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  1. It's been a hectic past few days, sorry for the delay in information. I got stupidly sick on Thursday, so since then I haven't done my usual HIIT or BBWW. Ugh... On Sunday I started to feel a bit better, but ended up waking up extremely late, right around the time my friends wanted to leave. So, I made the awesome decision of skipping breakfast entirely. The hike was a whole lot more than I expected. I figured it would be a decently kept trail with moderate inclines. Some of it was, but some was just straight up rock climbing. Not having breakfast that day was bad enough, but also remem
  2. Well done! Haven't been around to reply recently, but you're doing great work! Even if you aren't meeting all your goals, you're still making some damn fine progress, keep it up!
  3. Okay! It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm still alive! It's been finals time for summer semester here, so I haven't done anything physical since Wednesday of last week =/ I just finished up my last final paper, so I should be able to start up my intervals, bbww, and typical easy running again, so I'm looking forward to that. Even with all the stress, my eating has been consistent and my 90/10 Paleo was still stuck to easily. Same delicious foods with the exception of Saturday's morning breakfast out in town that included some sourdough toast. When you've been drinking (lightly) for
  4. You and your damn food porn, making me hungry! Looks like you've got a decent handle on what paleo foods you like to cook, so good deal! That beard though...
  5. We all pretty much rely on each other for motivation here, that's what makes these forums so great! Your goals seem reasonable, and I feel like you've thought it through pretty well I think something that might help would be to go through this quick Mini-Quest to help analyze your goals. It definitely helped me get a better view on my plans! Best of luck!
  6. Deer Lodge, is that your final destination? I live just a bit away in Butte. I also like how you approached your challenge with the move in mind. I'm sure it'll be that much easier to adjust to moving when you keep realistic goals.
  7. Ahh, well hell, leave it to me to be a cultureless dunce! That sounds really interesting to watch, I'll have to check out a few more videos online when I get off of work!
  8. Iiiinteresting... That looks pretty intense! What's the actual goal of it all? (How are points, or the equivalent, acquired?) I take it that this isn't very popular in America... haha.
  9. I... have no idea what roller derby actually is... I don't suppose either of you could give me a brief overview?
  10. I never would have even guesses you weren't a native English speaker if you didn't say it. ((So awesome job with the English!)) Alcohol is definitely something I need to cut down on as well. My friends are heavy drinkers, so it's difficult going out and not keeping up with them. Best of luck! I'll be following your thread to see how you do!
  11. Hahaha good deal! And dang, that's too bad. It definitely makes it easier to stick to paleo for me when it's all out of the house. Force the ones you live with to eat paleo? >=)
  12. Thanks Kailer! While I was originally planning on only posting updates once a week, I've decided against it. I'll probably go bi-weekly or so, or just whenever I kinda feel like it, I don't know. All data is taken from the RunKeeper app on my phone. (I don't take the Calories spent portion seriously at all.) So, starting from Monday and not including anything before, here's how it looks. Monday Intervals (10 sets of 30:30 Run:FastWalk, 3 min walking break after first mile) Miles - 2.01 Duration - 23:06 AVG Mins/Mile - 11:30 Calories - 403 ((First mile - 1
  13. Good for you! Screw them if they think that weights are only for guys! You'll find plenty of other gals who lift here, and I'm sure someone from the Warriors guild will stop by eventually to properly welcome you and introduce you to their guild. Best of luck!
  14. Gotta make sure you get that water! I know the struggle of choosing to eat paleo haha. If it's practical, I'd suggest trying to get all of the non-paleo foods out of your house. It just makes things a million times easier! Still though, good work. Steps in the right direction should always be looked at as progress, even if you didn't pass all your goals every single day.
  15. From a fellow Nevadan, Welcome! You've got some good-looking goals, and I think you'll do some great work! Also, making soap you say...?
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