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  1. Thanks Liz! The crockpot chicken pot pie came out pretty well! I have enough for at least with 5 more meals. An update. I skipped the walk today because my knee was really achy today. I think between a tough PT session and increasing workouts from nothing to... well, 2-3 a week is enough that my knee is feeling the strain. Morning was not at all efficient this morning because I stayed up late for a chat with members of a discord group I'm in. Worth it because it was a lot of fun, but I am so tired today lol. I accomplished my goal of reading 2 books this month! I'm no
  2. 1, that is my one of my favorite gifs ever. 2, I think you've made a good choice here! I know I said 20 second of courage, but it's also important to make sure you're staying safe. Howl's Moving Castle is a lovely book and if you think you're up for it, I think that would be a great alternative to the other book. Best of luck with writing the letter! I hope things go well.
  3. That's all we can really ask for! Slow and steady improvement. Doing better is good in and of itself, even if it's not where you want it to be The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing at times! And when things get stressful, we can often slide back into "comfort zones." (Do you know how many times I've rewatched Queer Eye on Netflix? Hint: too many. I watch it when my mental health is taking a dive because I know it's a safe show to watch and it makes me feel better.) What's important is to remember "20 seconds of courage." All you need is 20 seconds to pick up the new book. A
  4. Oh man... I totally forgot to check in over the course of the week, didn't I. Well, I'm happy to say that the week was mostly successful! I fell a little short with the reading goal (only 2 days) and the ab workouts (also only 2 workouts), but my mornings were efficient (except for the weekend because that's "me time"). I'm getting better with the bodyweight workouts, and I was even able to go for a jog yesterday!! It was my first jog in 5 1/2 months. I took it slow, it was mostly intervals via couch to 5 k, and my knee/leg was stiff by the end of it, but I did it! What I forgot to do, because
  5. Oh wow, what amazing photos! I hope you recover soon!
  6. English is a silly, evil language that makes 0 sense because it gets its grammar and structure from mugging other languages in dark alleys and rifling through their pockets for loose verbs and participles. As always, Jason's correct. It's important to build one small habit at a time. Too much too soon gets way too overwhelming, and you end up quitting out of sheer frustration. Trust me, I've been there. Maybe this week just focus on getting to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, and tracking what you eat for a week. (However you want to do that. Notebook, using an app like
  7. Hmm... is there a type of cuisine you'd like to try? Ever want to try Georgian food? Or Brazillian? Sri Lankan? I find that when I want to try something new, I pick a type of cuisine I'd like to try, and then find a relatively simple recipe that I can make at home.
  8. Oatmeal is fantastic during cold and gloomy weather! And civics should be interesting, hopefully? I know a little about civics, so I'm happy to try and attempt to help out if you have any questions! Are you focusing on any particular area of civics or is it going to be more broad, general civics? (the more I type it, the less like a word "civics" looks)
  9. I'm glad you had a wonderful time snowboarding! Good luck with week 3
  10. Heya Liz! ❤️ I did get stuff done. Unfortunately, I was without internet from the moment I got home on Friday through Monday and have a limited data plan so updating was difficult to do. The roommate chat went okay. She moved her things to the other side of the dining room so I could set up my desk. I'm actually sitting at it right now! I have my desk, I bought myself a big comfy chair to go with it (a little more than I wanted to spend on it, but it's so comfy it's worth it). It was a pretty meh weekend, challenge related. I sort of phoned in my PT exercises and skipp
  11. Hi Liz! Sorry I haven't been able to check in for the past couple of days. My internet's been out since Friday, and I got it back just yesterday. I'm so sorry to hear about the funding not working out. Hopefully the next one will! And Aramis is spot on with the idea of creating a fixed routine. Motivation comes and goes, so it's not always the best to rely on motivation to get you up and running. Sometimes, it's best to just have a schedule, and go about it even if you don't want to Case in point, yesterday was my day off. I still dragged my sorry behind out of bed and did a body
  12. Thank you, Liz! I hope so too ❤️ Yesterday was SO BUSY. So busy, in fact, that when I got home in the evening, I didn't want to do anything when I got home. So I didn't do a core workout or yoga yesterday, but I did get everything else done on my list. I did, however, have a lovely evening, sitting on my couch, knitting, drinking a cup of my favorite tea, and watching The Addams Family (1990 movie). All in all, a success. Today's looking like a less busy day at work, which is good. I'm going to get some much-needed desk time this afternoon so I can actually retu
  13. Hi Mia! A little late to the party, but following along and cheering you on. About the mission trip/volunteer opportunities that are limited by money and transportation, 1, I obviously hope they work out in your favor because that would be fun. 2, are there non-money volunteer opportunities that speak to you as well? I hope that you're feeling better and that the budget tweaking that your mom is undoubtedly rocking goes well!
  14. Aah, that's so frustrating that they haven't gotten back to you yet! Very unprofessional of them. 😠 I hope you have a lovely time with your friend this weekend!
  15. It's Thursday already? Oh man. The week is simultaneously dragging on and flying by. I'm not even sure how that's possible. I've been thinking about the conversation my partner and I had, and I can't stop thinking about it unless I'm extremely busy at work. But thinking about it is making me not sleep well, I'm distracted, not focused... it's just a lot and I'm still really conflicted. On a more challenge-related note. I've done one yoga session this week and one bodyweight session. I've neglected the ab workouts so far, but no longer! Once I finish this, I'm going to do my PT exer
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