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  1. great work for doing the thing anyway! And for learning one thing that doesn’t work so well! wishing you better sleep next time!
  2. Day 2: monday nutrition: tracked! exercise: 5k walk at lunch YNAB: yep!
  3. Absolutely! YNAB (or You Need A Budget) is a budgeting app where you plan with the money you have, instead of reconciling backwards. It takes a little bit to set up, but then you just enter each transaction as you spend, and make little budget/behavior adjustments in real time. The theory is that every dollar that you get has a purpose. You budget it for food or rent or bills, or (if you’re lucky) vacation, etc. When you go to the grocery store, you check the grocery budget and keep that in mind. If you overspend, you might need to shift budget from “dining out” or “music.
  4. Nutrition: tracked and didn’t drink calories. Could have had more water. Will work on that tomorrow. exercise: centergy class with a friend. finance tracking: done!
  5. Hi Nerd Fitness family! I’m CelebrateCeleste, sometimes called Poison, and I lost my path hard in the past couple years. So I’m beginning low key, and hoping to ramp up. My main goal is pretty ethereal right now, so I’m going to set a weight loss goal and develop quantifiable benchmarks for the way I want to feel. Main Goal: get back down to 140 pounds, the weight I was when I left Camp Nerd Fitness in 2015. Small goals: 1) maintain NF nutrition Level 2. This means tracking and reducing liquid calories. 2) exercise habit: doing some activity
  6. Hey assassins, I'm joining late, and can't find a link to the spreadsheet. Will someone help me out?
  7. Thank you! I do primarily swing dancing, a bit of salsa and tango, and a whole lot of expressive limb-flailing in my kitchen! And yes, Camp was glorious. If you put it on your goal list for a future year, I will cheer you on the whole way!!
  8. Hi Assassin team! I just got back from CNF2016, and it was a glorious time! It's time to respawn in the forums and keep my energy moving! My giant goal is a squishy thing about energy and power and fluidity. If I can focus it down to something measurable, you'll be among the first to know. Here are my small goals for these four weeks: 1. Foundation. Work those feets! For many reasons: I need ankle flexibility for horseback riding, because dancing is an important way that I express myself, and because the barefoot hike to the waterfall felt a
  9. Nothing to report on the other goals yet, but thanks for asking! I need to revise my lifestyle goal, because it's one of two - and both should be mentioned.
  10. Woke up later than I planned, and still did some mobility check-in. One ankle a little tight, the other crackling a bit. I'll keep an eye on them today.
  11. After some time away, I'm returning to the forums as a Rebel. I'm normally an assassin, but this time it feels important to just get back into the habit of building habits. I'm so glad this team is here to help with that! I'm actually going to build this challenge off some of my favorite things from Camp Nerd Fitness. Long Term Goal: Drop to 130 pounds, and then re-evaluate. More broadly - to follow my epic quest and become more heroic, most of which will be easier when I'm a bit lighter. Each of the goals below contributes to the weight loss, or to a part of my epic quest that will effect m
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