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  1. Hi there! Looking to start doing Tai Chi on my own and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for beginners in terms of videos, books or even apps. So far on youtube I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VNw8tM7MYE which seems to be a good starting point and they really explain how you move through the stances. Thanks
  2. The first 3 weeks haven't been too bad, I've been pretty consistent with my bodyweight workout working out every other day (except when I was sick for a bit). The sleeping part has been a bit of a challenge and I think I've only had a few nights of 8 hours sleep where most of the time I get 9 hours of sleep or 6 lol. I STILL haven't tried out yoga yet I really need to do that, I'm just having a little trouble getting into it because I'm learning from a book but I'm gonna take a look at some youtube videos and see if I can find a simple routine to start off with.
  3. Today after taking a couple days to recover from pole dancing (my body was pretty stiff and sore) I finally managed to squeeze in a workout before work. I sped through it pretty fast, but I ended up being a couple minutes late for work (oops!). Evil never gives up so I can't give up either, I must continue my training...
  4. Well pole dancing kicked my ass. By the end of it I was slipping down the pole bc my hands kept sweating lol Somehow we were able to fool the gang members and catch them off guard ( I think it helped that I was dancing in the background lol). An epic battle ensued, it was a close fight and by the time we defeated every last gang member we were all worn out. We searched the place and found that they had been keeping the girls that couldn't dance and auctioning them off to the highest bidders. We released them and sent them home to their families...hopefully the town has seen the last of that g
  5. Was kinda slacking this week but I did have some decent excuses, I was sick and I was also working on moving into my new apartment. Finally managed to squeeze in a bodyweight workout today though I didn't get too into it because I'm doing a pole dancing class tomorrow and that's bound to be a workout lol! This week I did not have to face my arch-enemy for I was unable to go further then my bedroom and bathroom. After fighting off illness I began the difficult process of moving all my stuff to a new headquarters. Soon after I got some news from relatives about evil activity going on in the nex
  6. Did a full circuit of beginner's body weight workout. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, I kinda half-assed the lunges but I did push myself when planking and managed to plank for 40 seconds. Also did 3 sets of the dumbell rows. Still gotta try out some yoga....I got to get on that!
  7. Did a full circuit of the beginner's bodyweight workout and then did 1 more set for each arm for the dumbell rows (I didn't have a very heavy dumbell). Tried to stay motivated by using mantras. Another day spent facing the villian of my heroic story...it was a close call, I almost gave up when suddenly I remembered some spells to give me the strength to overcome my greatest foe, "If I can do this, I can do anything!". It was a close call but I managed to defeat my enemy and keep the world safe for another day... Also pushed myself a bit further and managed to do a 30 second plank! Personal
  8. @alienjenn yeah for sleeping 8 hours a night I have trouble regulating my sleep in the summer and I tend to oversleep unless I work early in the morning then I tend to get less sleep, so to combat that I plan on making good use out of my alarm clock and to go to sleep at a decent time. The biggest challenge is the oversleeping part because my bed is soooo comfy
  9. All right just finished my first beginner bodyweight workout *high-fives self* . I was worried I might not be doing the lunges right because they didn't seem like much of a challenge until after my workout, my legs felt like they would be sore in the morning lol Honestly, pretty proud of myself for doing this. I find the hardest thing to do is to just start, now if I can stay consistent hopefully I'll see some improvement! My story is just beginning, and it seems my arch enemy has already appeared...myself! If I can slay the evil me, the one who tells me to give up and do something easier, I
  10. Hello! This is my first challenge and I hope I can have a good start to my fitness journey! I really want to do this because I would like to build up some strength before trying out a muay thai class. Right now my legs and core are pretty weak and I'd like to change that. Main Quest: Get stronger and become more flexible Quest 1: Do the beginner bodyweight circuit 3 times a week (+3 STR & +1 DEX) A: 20+ times B: 15 - 19 times C: 10 - 14 times F: less than 10 times Quest 2: Do Yoga 2 times a week (+2 CON & +1 DEX) A: 12+ times B: 8 - 11 times
  11. Thanks for all the ideas guys, I'll have to give them a try!
  12. Hi guys! I'm looking to work my way into a paleo diet once I'm away at school and buying my own groceries. I have a few problems though... 1) I'm not very experienced when it comes to cooking 2) As a student I don't have a big budget 3) Not a big vegetable eater 4) I have an intolerance to fish(a lot of fish makes me sick) 5) I'm not sure what to replace breakfast stuff like toast with that doesn't involve eggs (eggs on their own make me kinda nauseous as well) and snacks (I usually eat crackers as a chip alternative lol) Basically what I'm looking for is easy to make and not very expensiv
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