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  1. I'll definitely come along to some stuff (I'm conveniently already in town, even though I've been really negligent about coming to the forums).
  2. Sorry for disappearing! The second half of this week was a bit hectic. I did another 15 on Wednesday and I'll try to get some knocked out tonight since I decided to wuss out of my run because of the rain.
  3. Whatever you want, basically. In my experience of Hawaii, it's super casual. All you need are shorts, t-shirts/tank tops, swimming suits and flip flops (sorry "slippers"). I mean, Hawaiian shirts are formal wear...
  4. I got 40 done after my run and before my yoga today!
  5. Week 2, Day 2 First day back from Manchester. I was a bit sleep-deprived and my right forearm was super sore so I took it easy. I still went to fire club though and had a lot of fun spinning (and also got ideas for tricks I need to learn). Quest 1: Run Rest day. (0/3 runs this week) Quest 2: Injury Prevention Yoga: Rest day. (0/5 yoga sessions) Calisthenics: Rest day. (0/2 calisthenics sessions) Quest 3: Diet I ate the following: (1/6 days tracked) Quest 4: Poi
  6. This week's challenge went up after I'd left for fire club (and I came back super late), so I'll have to start them today. I can manage 50, I think (even above my planned workouts since that's less than 10 per day), but since I already have squats in my planned stuff I'm not sure I can do a giant pile of extra ones. I will try though.
  7. Sure. I do the stats because I figure that for now, I want to keep working off the old system for challenges (except in four week installments instead of six), so if you find the old forum posts about how to set that up, it's basically what I'm doing (basically it's 15 stats per level, then divided between the six categories, but you can probably decide your own progression since it's not really official anymore).
  8. Yeah, the Manchester spinning group was definitely super chill. We didn't stay long after dark because it was getting a bit cold, but they were there for several hours before it was getting dark so that was fun.
  9. Well, yes. I know that when there's a huge and fast change, it's probably water. Last challenge, there were a few weekends where I definitely did way worse and my mass changed by a kg or so by Monday, only to drop back down by Wednesday or so. I think that tracking this time around, where I'd actually put in a weight loss goal has sort of helped me figure out the point where I've eaten enough, but not too much (usually I figure it's the point where I could eat more, but feel like I probably shouldn't). I'm also happy for all the poi. There's fire club tonight, but I'm not sure if
  10. Woo! Good job on the pull up goal! Hopefully everything starts looking up a bit more soon. Just take everything one thing at a time.
  11. Okay, catch up time! Week 1, Day 5 Quest 1: Run I ran 5 km! (3/3 runs this week) Quest 2: Injury Prevention Yoga: Daily stretch routine, yoga for runners. (5/5 yoga sessions) Calisthenics: Rest day. (2/2 calisthenics sessions) Quest 3: Diet I tracked my food I ate within my calorie range. (5/6 days tracked) Quest 4: Poi No poi. (75/90 minutes of poi) Life Quest: Drawing No drawing. (100/150 minu
  12. It's definitely a nice city. There's going to be a NF meetup here in October too. I have now. It was also nice and the city hall is by far the fanciest city hall I've ever been in. I'm not sure I got a good sense for how the city normally is because there were a bunch of concerts all weekend so it might have been busier than usual. I didn't see any heroin junkies in Manchester. I did when I was in Vancouver (protip: if you're visiting Vancouver, don't walk from the east end of Chinatown directly north to Gastown, go west first, then north, unless yo
  13. I'm Sarah. I'm from Canada, but I spent a bit over two years living in Japan (just outside Tokyo) and moved to Edinburgh this past January for my partner's job. Right now I look for work, but I'm sort of having difficulty finding something that I'm both able to do and am not seriously overeducated for (I have a PhD in astronomy) so I end up spending a bunch of time on my hobbies (mostly drawing and poi lately, but I've also been doing more reading and hiking). I've been running on and off since maybe second year in graduate school. I started with the couch to 5k and I think I've re
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