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  1. Good luck to you too! My oldest is 6 (almost 7!!) what apps and cards did you find? She might enjoy that more then my Daily Yoga app.
  2. It is, but at the moment is very much a longer term goal so I'm trying not to focus on it as much but know that these smaller goals will lead me there.
  3. Yesterday was awful. I basically stayed in bed all day due to a migraine. Today I really did not want to go to the gym, but I made it. And if you saw me there I was obviously not happy to be there. The main reason I made it was to avoid "starting over" again. Glad I did, but man it was a struggle. SQ: 115lb 5x5 BP: 50lb 5x5 BOR: 50lb 5x5 I was supposed to go skate the 20 mile trail with my friend this evening but I'm still drained for yesterday and probably wont be able to go. I really need to get out of this funk my head is in. I just have no motivation to do anything, even basic things like shower and eat. I know I've always kind of dealt with these and I'm even on medication for them, but it feels like lately they are happening more frequently. I'm hoping staying on track with IF and working out will improve my overall health. Oh yea, not sure if I shared that here but a few years ago I joined the local roller derby team. The team has had a rough few years and right as I was about to pass my skills I ended up breaking my leg at practice. The fallout from that and the following depression period lead to me still have not passing my skills. It's one of my biggest goals. Obviously right now with everything we can't even have practice let alone pass skills but I want to get to a point out of this where I'll feel confident enough to work on my skills again.
  4. So this weekend was kind of a bust. Wasn't able to do my walks and yesterday I felt like I got hit but a bus so I ended up spending most of the day in bed. Today I feel a lot better though, even woke up early! SQ: 110lb 5x5 OHP: 45lb 5x5 DL: 115lb 1x5 Gym felt good. Decided not to push on the overheads, but I did on the deadlifts. Hoping to take a mile walk this afternoon. Gave my poor blender a workout today. On gym days I usually make a cinna-berry protein shake, but my bananas were starting to go bad so I made a concentrated version of my shakes for the next couple of weeks to throw in the freezer. I wasn't thinking and I should have left the dry ingredients out until I actually made the shakes. Oh well.
  5. Made it to the gym, which is a win in and of itself. Had a meeting between 11 and 12:30 when I usually go, but the good news is that the gym was empty when I got there. SQ: 105lbs 5x5 BP: 50lbs 5x5 BOR: 50lbs 5x5 I was pleasantly surprised at my benching. I always struggle with upper body but I wanted to push myself a bit and seemed to go well. I also have the weekend to recoup if I start to feel too sore. There's a heat warning right now, but I'm going to try take the dog on a mile walk in an hour or so. My calves are not happy with me but to me that just means I really need to go out walking more. Hoping next week I can start added a bit of jogging into my walks. My daughter has started getting real interested in "yoga". I say that because when I do offer to do some with her she just does her own thing. Oh well. Maybe her and I can try and do some more this evening before bed. If I can keep this up I'm hoping to add a few more goals here and try and track that progress too but for now I'm going to focus all of my energy on continuing to go to the gym 3x a week, daily walks, and 16:8 IF.
  6. Took the dog on a mile walk today and yesterday. Hoping I can keep this up, for his health and mine. I'm trying to avoid weighing in or measuring myself everyday. I know those things fluctuate and I don't want to get discouraged. I'm hoping on Wednesdays I can stick to as my weekly weigh-in and trust the effort and work. I'm definitely not feeling super sore, just little sore, and it's helping keep me encouraged that I can do this! One day at a time.
  7. Feeling good today. Work got busy yesterday so I wasn't able to do anything but I did stick to my 16:8 IF. I made it to the gym today and possibly going to take the dog on walk/job this afternoon if work doesn't get too busy. SQ: 100lbs OHP: 45lbs DL: 95lbs Since I'm just starting back up and I don't want to get discouraged I am taking it easy and slowly. Right now my focus is starting the routine and trying not to get too sore. The last few times I've attempted to restart a routine I pushed too hard right away and got too sore and used that as an excuse to skip. Feels good to be back.
  8. Thanks! Thanks! I'll have to catch up on your posts again!
  9. Here we go: Age: 32 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 187lbs Starting Stats Squat: 95lbs Bench Press: 45lb (bar) Bent Over Rows: 45lbs (bar) Deadlift: 100lbs Overhead Press: 45lbs (bar) Starting Goals Deadlift 200 lbs Go to gym 3 times a week no matter what 16/8 Intermittent Fasting continuous Notes: It's so hard to write all this down knowing I was here so many years ago and was able to do this and maintain and felt great and strong. I joined NF in 2014 and this place had helped me so much. Even just as a place to write down my progress. Since then so much has happened and changed in my life, but I'm determined to get back to this. Today I completed my IF, went to the gym, and even made an old favorite smoothie I used to get at the gym in 2014. I'm doing this!
  10. Well here we go again. I don't even know how many times I've posted in this room, but here we are... I joined here many years ago and it really worked for me updating and keeping track on here then life happened. I was doing well for a while until I broke my ankle and fell into a really deep depression but now I feel like I'm out of it and ready to go again. WFH indefinitely means I have a bit more free time and I need to start structuring it more. I don't want to look back on this time and see it as a waste. Over the past few years I've changed and tried many different things, but now I want to go back to basics where I know I have succeeded before and go from there.
  11. Woof, I have forgotten how hard it is to get started. I need a real kick in the butt right now but I don't know where to get one. My husband and I are looking into joining Profile by Sanford which is essentially a nutrition coach. Like everyone else I feel like I have all of this ambition and goals but starting and sticking with them seems to be incredibly difficult... Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  12. I know it's still 2017, but I'm looking ahead. Let's catch up. What has happened in 2017: -Had a baby -Joined Roller Derby -Changed carreers So this past year has had it's up and downs. Things are starting to level out and I feel it's time to ReSpawn my fitness adventure. Goals: -Post here weekly -Take monthly progress pictures -Attend the gym 3 times a week -Attend Derby practice 2 times a week -Track and maintain healthy eating habits Here we go! Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  13. Squats: 60lbs 5x5 Overhead Press: 50lbs 5x5 Deadlift: 105lbs 1x5
  14. I think my body is remembering what's going on. Even with higher weight this felt nice and easy. Squats: 55lbs 5x5 Bench Press: 50lbs 5x5 Row: 65lbs 5x5
  15. Made it again last night. Weight 178lbs Squats: 50lbs 5x5 Overhead Press: 45lbs 5x5 - these will always be a struggle but I'm hoping the fact that this gym has a 25lb bar I can deload better and hopefully actually make progress with this. Deadlift: 90lbs 1x5 - another nice thing about my gym is they have bumper plates. Makes these lower weights easier. Knowing that I've squat 200lbs at one point in time makes these weights very humbling and motivate me to keep at it to get back to where I was. I already feel like i'm ahead of the game this time as opposed to my last child. Going to take the weekend off and start back on Monday. I have ingredients for some apple brie spinach salad for lunches next week. I'm super excited! On a personal notes, we brewed some cherry stout beer a few weeks ago and I mistakenly put in the cherry puree at bottling along with the activating sugar which means my beer is now a foamy mess and basically shot You live and learn I guess. Back to fitness, I hope to take progress photos on Monday.
  16. Made it to the gym last night. I was completely exhausted but I forced myself to go and I'm so glad I did. Restarted the 5x5 app completely deloaded Squats: 45 5x5 Bench Press: 45 5x5 Row: 60 5x5 I've also been good at making a salad and eating that for lunch at work and not snacking that much. I also made ham and egg muffin bites which are delicious for breakfast and I don't feel like I'm starting my day with tons of sugar. Feeling good.
  17. Found my way back. Currently on week 3 of 6 of maternity leave with my new beautiful daughter. During my pregnancy I lost track of myself which caused some personal issues that ragged me back to the gym. Unfortunately work caused me to skip the gym during my last month. I haven't started going back yet because I'm afraid of over exceeding my body until about 6 weeks post-natal, but I have been doing daily yoga stretches at home. After being pregnant it feels good to feel more like my old self and moving around more. I'm excited to get back into a regular routine with work and gym and eating, but for now I'm enjoying relaxing and snuggling with the babe. Food is always a difficult thing for me. I'm trying to eat better and focus on proteins and veggies with every meal. I also want to get back to intermittent fasting as I found it really worked well for me with lifting.
  18. So this site has made it very difficult to find this thread. Every time I go to post I can never find this. I might just have to start a new one. I'm in the process of re-imagining my training I want to give up the gym, but do workouts from home. So far i'm doing pretty good on taking the dog for a walk during lunch and completing some squats and push ups. I need to look more into body weight workouts as I don't have any equipment at home. The only problem I see so far is that pretty soon I wont be able to do push ups but I don't have any dumbbells and we don't generally keep a gallon of, well anything in the house to use as weights. Still missing the barbells and squat rack, but this gym doesn't even have those. I'm going to talk to another gym next week to see if they're not too expensive otherwise I'll have to stick to my original workout at home plan.
  19. So lots of changes have kept me away again. Found a house and am in the middle of moving. We have been spending a lot of time traveling back and forth between SD and MN moving our stuff. My office has let me work an extra hour every day to take a half day off on Friday. I've been doing this for the past couple of weeks. That plus, pregnancy, and exhaustion means I have not had a lot of time to make it to the gym or play softball. I feel bad about the softball because I was really excited to start playing again. I'm hoping now that things slow down again I can start doing yoga in the mornings again and continue going to the gym 3+ times a week. I'm about 12 weeks now. Getting pretty nervous due to the miscarriage back in January makes me worry about over pushing myself, but at the same time I don't want to stop. Pretty frustrating.
  20. So not sure what's going on, but with the new layout and stuff it took me forever to find this. Been trying out a dumbbell 3 day split. Man does it kick my butt! Also I'm involved with a walkathon at my work. Softball starts in a couple of weeks too. Keeping busy busy!! On the food front I have been doing pretty good lately at limiting my calories, tracking them, and eating better in general. I still need a lot of work, but I feel better in general about my choices. I need to remember to take a progress picture.
  21. Ha, not a whole lot fitness related.This past weekend we finally moved everything out of our house. We will hopefully close by the end of the month. That trip really wore us out. Due to schedules this week we're going to try going to the gym Tues, Wed, Thurs. Yesterday just jogged mostly. Next week I'll be in NYC for training and I'm hoping to use the fitness center at the hotel all week. I also joined a walkathon team at work where we have to walk at least 100 miles between April 11- May 30. I figured it's a good way to stay active and to meet and take walks with coworkers! Only problem is I need a fitbit. My last one went through the wash too many times.
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