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  1. The last two weeks I lost it, my ability to post and check it was lost completely. I've had a lot of things at home happen and I'm trying to get back on track for another challenge on the future, however I'm still happy. I've improved my fitness, my diet habits and my commitment to getting fitter. These are real successes even if I haven't skated 27 laps in 5 mins
  2. Not sure, however today we were told we shouldn't talk about it! Too little to late
  3. New job is getting some getting used to, have let myself going to the gym for a few days while I figure out my routine. I'm snacking on good things, but I'm totally annihilating some mac and cheese when I get home. It's like the last weeks and I've lost my sort of mojo? I'm unable to get to 27/5, so my challenge is failed... But I've developed better habits, exercise and food wise and I'm doing better overall health wise. So maybe I should just be glad I'm on the right track? I may not have succeeded but I've formed some great new habits. Which is the whole point of this, right?
  4. It's for Channel 4. They are doing something called Stars at your service, you can contact them with different things for famous people to do. We've got a celeb playing roller derby!
  5. Oooohkay. I FINALLY start my new job tomorrow. I'm terrified. But that's made me organised. I've got lunch all prepared, snacks, etc. The total bummer is that I've not been paid for my old job. So I'm also stressy. I'm hoping that tomorrow goes okay. Phew. OTHER EXCITING NEWS. My derby team is being filmed for a T.V show. Very exciting stuff.
  6. Enjoy an owl having a bath! http://9gag.com/gag/aZWxLe9?ref=mobile.s.cp
  7. STOP - I think my enemy is the Albino. I think I am the enemy! S - Stop - look at the situation - what is really happening? I don't see instant results, I start talking myself down, letting myself off if I eat wrong or go to the gym. I act like I'm helping myself, but sometimes I think I'm hurting myself. T - Take a detached look at the situation I have years of body hate and bad habits to get rid of, I'm no longer dieting or exercising, I am eating and training. The change in mindset will take time though. O - Open your mind to answers. Answers will come from reading positive posts and a
  8. Arms day tomorrow :)

  9. Heads up, time for us all to send Tundralily some happy vibes
  10. Hey chicken! It's Monday, have some cat jokes http://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/21-bad-cat-jokes-that-will-make-your-day-so-much-better?s=mobile
  11. The cross stitch is crazy! I don't have the patience for anything so fiddly that requires so many colour changes, it keeps him busy though. We watch old episodes of Pokemon to inspire him,
  12. Eek, week four I ran to the bus today and nearly lost my trousers. It may just be washing related or it may be a sign to keep going
  13. Awh man, I had a bad weekend food wise. I had Chinese take away and a night out drinking. I also only went to the gym twice this week, although I did do two full derby sessions including off skates fitness... I'm trying not to feel too sad about it, I went to the gym, I skated, I had a bad day food wise but the other 6 were okay, Just guilty rambling now, sorry!
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