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  1. Hip flexor conditioning = I totally didn't need to walk for the rest of the day...

    1. Purple_Panda


      *laughs* Ain't it the truth?

  2. I need a separate browser open just for my NF needs. Yikes.

    1. SnowOwl


      Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Due to all of the push ups, I think chest day will have to be postponed indefinitely...

  4. That horrible moment where I wrote out a long post and the website ate it...

    1. Ba'sini'on


      It sucks horribly :(

    2. fitnessgurl


      Oh my gosh, me too! Gahhhh!

    3. She-Hulk


      Happened to me twice today. I've started typing them up in notes and then copy/pasting instead. ><

  5. This challenge hasn't started yet and I'm already thinking of the next one.

    1. Fatal


      That's good. I made my first two challenges a 2 parter since I planned them both.

  6. Anybody who hasn't tried plum butter, hasn't lived.

    1. Jothra


      I haven't lived.

  7. I failed my 70lbs OHP. I should not be so excited about this :P

    1. Mr_Willes


      That's great ;) now just wait till its time to deload, and after that, push through!

  8. That lame moment when I have the munchies yet nothing healthy is in sight. Sadness!

    1. Raincloak


      apple slice? Popcorn? Carrots?

  9. Perhaps today is not a good day to be philosophical after all...

    1. Raincloak


      every day is a good day to be philosophical!

    2. Brawlrus


      If it's not a good day to be philosophical, after all; do it before.

  10. Who knew that New Zealand lamb would be so decadent??

    1. Elastigirl


      I love lamb. And we often find it on sale, since people are afraid to try it

  11. Dear body: stop being sick. I have lifting to do tomorrow!

    1. Bekah


      feel better soon!!

  12. It amazes me how even a tiny amount of wheat will give me most horrifying heartburn.

  13. Murdering coworkers is still illegal, right?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Silverwitch


      Just don't get caught.

    3. Fearkiller


      "If you ever kill someone, bury a dead deer, buck or a large dog 5 feet above the body. Any sniffing dogs or searchers will obviously ignore the animal corpse after unearthing it."[unethical lifehacks]

      This is still a hypotethical question?


    4. Lycansbane


      if you live in the country/know someone with pig, pigs will consume the whole body if it is cut into pieces..be mindful to smash the skull as it's too big for them to eat whole....oh...hypothetically that is.

  14. Work, why must you drag so much today?

    1. Silverwitch


      Do we have the same job? Just wondering...

  15. Work is doing a bagle breakfast tomorrow morning. I don't think that's Paleo

    1. Toshimi


      no it's not... but in a pinch just eating cream cheese has worked for me

    2. She-Hulk


      Bring veggies and snag some cheese?

    3. Silverwitch


      ^^Good idea. Carrot sticks etc are easy to transport, and if they have bagels, they will have cream cheese. Okay, still not Paleo, but at least Primal!

  16. My wholesome food idea went out the window the moment my father baked his homemade blueberry rolls.

  17. Last day of eating junk. Tomorrow it's back to wholesome food.

  18. I hate humidity. Can I go back home yet?

  19. I am already typing up the next challenge. I may be insane :P

    1. SomeGuyFromScotland


      I've had mine done for about a month :)

    2. Silverwitch


      Well, if doing this is insane, then I am insane, too. :)

  20. I think my next challenge will have a photography challenge. I am absolutely dedicated to this.

  21. Can it be the evening yet? I desire a work out that will kick my ass and make me feel alive again.

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