don't have a helmet and I'm so miserly that I don't want to get one. Q2: is obviously going very well. I have mostly been doing flashcards but I think I have at least 20 to 30 words down. Not bad for about a week. Q3: has also been a bust from sheer laziness. I need to really get on that and not be impertinent to my own goals. Life: is not doing it's best either even though I've become more and more aware of my profligate budget. (sorry for all the words but once I start I can't stop and it is good practice) Overall bad week on exercise, good week for studying. I've always been more of a scholar, maybe I should be a wizard class. Anyway here is an awesome video brought to you by one of my best friends (someone really needs to teach me how to put up the actual video in the post)
  9. Your a tantalizing pedagogue. You intentionally prevaricate anomalous word amalgams to galvanize my disinterested and laconic nature. Well I must betray my acrimony for involved and equivocal tongue twisters. in short... Your a jerk, but thank you.
  10. Hey You! Great ambition to learn pull ups. That's something I'm going to work toward in the near future as well, just not for this challenge.
  11. Week 1 Update Hi everyone! Good to see you Soltice Tiger! Thank you all for your advice. Overall this first week has not been very good. I think a combination of lazyness and getting back into a routine are to blame. Sign. Q1: I tried biking once and I'm starting to get good balance but then it actually rained where I live so that scratched my other plans for the rest of the week. Q2: The studying has been going well but not fantastic. I only studied/made flashcards 3 times out of the week. I think I have about 20 words down and started reviewing math concepts. Q3: I only did the workout once this week. It was really easy to get back into but I got super exhausted at the end. I was fasting that week so I didn't want to over extend myself. I also did the balance mini for my workout and i improved! Life: the budget doesn't help my eating habits either but at least I got it squared away. Again overall picking up the slack week from being away during the holiday. Got to get the jobs rolling again and just stop being lazy. I've signed on with the company and now we move.
  12. Oh Thister, your awesome. I had taken a GRE prep test a couple years ago and I overall averaged out my score and passed as average. Even though I did better at verbal then math I feel like I was guessing so much more on the verbal. The math was infuriating because I recognized practically everything on the test but forgot the key basic formulas to use for the problems. It's one of those things where, "I haven't done this in 6 years!" I am not really worried about the essays because I got 5s on both, probably because I've been trained to write in non-fiction or journal standards being a science student. In accordance with your advice I have already bought a drill book, that I'm going to cross reference to make sure I know all of the tested content in it, and I'll definitely go through another practice test to see my weaker points right now. I don't have the funds to buy any other books but I have found a couple flashcard apps for GRE words and formulas that I was going to study. I think the drill book will help the most because it will help me optimize my pacing for the test and mental endurance. Anyway, thank you for all your advice. I better get started.
  13. Hi Everyone! I'm going to join the Scouts for this challenge #3 because I have been invited to participate in a mini-triathlon in March. I have no idea what I'm doing, horrible at riding a bike, and have very bad balance so I'm going to need as much help as I can get. I know I can run/jog about 3 mi without stopping and that I can swim 100 freestyle without stopping; at least I have something to work with. Again any help will be appreciated.
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