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  1. Hey Ghost! Glad to be back. It's taking some work, but I think I'm finally getting better, both physically and mentally. I may screw up and stumble on the way, but that's why I'm so lucky to have this community here! To remind me to stand back up, even if it takes a while to do so An update! Happy start of challenge, everyone! I got back from New Hampshire last night and it was a wonderful weekend. Definitely didn't make the healthiest of choices (I tried where I could, but there was a lot of beer involved), and did not get enough sleep, but I'm going to make up for it this week by going to sleep earlier and eating healthier this week. While I was able to get a 5 minute walk in on Saturday, it didn't work out on Sunday. But that's okay, because today is a new day! Very rough meal plan for the week (I'm only planning dinners so far because doing a whole set of meals for a week sounds exhausting), with Sunday being up in the air, because I usually use Sundays to take stock of my leftover situation and make determination for the next week: Monday dinner: Mushroom risotto and leftover turkey; spinach and tomato salad Tuesday: Butternut squash, spinach, chickpea, and mushroom stew (maybe with leftover pulled pork on the side) Wednesday: Grilled cheese Thursday: Leftover stew Friday: Leftover risotto with steak and a salad Saturday: with my parents Sunday: [free day] Got in my morning PT exercises and mobility routine done, as well as my morning Polish duolingo. Just need to finish getting ready for the day! That's all for me now, folks. Have an awesome day!
  2. Same! Keep up the great work, Doug. I'm always inspired by how you fight through lack of motivation and continue to be the best ranger you can be
  3. Thank you!! I can't promise perfection, but I can keep pushing forward Oh my goodness, those are some substantial injuries! I hope your DH has fully recovered. Welcome to the forums! It's been pretty helpful (when I remember to do it)! It helps me remember that even when there are bad days, I can still be grateful for things. And that I can be grateful even for hardship and challenges, because they make me a stronger person. For daily tarot, I try to draw a card and reflect on its meaning and what lesson I can take and apply it for the day! I usually do it in the morning, but there are mornings when I don't get to it and then I'll do it in the evening as a sort of reflection of my day.
  4. Sometimes, trying is the best thing today! Sometimes, it's the effort that really counts, even if success doesn't occur. Trying is a success of its own, it means that you did something, rather than say "oh, well I don't want to try if I don't succeed, may as well not even make the attempt." I'll be cheering you on!
  5. Hi all! I love this all-forum challenge. What a great way to make new friends! So, for those of you who are new: hi! I'm Nic, I'm a 27-year old attorney. I've been an on-and-off member of the forums for a few years now! Up until August of this year, I was training to become a Marine. I was working out 6 days a week, I could do multiple pull-ups, I was running sub-25 minute 5ks, I was doing crossfit while I could afford it... but then I got injured. I blew out my knee somehow and had to give up on my application because I was too injured to even walk without pain, let alone be healthy enough to survive OCS. And it's been an emotional and physical roller-coaster ever since. Being injured took a substantial toll on my mental health, as well as my physical health. Because I couldn't do the exercise I grew to love doing (running and lifting), I got really depressed. It's been hard for me to stick to challenges because I lost all of my motivation. I'm finally starting to do better, 4 months later. I was able to start physical therapy in mid-November. (It took a while because of health care insurance issues) And I'm starting to feel a better, physically. Being down and out for so long, however, still took a toll mentally and physically, and it's going to take a while for me to regain even a third of what I had back in May. The good news about PT is that I'm making a lot of progress. Two months ago, I couldn't even do 10 leg lifts without pain. I can now do about 40 (4 sets of 10... not gonna risk over doing it!) And the injury is likely something that doesn't require surgery. I may not be able to reapply to the Marines again, but I can move forward with my new ultimate goal: try to get a Spartan trifecta at some point in the next 3 years, and to build a healthier mindset. To those who are familiar with me and my story... hey y'all. Welcome back. Sorry for dropping off of the face of the planet... again. All I can offer for an explanation is that my mental health is taking yet another dive on the roller-coaster, and I'm working very hard to try and bring it back up. All I can really promise is that I'll keep trying to do better. I'm still resetting myself. Now that I have NF Academy and NF Yoga, I'm hoping to start incorporating those things into my life more and that these tools will help me with my reset. My goals are going to be really simple for this challenge, because I still can't do even assisted squats. So while BW workouts are still out (for now...), I can still do plenty to help build up the strength in my knee again. Body: Exercise: while runs and even basic lower-body body weight exercises are still generally out of the question for me, I can keep doing some exercise to build my strength back up in my lower body. Daily Walks: 5 minutes a day: that's my trip to Mordor right there. I can't run, but walking is no longer excruciating, and 5 minutes a day for now is something I can do to get my body used to exercise again. That being said, I will also forgive myself if I don't walk because of something like the weather preventing me from getting outside and walking safely-- no point in re-injuring myself, ya know? Bad weather days will also not count towards my consecutive day goal, because that's something that's far outside of my control. This will be a long-term goal, not only because it's healthy, but because I've promised myself that if I walk 5 minutes a day every day for a month, I'm going to reward myself with buying a ticket to the Spartan race in May that I want to run. I fully expect my knee to be recovered by then. Daily PT exercises: the only way I'm going to get better is by continuing to do my PT exercises. I want to do these every day. Even if it's just a shorter routine than usual, if I can stick to the most important exercises, it counts. Stretch Deep (AKA, NF Yoga) When I signed up for the Academy, I also got access to NF Yoga! I'm going to do 2+ routines a week. It doesn't have to be one of the longer ones-- the short ones look great too, especially the lower-body ones, which is where I definitely need the most help. Diet: Thanks to my knee, when I lost motivation to exercise, I also lost my motivation to be healthy overall. This includes my diet. I'm trying to reign it in, so I can have an easier time when I get back into a good enough condition to start exercising again. Meal Planning: Plan my dinners in advance. I try to meal plan every Sunday for my dinners for the week, knowing that if I cook enough food on one day, I'll have enough leftovers to use for lunch the next day (or two...). I can rearrange days based on my scheduling needs, but I need to make sure I at least put a tentative meal plan down on paper. Be accountable-- keep a food log. Like the tin says, I need to keep myself accountable and track what I eat. I don't need to measure calories or macros, I just need an honest log tracking what I eat so I can call myself out for eating like an asshole. Mind: the intellectual portion of the challenge: Keep practicing Polish. Try to do either Duolingo or Rosetta stone every day. I want to keep improving my knowledge Shorter goal: watch one movie in French without subtitles this month. (It can even be a children's movie-- I just need to get used to listening to French again) Read one book. It can be any book. It can even be a book I've read before. I just need to finish a book. Spirit: Practice a gratitude a day. I keep a gratitude log in my bullet journal. I will update this every day, or at the very least write down what I'm grateful for on some other piece of paper and transfer that particular gratitude to my journal later. Keep up with my daily tarot. It's a nice little reminder for me to be mindful and it's a nice part of my day. Have restorative "me time." When I'm home, my me-time is just me sitting down in front of the TV and binging Brooklyn 99. Or whatever else catches my fancy. I want to take me time once a week (at least) where I can relax, and do something not tv-related like knit or read (aayyy, tying in with other goals). Other: Update NF twice a week at a minimum, and check in on my friends! Holiday cards!! sub tasks: get addresses, buy cards, and actually send them Figure out what to get my family and close friends for holiday presents. I really struggle with trying to figure out what to buy or make for people. Okay folks, that's all I have time for right now. I may check in later tonight, but will more likely try to check in Sunday evening. I'm going to NH on a road trip with a friend to meet some more friends for a fun "reunion" weekend (it's just 4 of us, no actual reunion here haha), so I may be packing tonight. Bye for now!
  6. Rinnaaaaa! Found you! Will be cheering you on
  7. Oof, it's something about this time of year, I think. I've been dealing with these irl demons too! We can fight them off together. I love your challenge (as always, I'm always super impressed). I'll be cheering you on!
  8. NicTheRugger

    Nic Reorients and Finds a Goal

    I cut off about 4 inches! so it's around shoulder-length now, and much, much easier to manage. Ooh, the Fantastical Creatures deck is gorgeous! And how about that Nor'easter, huh? I got swamped with rain until Tuesday morning. So... it looks like I may have forgotten that the challenge was ending. My mental health took a hit for the past week or so because of work stress and other things going on in life, but I'm looking forward to the new challenge and will continue resetting myself for an awesome 2020. See you all there!
  9. NicTheRugger

    GoodDoug Does ALL THE THINGS

    Great challenge, Doug! Looking forward to seeing you in the next one.
  10. NicTheRugger

    Nic Reorients and Finds a Goal

    Hi folks! Sorry for dropping off at the end of the last challenge. I'm going to try and do better this time around. I start physical therapy in 2 weeks, and I'm hoping that I can use my excitement for PT to kickstart my fitness journey again. Because really, the past couple of months have been... not so great. Mentally, physically, spiritually... But with a hopeful recovery beginning soon, I really want to get back to where I was, if not better than, when I got re-injured this August. I noticed that I'm very much a goal-oriented person. I like having something to strive for and get to for fitness. Having a loose, nebulous goal doesn't really do it for me, because I like to meet goals and accomplish things (hello, Type A personality). Because of that, I'm setting a long-term goal. For the past 2 years, I've run a Spartan race on mother's day weekend. It's something I do with my friends, and last year was my best race yet. My long term goal is to get back into Spartan shape and kick ass at my next race. Ideally, my goals are to beat my time, climb the rope all the way to the top (almost got to the top but had to stop because it was so darn cold and rainy that my arms actually went numb and if I wanted to get down without injury I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the top), and maybe even get at least halfway through the monkey bars. Because of my new long-term goal, I want to start shaping my challenges to be Spartan (and PT) oriented, while also doing some good mental health and mobility stuff. The challenges: Physical: - start training pull-ups again for upper body strength. I don't have a gym membership right now, but I do have a pull-up bar!! Going to do an Armstrong workout 3 days a week again. - do whatever PT exercises I need to as assigned by the physical therapist once I start the sessions - pike training!! It's a random goal for myself, but I want to be able to do a full pike! I found a stretching routine that I can do one to 3 times a week (the person who made the routine suggests just starting out with once a week for the first few weeks, so the body can adjust to these stretches) - daily mobility: keep doing full body mobility training! I've noticed fewer pains and stiffness in most of my body because of this. My hips and injured knee are the biggest problems, but I want to have good mobility everywhere, and the best way to do that is to keep doing mobility in the morning. Doing daily mobility will also likely help me with the Spartan race because of injury prevention. Well-being challenges: There are also some well-being challenges for this round of the 5-week challenge. - clean up my morning routine: I've gotten very unmotivated in the morning. Sleeping in, not having enough time to do the things I want to do, playing around with my phone etc. I need to clean up my act! I need to set a new morning routine for myself (and maybe change my alarm so I don't turn it off while half asleep?), and then follow through - daily tarot. This ties into the above goal. I want to make doing a tarot reading part of my morning routine. I'm not looking to read the future or whatever. I like to use my tarot cards as a method of self-reflection. A meditative exercise of sorts. - journaling: need to keep doing this on a bi-weekly basis. - Read at least once a week. It's too easy for me to come home after work and flop on the couch and watch TV. I need to pick up a book and actually read something. Misc goals: - finish the scarf I'm knitting - help my parents with packing and moving - find time to spend with friends That's all for now, friends! I'm actually in court right now, so I've gotta go and do work. I'll check in later!