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  1. haha, like I said, I got no liquor to myself, and it's not gonna change any time soon.
  2. Soon to be Spartans, we are. Oh, and chin ups are nothing short of evil for people who don't work out regularly. Don't hate yourself if you can't do 'em.
  3. I love myself a good beer, which is one good thing about living with my parents; even if they don't care, I refuse to keep liquor in my parents house. Otherwise, I'd have some fancy rum every now and again. I do have a hard cider from time to time, though, usually after a long night at work. Also, almond milk is way better than regular milk. More calcium and vitamin D, plus, a lot of people are allergic to dairy and don't realize it. Try abstaining from dairy completely for 3-4 weeks.
  4. Of course. You know, Fezzik missed on purpose, which means he's good at Fezziks.
  5. Thanks for all the support, everyone! I'm always a fan of storming the castle. @Jcsimmons: I really want to get more functional strength. My martial arts school really pushes core strength, very similar to the assassin's ideal workouts. However, I won't have time to be there to practice those things while I'm in school, so i figure I'd work on my physical appearance, so when I get back into training there, I'll not only look good, I'll be a bit stronger as well, which is double good, because I'm one of the smallest dudes there.
  6. Having to explain to my parents with whom I share livingspace, that I'm going out to exercise. Why am I never home? Because when I am home, all I do is coop myself up in my bedroom. I'm going out, to get exercise, meet people, and not get diabetes.
  7. One of my absolute favorite things about this movie is that Billy Crystal only filmed for less than a week, if I'm not mistaken, but every time he was on set, Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya) and the director had to leave because Crystal was just too funny for them to keep straight faces.
  8. +1 for the Doctor Who theme! Hey, where's the love for 9?!
  9. Alongside this, I have been working on a small bodyweight routine. Tonight I did a 1 minute plank and 20 push ups with my feet propped up about 18 inches. Tomorrow I will do some squats and calf raises, alongside 2 sets of 15 burpees.
  10. I am The Spider! I am starting school soon and because of that I fear for my physical appearance and health. Sitting at a desk is one thing, but having the carb filled sandwiches all around me and being one of those "always hungry" skinny-fat people can make it easy to grow a belly if I'm not getting some movement in. Thankfully though, there's a really nice gym at my school, and my class schedule gives me a good hour long chunk of nothing, which I could use to keep my body moving in an anti-diabeetus way. And what more, I have a few pairs of pants that have become a bit tighter, and I don
  11. Hello! Just joined the forums and I think Ranger is the class for me! Before learning about this website, I was quite the Monk. I have studied martial arts for 9 years and spent the last 4 of those years focusing very hard on that training. However, I think it's time to focus more on my physical body, appearance and functional strength rather than the development of technique and proper responses for self defense. I will be attending college in the fall and will have access to a very nice gym. I figured I'd make some use of the equipment there, but I have no idea what any of those funny
  12. I, too, really want to get into a Spartan Race. Thanks for the advice, QuirkyDM! NicTheRugger, where would you most likely be doing this Spartan Race?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm a skinnyfat that loves helping people. I want to get into better shape so that helping people is easier and easier. I'll be at school on August 25th and within walking distance of a really nice gym. I've joined this site to post my progress and let the users who decide to befriend me call me mean names when I get back into bad habits like drinking soda and eating low quality carbs. Also, I love Spiderman and spiders in general. AMA. -The Spider
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