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  1. I'm going to be following your thread. I'm very curious about how your mindful empathy goal will work out because it is something I struggle with being empathetic with people at work. (It's been a 'discussion' point with firm partners and managers.) Best of luck!
  2. I don't even eat paleo and egg scramble with veggies is what I gravitate to probably 13 out of 14 days. I am not paleo, so today is waffles.
  3. I'm so easily distracted that it took me three attempts to read your posts. (Nothing against your post, since it happens as I read almost every thread but just, oh squirrel.) Good luck!
  4. Good luck. Do you have a separate place to save the money for the ring? I'm terrible at saving money if I just 'earmark it,' but if I physically put it in a separate place from the rest of my money (a special savings account; an envelope; a secret compartment inside my car,) then it actually gets saved -- otherwise, I just spend it and think "I'll just replace it next pay check."
  5. I agree, it's a lot of running. Are you already running in the 10-15 miles per week range? You also didn't include how you're going to grade your progress. Good luck!
  6. The CrossFit & Oly class I've been doing pretty consistently for about 6 months. I need to reel in the diet (with tracking) and maintain consistency. The running will be tough, just trying to squeeze that in, too, especially on weekdays. I'm thinking I'm going to go up to the box early on those days, and run/plyo from there. Productive Life Quest Day: I went to talk to an adviser at the tech school I'm going to be attending. While I was there, I got my application done and got the information for where my transcripts need to be sent. Since I've been home, I've managed to do my transcript request done. I'm not counting documentation done until I get confirmation from the school that they've been received. My admittance is contingent on those being received and processed. The transcripts should exempt me from taking almost all of the 'core' type classes and I should be able to go straight into the certificate program in the fall!
  7. Triathlon & Distance Running destroyed my strength, it's taken me years to build back where I am now. Good luck!
  8. Looking forward to your goals & whatnot! Thank you for your service!
  9. We have three parkour gyms nearby and I've yet to go try one (I'm a chicken - okay not really, just really uncoordinated with stuff like that!) Good luck!
  10. Do you have access to a jogging stroller? I bet your kids would love to go out with you (and it's a little extra umph to push!)
  11. Have you thought about online college courses? Otherwise, very detailed & comprehensive goals. I'd expect no less from a Marine. Thank you for your service!
  12. Veggies: A: Ate sufficient amount 90% of the time (37+ days) B Ate sufficient amount 80% of the time (33+ days) C: Ate sufficient amount 70% of the time (29+ days) D: Ate sufficient amount 60% of the time (25+ days) F Ate sufficient amount 60% of the time (<25 days)
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