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  1. Half way through, feeling fine. Truth be told I'm not keeping track of the weeks much now because things are starting to become habit, this is just how I live now. Sad news, I tweaked myself a little doing Snatches this morning which means I will have to modify my workout. I'm thinking of going to lower weight higher reps of deadlifts so that I still get my leg pull exercises in. What are peoples thoughts on protein shakes, some love em, some hate em, some say you have to be careful which you get. What are all ya'll experiences
  2. Hit the gym last night so wasn't too excited about going again today but had to, to meet my goal of 3 sessions a week. I split my usual full body workout into a legs day last night and upper body today. Made the change of having a big protein shake and a couple of bananas before the gym which I think really helped out and carried me through, made up a new thing I'm calling a 'glory set'. At the end of my planned reps and sets for a given exercise I do a 'bonus' set - a glory set. I go up a weight bracket or two and just see if I can handle it, even if it's just one rep, I call it the glory set because it makes me feel pumped to do it (and because I can hear Leonidas in my head "prepare for glory!!!!!) and I was super stoked today to manage the 30kg dumbells for the first time ever on the bench press. Big mental block for me going up from the 20 something bracket to the 30 something bracket, and it means I have topped out the main rack of weights meaning my next long term goal is 40kg dumb bells.
  3. part way through but my quests are pretty constant 1) Exercise at least 3 times per week 2) Eat 15 healthy meals a week 3) Spend 3.5 hours each week learning another language
  4. Oh I also suppose I need some goals, I'll have a think about that
  5. looks like you are doing really well and congrats on finding duo lingo I think it's great - a really accessible way to start getting into a language
  6. hey if you want any advice on calories just let me know, all I need to know is your current weight in lbs and your target weight in lbs. I'd be happy to help.
  7. bad news about the elbow, any chance of seeing a physio or something to deduce what's up
  8. hey dude, thanks for checking up on my a fb, how's things going?
  9. Oh and I mentioned my class has changed. In a moment of self awareness I realise I am not a templar I am a battle mage. I like to be physical and be fit and strong but I also like to be smart and use my brain - to quote a friend I'm a "nerd bro", I love lord of the rings, dungeons and dragons and computer games but I also love Rugby Union, working out and sports And I am totally cool with that, it's taken me 28 years to figure it out but I'm cool with it
  10. Hi gang, good/bad news Bad news I haven't been on here enough with all you wonderful people, supporting you on your journeys Good news, for the first time since I started here a year and a half ago I have actually made progress and bossed through a challenge. Exercise more - Check Now exercise three times a week, have nearly tightened my belt up two notches and am noticing my chest is getting flatter Eat better - Check The social meal - occasion meal is working really well for me. If I am out for a friends birthday or it's date night or whatever then I can happily eat what I want, but if it is just a normal meal (week night, breakfast or lunch at work) when all I need is food then I eat healthy - veg, fruit, meat, pasta and rice. I've also cut a lot of meat out of my diet and am feeling a lot better for it. Learn Italian - Check Have worked through all my discs once and I'm now going back through them - I have also picked up a learn Italian book I am going to get stuck in to Be a Role Model - Check I have joined the gym and inspired my fiancee and three of my friends to join the gym, we have swapped out some of our gaming and movie nights for gym nights and go together and cheer each other on, everyone is getting fitter and it's made us closer. So everything is finally going well, the only place I am dropping the ball is with my Nerd Fitness squad, who were there for me when no one was, who put up with my failures and cheered me on so this is the last thing on my list to get righ. I will be on here going through the challenge with the occasional update but I am mostly here for the best group of people in the world - Team Ranger
  11. So since when last we spoke things have been going well. Not had any meat yet this week and have mostly kept myself to vegetarian chilli, sweet potatoes and home made spicy beans with home made shakes in the morning. After some different recipes my fiancee has hit on a really tasty recipe that could seriously be bottled and put on the shop shelf - I will get the combo for ya'll cos caring is sharing but I know it has kiwi and mango in it - it is seriously delicious. I do need to get a few more rapid recipes under my belt because eating the same three things for lunch and dinner will eventually get old. Looking forward to a spot of meat this weekend, it marks 6 years since me and my fiancee have been together so I think we are either going to go somewhere nice or get a phenomenal cut of steak to have at home.
  12. Give it a try, it does suck for the first few days and your stomach will be making some weird sounds, but (as long as you maintain protein with eggs and stuff) by about day 4 you should be feeling some of the benefits from it. Then when you do have meat, make it something decent like a great cut of steak and it's glorious - almost like an overload after the no meat. Look at you a guild leader now, I remember when you were a wee new thing! Gratz on the well deserved promotion and thank you very much for popping by
  13. hey man, thanks for stopping by and yea those veggie meals can really even you out. Grim as it sounds I haven't been going to the toilet nearly as much (not that I had some weird problem before) which I am taking to mean that my body is using more of what I eat rather than literally labelling it as crap. It's worth a crack - I was the biggest meat eater ever, literally meat every meal of the day every day of the week, even breakfasts were always meat. I also have shitty willpower so if I can do it anyone can Yea man, and I can feel that Raider tidal wave brewing
  14. hey, thanks man - I'll swing by your thread asap I was pretty concerned there for a minute. Thanks dude
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