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  1. Hi everyone Yes I'm doing ok, trying to keep up with my challenge but being at home now that the semester is over it is hard to make healthy choices, especially when my family isn't really that healthy so there's a lot of snacks and sweets. I've definitely slipped up a lot in the past few weeks but I've been trying my best to keep on top of things. My internship on the farm starts this Friday and I know once I move onto the farm I won't be able to make bad food choices because they won't be available. I made awesome broiled lemon herb chicken last night with herbs from the garden, and a really refreshing salad with lime and oil dressing. It made me feel so awesome and successful haha. I have been thinking a lot about my future and I've decided I want to get an MBA. I think it will vastly improve my job prospects and I think it could be interesting! I want to look at management. I'm also going to get a minor in IT, because it's good to know something about technology and computers. I'm going to keep my agriculture major and hopefully tie that and business together somehow. I also want to go abroad to Korea to teach English as a foreign language and in turn learn Korean. I have big plans...I hope I can do it all. I don't even know if an MBA program will accept me and if they do how on earth will I pay for it? But that's further down the road. I'll just focus on my undergrad education for now and see what happens.
  2. Thank you Yesterday's recap: Q1 Water Fail. C Q2 Dessert Win. A Q3 Paleo Fail. C I ate pizza and potato samosas, and a rice bowl with rice instead of getting salad. I just didn't care. I still don't really, but I kinda do? I'm unwilling to go to the dining hall for fear of seeing James/getting sad because of the environment, and there are just not many paleo options in the food court.... Today's off to a great start water wise. Not eating desserts is something I don't really think about anymore. I mean, it might be nice to be able to indulge in the occasional ice cream, but I don't really care anymore and I don't think about it. I don't think I'll eat well today either though. I got a teriyaki rice bowl for breakfast at 2:30pm...I probably will only eat once more after and then just snack. It's a lot of effort making good food choices while feeling like crap and I guess the habit hasn't stuck enough like with not eating desserts. It's harder to make a decision than avoid them. Advice?
  3. I've been gone a few days. Yesterday was rough in the real world. I forgot monday's check in and I don't remember how I did. I'll do yesterdays now. Q1 Water 1 glass. C Q2 desserts No problem. A Q3 paleo I only ate 2 meals yesterday. Neither was completely paleo but it was the best I could do. B I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. I didn't think the relationship had a future. I'm very sad though, I did love him very much. And I am sad knowing he's sad too.
  4. Sorry I've been gone for a few days. Been spending the weekend with my boyfriend...and that means my quest kinda went down the tube. Oops Friday Q1 water 5 glasses B Q2 desserts Success A Q3 paleo I had an awful food day today and that led into the weekend...sigh. I ate only one paleo meal but I forgot what it was. I ate a lot of rice and potatoes on Friday. Saturday Q1 water no water today. C Q2 desserts Success as usual A Q3 paleo I had one almost paleo meal...it had soy sauce but other than that it was paleo. Beef stirfry with veggies. It was actually really good. B Sunday Q1 water no water today. C Q2 desserts Success A Q3 paleo I had 2 servings of leftover stirfry so I count it as a win. Also mashed cauliflour which I enjoyed. A I just ate 2 corndogs and I feel really gross now. Whyyyy did I do that. I'm ready for the weekend to be over. Hanging out with my bf is nice but all we do is sit in his room and play video games and I'm getting tired of it. I didn't even get a chance to work on the mini this weekend. Bleh. I also have finals that I need to be studying for and being with him doesn't help at all.
  5. Yeah, having it means I can drink wherever I am. I still want a fancy one though
  6. Awesome read as usual.. Great progress all around! You should totally learn electric violin. For my next challenge I'm gonna bust out my old violin and try to re-learn it too. I played for like 2 years back in the day and quit because I hated practicing when I knew people could hear me. But I've been itching to pull it out recently...and since I don't live with my parents anymore I think I can handle practicing. Maybe. I second duolingo. I used it for Portuguese. It's fun! It's not perfect but it's a starting place for you to expand upon.
  7. Yesterday recap Q1: water 6 glasses again. A! I took a gatorade bottle and used it as a water bottle for the day. You're right...it's sooo much easier. The bottle is 36 oz I think so technically I drank more than 6 x 12 oz but close enough. Q2: desserts There was an event going on regarding food yesterday. I went with my friend and resisted everything except I had a bite of a Nutella sandwich (I didn't like it for some reason???) and 2 chocolate covered pretzels (I liked these more). I'm not sure if this counts as dessert.......I am going to say yes? B Q3: paleo Because of the food event all the dining halls were closed so I had to go to the real money food place (good thing I have $100 to spend on my student card. it came with my meal plan). I got chicken and salad for lunch and a beef bowl with lettuce and tomatoes and sour cream. I'm going to count that as paleo even though there's a debate on whether or not dairy is "paleo" because I am not ready to give up dairy and it only give me stomach problems sometimes. A
  8. Sorry to hear about the lack of house, but it sounds like you made the right choice given the situation. Keep your chin up, things will work out eventually.
  9. Oh my gosh I would feel so bad for some of you guys if that was the next challenge
  10. Yeah!!! It's so cool what a little friendly competition can push you to do. I know that if I were doing these workouts on my own I would stop a lot sooner than I do knowing I have a team to support. It's really incredible, especially since I haven't seriously worked out in months.
  11. Thanks! I'm happy about it. I look at desserts and I'm like, it's not worth it to eat that. And I walk away! I hope this keeps up. It was meatloaf with mushrooms, so yum! And thanks! Yeah I want this one eventually. I like the flip top more than the huge opening that a Nalgene has. I used to have a mouth guard on the Nalgene so I didn't get water all over my face but I don't know where it went. Plus my Nalgene is a boring grey...I want something prettier hahaha
  12. I just updated my signature to reflect the fact that I participated in the Joust. I didn't realize we got STA from it, and STR from the hunt too! All the more reason to participate. I updated now as opposed to at the end of 6 weeks because I know I'd forget otherwise. Also, my school is having some sort of event that requires all the dining halls to be closed. I am forced to resort to eating at the real money dining areas and my paleo options are slim to none....I found chicken and salad (again) but the dressing is probably not paleo and neither is the marinade I bet. Oh well....still counting it because the meal comes with rice and I asked for no rice so I tried at least. But I did find a Cave Man bar in the campus store. Way cool! I ate it, not bad at all. Not something I'd buy regularly but as a quick snack between classes it was a pretty alright option.
  13. Yes! You're doing fabulously. I wish I knew some good snacks for you...but I don't really calorie count so I have no idea I hope you figure it out. Maybe just eat more meals? Way to go on the pushups. 7 or 9, either way that's fantastic. Pushups are hard!
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