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  1. Wine drunk.  New feeling.  Not sure how to compute.  Man am I glad I don't drunk type.

  2. Dead lifts are in fact fun. I want to do them, but I also want to not whimper when I walk for about 4 hours later today...

  3. Strangest semester of my college life so far... and I have a lot of college life to go...

    1. Strickland5


      Its a wild and crazy ... enjoy it!

  4. Researching for, and then writing a 5-7 page paper in roughly 6.5 hours? Challenge accepted... but I don't like it!

  5. Unleashing my inner Asian. Recipe thread to follow. ;)

    1. Machete


      Oh. I thought because something's been shrinking from the cold.

    2. The Spider
  6. So happy to see the snow. :)

  7. Seriously guys, where's the Firefly and Serenity love? When I didn't know about it, everyone was obsessed with it. Now that I'm quoting it every day, you've all disappeared! Needing some browncoat kinship over here.

  8. Just drank a digestion aid because of all the white bread and other crap I ate this past week had my stomach in knots. Nothing like drinking a glass of dirt water and feeling like a million bucks after.

    1. El Exorcisto

      El Exorcisto

      Christ... I'm glad I've never been cursed with a stomach that gets angry over simple carbohydrates.

    2. The Spider

      The Spider

      Pretty sure it was due to the fact that the simple carbs were from Wendy's, but were paired with a huge greasy burger with 6 pieces of bacon and a frosty. :P

  9. None of my challenges will ever have to do with fast food. My body is just rejecting the crap I just ate at Wendy's. Ugh. Go get 'em, everyone doing a challenge. :D

  10. The one who says he can, and the one who says he can't, they're both right.

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    2. Jason Bourne

      Jason Bourne

      One of my favorite quotes.

    3. Ba'sini'on


      I don't get it to be honest lol. Because so far the one who says I can't is my family and it's a total downer

    4. The Spider

      The Spider

      That sucks. It's similar with my family. For some reason, certain older people are just oddly convinced that giving people a vote of confidence is meaningless, so they're just cold and really just mean. It might mean that they're not confident themselves, or they're jealous of your confidence. However, the quote I shared has to do with "self fulfilling prophecy," where if you convince yourself that you're inable to do something, you won't do anything to mak...

  11. Gonna get at the 6 week challenge and actually complete it this time.

    1. Jill Beat

      Jill Beat

      Whoot! It's hard to keep pushing to the end sometimes!

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