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  1. I was there. I think there was over 100 people at last count.
  2. so, this wasn't on my Quest, but it was the reason for some of my goals above, but I've just been hired for a parapro position at a local elementary school. I'll be working in the k-2 Autism class, and I am so beyond excited. just because I got to skip a level or two before I got here doesn't mean I'm taking those particular goals off of my list. Namely, learning Mandarin, as the school I will be working at is a duel immersion school. Meaning for half the day, the students do classes in English, and the other half they do them completely in Mandarin. I still want to learn it (and will), its
  3. you don't -have- to go to a building church. but there is a very big part of Christianity that is fellowship with other believers. its a lot like how NF is set up. the community helps build you up and encourage you when things get hard (and there are times when that -will- happen), and they can help you learn what the Bible teaches, which we can't always do on our own. yoga on the beach spending time meditating on who Jesus is and parts of the Bible sounds like an excellent private time with Him. but I really feel that the fellowship with other Christians is a big deal, also. as a Christian
  4. the class is really super easy, or at least the one for Georgia is. I dunno if they're different state to state. but yeah, I did mine on a library computer, it took maybe an hour tops. but I'm really glad you're getting out of all of that finally! you need more happiness and cheer around you and stuffs.
  5. oh I love this! you, lady, are brilliant. good luck!
  6. if you want to get something just because you like the way it looks, thats all that matters. its your body, your ink, get whatever the hell you want. this song is one of my favorites, and also sums up how I feel about tattoos in general. it was also the inspiration for a part of one of my tattoos (which I had decided to be a rose for my grandfather before I even heard the song) I've been thinking about getting a snug and rook on my right ear to balance my industrial in my left. my industrial took about a year to heal, and still occasionally gets sore, but I think thats more from sleeping
  7. thanks! I love duolingo. its really easy, and builds up in difficulty and speed, and it makes learning a game. I've played a little bit on violin before. it was my ex's, and he got frustrated I was learning it faster than him, when he put in twice as much work as I did, but like you, I have a history in music (I play saxophone) so it made reading the music a lot easier, and hearing if I was hitting the right notes easier. I think you'll get it even easier than I did since you've already got some background with strings. as to what I'm choosing first, its mostly whatever jumps out at me the m
  8. just got an email from duolingo, and they're adding Klingon... should I add that to my quest of amazingness? I think the correct answer here is of freaking course I should.
  9. ...its been a while. this guy has taken me the better part of 2 weeks to do in between working and church and hospital visits. he's pretty much finished. I can't decide if I want to slap on a purple bowtie or not. hat I made this past christmassy time. I'm in the process of making a little Yoda doll now.
  10. a little late, but oh well. I remember when I was a kid (6 or 7), I helped out a lot in the special education class. why? because I wanted to, the teachers needed the help, and I was the kids' age. I remember telling my mom I wanted to be the person who discovered a cure for downs syndrome. got a bit older and realized that I'm not great at math, which tends to be very useful with sciencey things. I've also wanted to be a teacher, a published writer (with a main focus in travel journalism), or to be able to form a living out of my crafts. I've lived with my parents (again) for the past 2 yea
  11. I have a ring on one of my hands, and right before he started, the tattooist looked me dead in the eyes and stated "This is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, and seeing as its your first one, its going to be a surprising hurt." it ended up tickling and not hurting a bit. like I said, everyone has a different sensitivity. I didn't mind how much my foot hurt, no matter how painful it was. I'm going to eventually get something on my other foot too.
  12. 1. I love dragons. dragon tats are amazing. I'm wanting at least 2. maybe more. who knows. 2. by "on my foot" I assume you mean the top. I know everyone has a different pain tolerance, but my tattoo on my foot was the most painful experience of my life. more painful than labor (before I got an epidural). not only is the skin right there sensitive, but theres basically no padding, so its all on bone. I think your tattoo idea is a great one, I just wanted to give you a heads up (in case no one has told you before)
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