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  1. Got rear ended on the highway... neck is sore but me and wife are alright. Seeing the doctor tomorrow. But I went to bed on time last night, and woke up on time and with an appetite! Didn't eat breakfast yet though so needless to say I don't have stomach cramps.
  2. Yeah, we have fairly good habits... little to no sweets and such. It's just we wind up eating boxed mac n cheese or a bowl of cereal before bed. Oh and also, 90 hour weeks are fascinating and I don't know how I would survive. What do you do?
  3. Thanks guys! I ate a really small breakfast because we have almost nothing in the apartment. Crackers (whole grain) with peanut butter and jelly. Good news is that didn't give me a stomach ache, so work has been decently good which means i should be able to go to the gym when I get home if wife is up for it. If not I'll hit the gym after work tomorrow.
  4. My previous challenge I more-or-less finished, though I'm not giving myself points for it because 1. I fizzled out the last week or so, and 2. a lot has happened to me since then, so part of this challenge will be fixing what broke between now and then. Goals: 1. No meals, television/tablet/computer screens after 10pm, and melatonin at 10pm. This is an absolute must. If this is NOT the means of making me sleep better at night, I will need to have a sleep study done, and I don't want a doctor trying to push any kind of prescription on me for sleep at only 25 years old.
  5. Hey guys, what do you suggest for lean and clean crock pot and on-the-go meals? My wife works 12 hour shifts from time to time, and my schedule fluctuates a small bit, which winds up doing a little something like this three or four nights a week: come home exhausted > eat carbs and sugar to sate cravings > go to bed > sleep terribly > wake up groggy > no energy to eat food or prep dinner for the evening > come home exhausted > rinse > repeat > no profit The occasional nights where one or the other of us has the energy to make a good balanced
  6. Oh absolutely. I just need to find a doctor that doesn't insist on prescribing me brand antacids regardless of the symptoms I see him for. I belly breathe all the time. Learned that from my voice lessons and martial arts classes and have applied it all around since. I inhale as I grip the bar and get into position, then exhale slowly through pursed lips as I lift, and as I bring them down... that's standard from what I understand; exhale, exert, right? Also, thanks for the responses everyone.
  7. Hi everyone, a hungry skeleton here. I've just recently started lifting weights after getting a membership at Gold's Gym. I received a free walkthrough of basic lifting form and routine, etc by one of the trainers there. He showed me how to properly bench, squat, dead lift, and showed me a few of the weight machines as well and talked me through proper macros and such. Since then though I've noticed that doing dead lifts gives me a blast of head rush. Whether I do 1 lift or 5, my head spins pretty hard after. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I only lift the bar -- I haven't
  8. Dead lifts are in fact fun. I want to do them, but I also want to not whimper when I walk for about 4 hours later today...

  9. Hello everyone. I've attempted to stay active a couple of times here but alas living in a less than positive atmosphere really got to me. But since then I've married a wonderful girl who wants to go on the wild ride of getting fit with me so now I'm thinking the third time's the charm. I'm a firefly and dragon age nerd and I hope to begin playing dungeons and dragons with a good friend of mine soon. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  10. Strangest semester of my college life so far... and I have a lot of college life to go...

    1. Strickland5


      Its a wild and crazy ... enjoy it!

  11. Researching for, and then writing a 5-7 page paper in roughly 6.5 hours? Challenge accepted... but I don't like it!

  12. Happiest of birthdays. I'll read through your posts after I finish doing a 3 man research project on my own. >_<
  13. Drank a 20oz mountain dew today. Just felt gross afterward... stomach was gurgling, body felt like it was moving through sludge... why do people drink the stuff? Goodness. On the bright side of things, I went to my physical therapist and I've been "graduated" out. I'm doing the workouts on my own, and I'm thinking by the end of this challenge I'll be able to start an actual weightlifting regiment for the next challenge.
  14. I'm starting on a 4 week detox where one of the dietary restrictions is gluten. Thankfully, I'm a huge fan of all foods of the Asian variety, so I'm going to be buying a big pack of the gluten-free noodles at the Asian supermarket in my area. However, I'm not actually Asian, nor do I know many, so what I'm asking for is your experiences in working with these noodles. Thanks!
  15. Unleashing my inner Asian. Recipe thread to follow. ;)

    1. Machete


      Oh. I thought because something's been shrinking from the cold.

    2. The Spider
  16. Hi buff nerds! I've got a fever, and the only cure is more books! Who can suggest to me a book in particular that they loved that has all to do with boats and swashbuckling pirate adventures? I'll take high fantasy like Game of Thrones or LoTR by all means, but I really just want to sail the seven seas. My reward to anyone who can give me a suggestion will be a sincere "thank you" which I give in advance. If I totally fall in love with the story, I'll let you know.
  17. Glad to hear that! Maybe this one is just the not-so-great one in the series... I saw this post and decided to order that book out of the library. My branch doesn't have it, so I requested it from another branch. I also ordered A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin The Legend of Drizzt: Book 1, Homeland by Andrew Dabb. Which confuses me, because I thought it was written by R.A. Salvatore. I'm wondering if anyone can explain that one to me... I just went to the library to get books for the first time in at LEAST one year... but most likely more. I miss the years I spent in the lib
  18. Michael Scott's The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel: The Magician. Book two of the series. Not sure if I'll continue it, even though the first one set quite the stage, I'm having a hard time keeping my interest after having put the story down for a while (see: a year). Gotta find a new fantasy series to start.
  19. All I take is a vegan soda replacement. It's got stevia for sweetener and is mostly green tea extract, a tiny bit of guarana, taurine, and ginseng, and I think rhodiola. It's part of a detox line from the brand Arbonne International and is meant to be taken in place of the overly sugary coffee and just-plain-bad-for-you red bull everyone overconsumes. I agree wholeheartedly with El Exorcisto and ShortGorilla about getting dependent on a preworkout. Especially after I took one and the actual energizing effects didn't kick in until 3 hours after my workout. I was swinging kettlebells and p
  20. So happy to see the snow. :)

  21. Actually a bard class wouldn't be a bad idea... people who want to truly master an instrument as part of leveling up their life... why not? :3 I took a summer of voice lessons with my piano teacher, and I did one kinda serious vocal competition my junior year, and I was in a couple of choirs my freshman and sophomore year of college, but now, my main audience is the steering wheel and whoever is in my car at the time. But I also sing at work to pass the time and at church I get some section practice. No choirs or groups for me right now though, unless you count the unofficial choir of me,
  22. I've never read the HP series (gasp). It's a thing I've always had... when someone geeks and fangirls over something too much, I despise whatever it is. And aside from my older brother, everyone else I met was the same way, so I just never got into it. My plan is to read it to my children when they're bedtime story age. :3 I actually prefer the cold weather. However, I'll work in a cooler that's blowing air anywhere from 20-41*F for a good 2 hours with 2 t-shirts and a pair of slacks on. There may be something wrong with me. I really want to see Big Hero 6!!! IDK if I will though.
  23. Seriously guys, where's the Firefly and Serenity love? When I didn't know about it, everyone was obsessed with it. Now that I'm quoting it every day, you've all disappeared! Needing some browncoat kinship over here.

  24. My big thing is avoiding the gluten, dairy and soy. Gluten not because of the currently ambiguous claims about it being bad for you, but because I eat too much grain as it is, so cutting that will help for many reasons (abs are made in the kitchen). Dairy, I'm allergic to, but it also gives me a lot of bloating and digestion problems, plus it's really not good for you if it's full of antibiotics and hormones and sometimes bleach. O_O;; Soy I'm not really worried about since I eat it very seldom but it doesn't help with it being one of the most processed food substances in the world. Pro
  25. Thanks people. No soda cravings yet, and I love it. So I'm pretty positive that I totally forgot about my PT appointment... I could have sworn I rescheduled it for Friday, but I just found their reminder card in my back pocket well after the appointment had already passed by. However, I had never received a call from anyone if I was late or not, so now I have to call them and figure it out. Doing the workouts at home is easy, but there are some exercises I just can't do because I don't have the space for it. There are a few things I need to order for my detox still, but I have time.
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