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  1. Thanks! Yes, definitely a cheat day That chocolate is always sooooo good.
  2. It has been months since my last challenge and I think it's time I came back to it. I was really happy and fit when I was participating and I really want to recapture that. Without further ado, may the Hunger Games begin! Clean eating until Halloween [CON +3] I have recently gone to Chicago to visit my parents. As one does on vacations, I ate like an asshole and gained more fluff. Again. To be honest with myself, it really makes me angry how much I have let myself go this past year. I am hoping being on NF again will light a fire under my ass to improve. Things I will be focusing on: No sweets No bread/pasta products Stick to Primal for majority of the challenge Keep calories in 1800-1900 range; don't break 2000cals I foresee cheat meals during this time, because life happens. That being said, no more than one cheat meal per week is permitted. I'm trying to curb my eating here Run 3 times a week, for a mile [CON +3] Hot Chocolate 5k is happening on October 2nd (OMG SO SOON) and I have not practiced at all. Actually, I am utter crap at running and I always wonder just why I sign up for any races to begin with. All in all, this one is only 3.1 miles so I should train at least a little. One mile three times a week should be sufficient training. I'm only glad there are treadmills at work so I don't have to run outside at 8pm (which is when I am done with my daily activities) Even though the event happens in the middle of the challenge, I will continue running. I strongly believe that being able to run a mile without stopping is an important skill to have. Minimum 64oz per day, pre-workout [CON +3] This is a habit I have struggled to form for a very long time. I live in Colorado, so 64oz of water should be a bare minimum for somebody of my size and activity level at such elevation. It rarely happens so this challenge shows up all the time. One of these days I will do this without constant reminders. Today is not one of those days. Tomorrow doesn't look good either. Let's hope I'm better at this at the end Note: Tea, coffee, and juices do not count. It needs to be WATER. 50 push ups a day, 5 days a week [STR +3] It wouldn't be a challenge without an over the top exercise section. This is it. I remember knocking out over 800 push ups in a week once (it hurt, it was for a mini, I lived to tell the tale), so 250 should be no problem at all. That's the theory, at least. I will try doing these at work only, so I can have a breather over the weekend. That being said, it gives me two extra days to accomplish my goals in case something pops up. Do something weird/different/new once a week. [WIS +3] I've noticed that I don't really do anything new and exciting, almost ever. I am very cozy in my daily/weekly routine and I hate change. I also love new things. But wait! Contradiction! How? I enjoy having experiences, but I'm already entering into the 'old fart' category where all I want to do is sit on my ass and be lazy all the time. Let's go do stuff instead! Some new things I plan on trying in the coming weeks: Get a Wyoming key chain (which requires traveling there) Try escrima Check out the newest exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science Go to Red Rocks (for a workout or otherwise) Let's go!
  3. OCRs are so much fun! I did my first one last year (Rugged Maniac) and loved it to bits. I also did it without any prep, so I'm sure you'll do much better than I did EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
  4. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaai! Fierce snail is fierce...
  5. I literally call myself a cheesecake fairy at work Sent from my X7 using Tapatalk
  6. I'll post pictures and a recipe Because I'm nice like that[emoji14] Sent from my X7 using Tapatalk
  7. UPDATE (Week 2 Day 1) Owwie. Yesterday hurt A LOT, but I wouldn't have it any other way Challenge Details: Lifting: Squat 5x5x110lbs, 5x5x70lbs OHP, 3x8x110lbs DLKickboxing: It was definitely a leg day at the gym with a ton of hip flexor exercises. Also, since Peyton Manning retired yesterday, coach decided to do a lot of quad exercises in his honor. Let's just say it didn't make me like American football any more than I already don't Food: Good there. Actually, I think I under-ate a little. I usually plan my food to include about 600 calorie work outs. I burned closer to 800 last night. I will have to plan better next time Water: Note to self, don't wait until last minute to drink all of the necessary water. My bladder was not happy with me, that's for sure Sleep: I got to sleep by 10:30pm, so that's nice though I couldn't fall asleep immediately. I blame physical exertion. I actually had a lifting partner so I was able to do real squats. It's been so long since I've done 110lbs that I actually had a bit of an issue getting ATG. No matter, I made it happen Also, I finally got an email back from a potential gym about lifting over there. I'll have to go and see how it's equipped, but I'm feeling hopeful. It just might work! Plans for today: Kickboxing: I'm a glutton for punishment. Let's see if I can survive this Cheesecake: I may not have the time to make it, but I'll give it a try. Mint time!!!Sleep: Get to bed early. I've been so tired lately, yet unable to sleep restfully. I put on cute clothes and high heels. Let's bring on Tuesday.
  8. I may have promised pictures of cheesecakes I've made previously. I am here to deliver on my promise Sugar Cookie Cheesecake, where the crust was literally the sugar cookie. I dressed this one with some whipped cream and sprinkles. I was feeling festive that day It was quite a hit too! It seems to be a favorite thus far. Red Velvet Cheesecake. Did you know the original red velvet cake turned reddish when you added vinegar to chocolate? I used food coloring, but learning the background was fun. This one is my favorite, I think, mostly because vinegar gave it very interesting zing. Blackberry Swirl Cheesecake. It was supposed to be blueberries, but I didn't have any handy. No matter! I grabbed some frozen blackberries and went for it. I really need to work on my swirling technique, though... Next cheesecake is mint chocolate. It will be fun!
  9. Hip flexor conditioning = I totally didn't need to walk for the rest of the day...

    1. Purple_Panda


      *laughs* Ain't it the truth?

  10. Nothing wrong with that Sent from my X7 using Tapatalk
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