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  1. Haha, I think the pixel art is frickin' adorable. I've been switching from class to class to obtain all the equipment just so I have more costume options... AND YOU GET PETS. AHHH.
  2. I'm happy to see someone else on Nerd Fitness using HabitRPG! I was just searching the forums for mentions of it -- which is how I came to your thread -- because I have found it incredibly useful for my own productivity (it helped me completely kick my 2048 habit, for example ). That's awesome that you're a wiki scribe... I am thinking of trying to become a code contributor some time (or blacksmiths, I guess they call them).
  3. Awesome! Also, were you the CNF person who recognized my Carleton College shirt (and was also on my return flight, if I am remembering correctly)?!
  4. sneaksneaksneaksneak My rogue skills need improvement, it seems...
  5. Howdy friends! So err. Maybe this is the wrong place to bring this up. But I was wondering whether people might have insights about the Ranger class vs the Assassins class. I suppose it doesn't matter for now since I'll be a level 1 rebel for the next six weeks anyway, but I'm curious, because I have found myself really going back and forth between the two. What are the big distinctions between them? Also, sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this, gahh
  6. Thanks for the advice! Planning to take it easy and will probably just jog for this first week to keep my blood flowing. Regarding guilds, I'm drawn both to Assassins and to Rangers, and kind of go back and forth between the two...
  7. Why do I live in Minnesota again? I have been struggling with momentum as it's begun to get cold and dark. I'm hoping to get/keep myself moving in this challenge. And also try something new, as I've never participated in the forums before. Ack. Main Quest: Become healthier and stronger! By the end, I hope to actually be able to do proper form pull-ups and push-ups, but I also just want to improve my all around strength and endurance. Goal #1: Exercise, whaaat? Monday-Saturday, Sundays are off.A Day (MWF):Warm up (jump rope)4 sets of 20 push ups with a 2-minute rest between sets (starting with
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