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  1. NicTheRugger

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    That sounds like a very charged situation, and I don't think there was any "right" way to act. By de-escalating, I think you did the right thing. Great job with keeping up with your goals! You've got this
  2. NicTheRugger

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    Great story update! I hope you have a speedy recovery! Being sick stinks, but the rest is absolutely necessary.
  3. NicTheRugger

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    The new room is lovely! My bedroom is pretty spacious, and it's nice that I have my own little sitting area. I actually spend a decent amount of time curled up on a very comfy leather arm chair haha. It was good! Monday was all the boring HR stuff (although I did have a nasty shock when I found out that my health insurance coverage doesn't start until September, which means I need to get temporary insurance), and Tuesday (yesterday) was my "real" first day in court! Didn't do to much, but I did get to stand up on a couple of matters which was exciting. I'm a little rusty, but at least I can stand up without sounding like a complete fool. No story update today, friends. We can assume that our brave adventurers are running back to the base for the next delivery. Things are kind of hitting a standstill with finding a gym. The crossfit place I went to yesterday didn't really "speak" to me, so to speak. I dunno, I'm sure it's a great fit for some people but it didn't feel like it would be a good fit, and my gut instincts tend to be pretty reliable. It was also way out of my price-range. $210/month is more than I can afford right now. I might just go back to a regular gym and do Crossfit workouts on my own, now that I know the techniques. Still no place to do pull-ups. I may try to swing by the local high school tonight to see if they have a pull-up bar on their track or something. According to my brother "most high schools do," but I feel like I've never seen a pull-up bar at a high school track in my life! Getting stressed out that because I haven't been able to do any pull-ups for almost a week now, I'm going to not do well on my PFT. It's a little frustrating because I'm supposed to be improving and increasing how many pull-ups I can do, not backsliding because I can't find a place to train. I'm going to try to contact another gym, also in my town, to see if I can tour the facilities either tonight or tomorrow. If I do like it, I'll jump on their 3 month membership right away, because I need to get back into training. And at this point, I'm just looking for basic weights and a pull-up bar. Maybe a treadmill so I can do sprinting training, because it's easier to time it on a treadmill than on a track. Fingers crossed that this is the one! I went on my "long" run yesterday: 4 miles. Would have been 4.5 but that last half mile, it was raining so hard that when I ran, the water would keep falling into my eyes and it was extremely difficult to see. Going slower made it a little easier and a little safer. I got to see the lighthouse! It's about 2.25 miles to get there, so all-in-all, it's a pretty decent loop. Going to try and do the full 4.5 miles running next time I do a long run-- hopefully it won't rain next time! Today's workout: Decreasing sets of push-ups: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Decreasing sets of tricep dips with a table: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 5 minute ab workout Goals/Tracker for the week so far: Pullups: 0/7 Abs: 2/3 Run: 1/3 Journal: 1/3 Stretching: 1/3 I think that's it for now! Going to try to do a stretching session tonight because my lower back and hips are super tight and causing me pain... again. (Can't catch a break!)
  4. NicTheRugger

    jcmgm. May it end well

    What a cutie!!
  5. NicTheRugger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Welcome home!! Sorry I haven't been around here much. Your self care day sounds absolutely lovely, and much needed. And you're spot-on with your statement about self-hatred. It really is a bastard. I've given my self-hatred the name of a current well-known politician here in the US... and whenever my own personal self-hatred rears its ugly head, I tell it to shut-up, because I'm imagining it's this person (who I can't STAND) saying these things to me. And his opinion bears no impact on my happiness at all. Maybe there's a way to reframe your thoughts so that instead of thinking "I need to loose weight because of my self-value," focus on doing things that bring you joy? As Marie Kondo would say, "do what sparks joy." (I know that's about cleaning, but I think that applies pretty well to life too, yeah?) So instead of thinking "I need to go to the gym because I need to lose weight," the thought becomes "I really enjoy going to the gym because I want to see if I can beat my PR in [something]." Or "I don't want to go hiking but it's good for me," becomes "I want to go hiking because I get out of the house and into nature for [X period of time]!" But also, don't beat yourself up for having negative thoughts. Mental illness creates a holding pattern where you get so focused on the negative, that thinking negatively becomes second-nature. Take it slow, talk to your therapist and people who love you. Oh, because talking about reframing reminded me-- have you heard of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy? That's a form of therapy that works on helping people reframe how they look at things. I've borrowed a few techniques from it here and there to help me on really bad brain days. Maybe it can help you as much as it's helped me! And, to wrap things up and echo TGP: You are loved. We here at NerdFitness love you and support you 100%. Personally, I'm so impressed with how you keep fighting to keep getting better. Yes, you fall down, but the story of every hero is that they get. back. up. And that's what you do. Every time. You're a hero, Sal. <3 Keep up the good fight.
  6. NicTheRugger

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    They arrived at the front, as expected. Bjorn and Shaestra both knew who to report to with the weapons, so they took care of that while Nic decided to bring the healing balm to the make-shift infirmary. Nic walked in, and winced at the sight of injured Rebels. Spotting the chief Healer, a Dragonborn wearing a crisp white apron over their clothes, Nic lugged the crate with the healing balm to them. "Ah, excuse me? I'm here with the Maar'sat Raiders, making a delivery of recently acquired healing balm. Maybe some other medical supplies too?" Nic trailed off. "Excellent, much appreciated. We've had lots of casualties these last few weeks. We could definitely use these." The Healer opened the crate before waving down assistants to take the crate into the back and take inventory. "Thank you for this," the Healer have what could only be a sigh of relief. "While you're here, would you mind helping out a bit?" "I uh... I'm happy to do so, but I'm not a healer," Nic stuttered. "That's fine, all you'd need to do is make sure people are comfortable, and if they need assistance, to flag down a healer. Maybe talk to them." With that, the Chief Healer resumed their duties and moved further into the infirmary. Nic turned to the bed nearest the door, and did what she could. Taking time to thank the brave rebels for their help, she got them extra pillows if they needed them, or just talked to them. Some, she regaled with tales of her group's battles against the dreadful arachnasaurs. After she had spoken with every person, she headed out. It would be time to go back to the base soon. Okay, so there's a lot that didn't happen this week. The positives: I'm moved in and settled in! And tomorrow is my first day at my new job! I'm very excited. I also went to Pride yesterday with some friends and had a lovely time. We spent the afternoon enjoying the Parade/Festivities, had an early dinner, had drinks on the roof of a bar, and then we saw the WILDEST play I've ever seen in my life. It was called "The Donkey Show" and it was a disco wonderland. Journaling: 2/3 Stretching: 3/3 Pull-ups: 5/7 Duolingo: 7/7 The not so good: The door frames are too wide for my pull-up bar. If I want to do pull-ups, I need to find a gym. Only got one run in this week. Feeling gross from a lack of intense exercise. I'm going back to my work schedule of waking up and working out in the morning. Hopefully doing some kind of bodyweight workout (maybe a modified Cindy, with crunches instead of pull-ups since I have no place to do them?) will get me on track for a good first day. That's all for now, folks! Have a great night!
  7. NicTheRugger

    The Star-Spangled Miau With a Plan

    Oh gosh, those nightmares sound upsetting! I hope you have better dreams tonight! And gosh, I totally get the overactive brain before going to bed thing. Something that has a decent chance of success for me is either listening to calming sounds (my go to is the sound of a windy desert and a campfire crackling for some reason) or forcing my brain to focus on a story of some kind.
  8. NicTheRugger

    Back to Basics, Part 2

    Good luck with the bulk! You have a solid plan to tackle it safely, and you know your body and what you can handle. Hopefully this one will be better for you than the last one!
  9. Nic walks into the Ranger Headquarters after her last mission. She had hit some minor setbacks, but understood that the setbacks were a result of her strict new training regimen-- her body simply wasn't up to the task because it was growing stronger. But now, it was time to prove herself again. Nodding at the guildmaster, Nic makes her way to the Assistant Quartermaster to return her equipment. "One set of magic rings of levitation, one bow, the short sword, 10 knives." Nic each item on the counter as she listed the item, pulling each one out of her trusty rucksack. "Welcome back," the QM replied. "You're going to need those again. Report to Bev in Assignments, she has a new mission for you." The QM paused, "Come back when you're done with Bev. I have some things you'll need. Leave this stuff here," he gestured to the tools Nic had already taken out, "you're going to want to repack when you get the new equipment." Nic silently raised an eyebrow at this. Nodding, she left the ruck behind, but grabbed a dagger off the counter and put it on her belt. Just in case. You never know when a knife might come in handy, after all. Having armed her self, she then walked over to Mission Assignments, also known as the bar. "I heard you have a mission for me, Bev." Nic sat down in front of Bev, who was manning the bar. Bev efficiently whipped out a coaster and then set a nice tall glass of Harrendahl mead in front of Nic. Nic gave a grin at the quick service. Bev remembered everyone's orders and always knew what suited their mood. "Good to see you again, Nic! Long time no see." Bev was right on that point. Nic had been on a free-lance training mission for the past month, after failing a previous assignment. "Listen, when this mission came up, I had to give it to you. It's perfect. So you know the Mar'saat Raiders in the Western Reach? They're looking for some help. Someone tough, motivated, but unlikely to be stopped by the Warlord's forces. They're short a few members after that battle in the Weir Woods." "The Raiders? Really?" Nic knew of the Raiders. They were some of the toughest of the Rangers-- legendary for their strength and speed. They were a key unit in the Rebellion, great at smuggling supplies into beseiged villages or ambushing Warlord Dzanai's forces. They epitomized what it meant to be a Ranger, in Nic's eyes. "See? I knew you'd be interested. They're looking for someone to help them smuggle supplies from the base in the Reach to a small fishing village at on the coast. They'll be able to tell you more when you get there, but they're expecting you at the beginning of next week. Go see the QM. He'll have what you need." Draining the mead, Nic gave a quick "thanks!" to Bev and headed back to the QM. He had replaced the bow that she had returned with a bo staff. Nic was grateful-- the bo staff was her preferred weapon. In addition to the bo staff and other weapons, the QM had added in a new pair of boots ("Extra light, so that you can run faster, but durable enough for all terrain, and enchanted to drain water if they get wet,"), a map to the base at the Western Reach ("burn it once you've memorized it-- don't want Dzanai's forces to get a hold of it and read it."), and a new half-cloak ("a little easier to run with, than that long one you've got on."). "See you in a month, Ranger. Come back safe." Nic smiled, thanked the QM, and walked out the door. She had a mission to do.