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  1. Check in time. Obviously, not everything on my list is something I plan on doing every day (which, tbh, is probably easier) so I'll just make notes on the things I did work on. 1. Take my stupid iron pills: I've been doing that. I had to quit doing intermittent fasting because I'm supposed to take three pills a day and I need to take them with meals, so I'm back to having breakfast. 2. Get back to doing yoga: I did it yesterday and hopefully I'll fit some in today as well. 4. Stay off the phone at night: I haven't woken up in the middle of the night, so I haven't been on the phone in the middle of the night. I did end up on my phone until late last night, but the night before I did stay off it. 4. Finish reading a book for adults: I did some reading yesterday and the day before... so progress! 8. Keep up my Duolingo streak: still going. I've been lazy and studying French instead of Spanish (my French is much better, I'm using Duolingo to increase my vocabulary and brush up, but with Spanish I have to think about it more) 9. Check in regularly: checking in!
  2. Congrats on the job and getting the technical gremlins corralled! Also, I need to watch the second season for SNW. The first made it one of the rare Treks where the first season is actually good and I've heard good things about the second one.
  3. Welcome to my third battle log. My first and second logs are around, but they are a bit dated and honestly it's a little depressing to read some of the goals since I was apparently super optimistic on a time. Maybe I will get back to feeling that way at some point and maybe I'll start a new battle log that's a bit more upbeat when I do. I do think my overarching goal is more or less the same at least. Goal: Begin and maintain good habits to help me live a long and happy life. You know, nothing too ambitious. I'll at least start with my short-term goals. These will cover the next month or so. Short-term goals: 1. Take my stupid iron pills until the doctor says to stop. I have a blood test in six weeks so hopefully everything is back to normal by then because I really would rather not have to go with injections. 2. Get back to doing yoga. I had a really good streak going in June then in July it was just *crash* so I should do that again. 3. Start my own bedtime routine. Instead of just passing out after the small one is asleep, I'd like to unwind a bit and actually prepare for bed. I think it will also help if I... 4. Stay off the phone at night. Lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep so then I play on my phone a bit and obviously that encourages me to stay up longer. I'd like to stop doing that. So instead of going on my phone, I'll read a book or meditate or something that doesn't involve looking at a screen. 4. Finish reading a book for adults. I read about 5 baby books a day so it can't just be "a book", but like a book for grownups. In principle a young adult book would also work here, but you know, a book written for someone over the age of 10 at least. I'm currently started on Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert (the second book in the Dune series) and Les Trous Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers) par Alexandre Dumas. 5. Draw at least something. It doesn't have to be good or a lot, but it's been a while. 6. Be able to do at least 10 laps in the pool without taking a break. It's not a big pool, but I've been so out of practice swimming (and also probably the iron deficiency wasn't helping when I was doing this earlier). 7. Dance with some poi. I had actually been doing a lot of poi for a while, then the pandemic happened and I moved to a place where there wasn't a good spot to do it and so on. Now I honestly just have to worry about making sure my toddler is off safely being watched by another person so he doesn't get hit, but that seems like a small barrier right now. Even if I just do it once, I should do it. 8. Keep up my Duolingo streak! 9. Check in regularly. Ideally daily, but I'll go with twice a week as a goal for now. I'll also start thinking about things I want to do more in the fall. Medium-term goals: 1. Start running again. It's too hot to do it now, but in the fall when it cools down I'd like to start up the couch to 5k. 2. ??? Obviously my goals need work. I'll see how the short term ones go.
  4. Ah! Thanks for checking in and sorry I totally bailed on posting. First I was having issues with finding the right time to post and then there was so much to catch up on so it became daunting and then I was feeling tired a lot and crappy with allergies and apparently a previously unknown anemia so I kinda fell off everything. 😔 I think it's worthwhile to look at what didn't work to figure things out: 1. I wasn't feeling great. And I thought it was just allergies getting to me, but I was also tired and sleeping poorly etc and it turns out that I'm a touch iron deficient so that goes a long way to explain a lot of that. 2. I think I tried to take on too much at once. I was attempting to go from doing yoga most days and maybe 2-3 bodyweight exercises a week to 3 bodyweight exercises plus 3 aerobics routines plus yoga plus revamping a sleep schedule for me and a toddler... it was maybe too much. 3. It was also never clear to me when the best time to update was. I ever posted in the morning after my workouts, but then I hadn't even started eating for the day and I obviously hadn't done the bedtime routines so about half my goals would be left for the next day. I also ever posted between the bedtimes, but a lot of the time I was feeling tired and just went to bed right after getting the small one to sleep. Things that did work though: 1. I got the small one into a reasonable bedtime routine. It's not perfect, but we're definitely much better about it now. 2. I got myself into bed at a better time more regularly. I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep for a bit, but I was at least getting into bed at a reasonable hour a lot more. 3. I remembered my plan to eat more fruits and veggies so I crammed those into my meals and snacks, which is always a good choice. I think I'll start up a new battle log and try to do a bit more thought and work to get back into things again. And hopefully I'll get up to a normal amount of energy in the coming weeks too.
  5. Week 1, Day 2-6! So it seems I did not account for allergies. They have been absolutely killing me this week. It's been a while since I've spent grass pollen season in a suburb with such an effective monoculture of grass so I forgot how bad it can be. The good news is that it has been helping me get to sleep earlier, but it also means that I end up wanting to sleep later, which doesn't help with the challenge. And since my original idea was to update after the baby is asleep, if I'm just passing out after getting the small one asleep then obviously updates are tricky. So I'm updating partway through the day now (hence all the +? where I don't know if I'll do something today). 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me: Small one bedtime: Bed time routine has been initiated on time every day so far. The small one doesn't always go to sleep by 10 pm, but that's not something I can control and I'm only measuring the part that I can control on this. (5+?/7) Bedtime for me: Other than the first night when I decided to do "just a bit of gaming" with my partner which turned into his character dying and a lot of faffing about getting him resurrected and all, I've been in bed by midnight. (4+?/6) Early rise: There were two days that I slept through my alarm and two where the small one woke up at 7:30 too so I couldn't do anything other than baby stuff... (3/6) 2. Daily Yoga: I didn't end up doing my routine yesterday and haven't done today's yet. (4.5+?/6) 3. Calisthenics: I'm one session behind at the moment, but I haven't done my exercise today. (2+?/3) 4. Aerobics: Also one session behind here, but again I haven't done today's exercise yet. (2+?/3) 5. Eat my fruits and veggies: I've been doing very well at this at least. (5+?/7)
  6. Week 1, Day 1! 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me: Small one bedtime: I started the routine on time and sleepytime was achieved on schedule (1/7) Bedtime for me: I intend on going to bed after checking in here and checking on a few of yous, but we'll see (?/6) Early rise: I got up at 7:30 and if not for a Pokemon quest, I would have got everything I planned to do done and maybe a shower too before the small one woke up. (1/6) 2. Daily Yoga: I got interrupted halfway through my yoga routine today, but I made up for it by doing a bedtime yoga routine just now. So instead of just one, I'm going to call it one and a half. (1.5/6) 3. Calisthenics: I followed an abs video and a legs one. Still going to count that as one session because neither was super long. (1/3) 4. Aerobics: First session of the week planned tomorrow. (0/3) 5. Eat my fruits and veggies: Got them in today! (1/7) Yeah, so I did end up sort of prioritizing a Pokemon Go collection challenge over my workout this morning, but it's got a time element (there were a set of night time and day time Pokemon to collect and the night ones are out from 2 hours after sunset until 2 hours after sunrise and there's no way I'm going out after I've put the baby to bed) and it also meant that I got a second walk in today, which is a win too. I also did get the things I planned mostly done in the morning and I was able to make up the part I missed as well, so it worked out.
  7. 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me: So I got the bedtime routine done again and yesterday I managed to get up early, but today I slept in (or you know, I slept in as much as a person can with a 1 year old). I might make waking up early a 6/7 day thing since I really only have 6 days worth of exercise planned for the week. It should also be easier to get to sleep early and get up early next week since my partner will be on a similar schedule. 2. Daily Yoga: I did another yoga session yesterday, making it five for the week. I skipped today, but I might try to do a bedtime sort of routine tonight. (5/7) 3. Calisthenics: None today since I've decided it's a rest day, so that's 2/3 for the week. 4. Aerobics: Did some yesterday. So that's 3/3 for the week. 5. Eat my fruits and veggies: I ate more than five servings yesterday and the day before. I will try to refine my goals a little more based on how week 0 has gone, assuming I have a few more moments tonight.
  8. 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me: I started the small one's bed time routine at the expected time, but due to an unexpected evening nap, it wasn't until 10:30 or so that the small one was actually asleep. I did manage to get myself to bed before midnight and got up at 7:30 this morning to get my workout and yoga done first thing. 2. Daily Yoga: I did another yoga session, making it four so far this week. 3. Calisthenics: I followed along with a Pamela Reif legs video. I tried to do a second one, but it was too hard so I stopped. That's two sessions for the week. 4. Aerobics: None today. So still two sessions for the week. 5. Eat my fruits and veggies: I ate more than five servings yesterday, so that's three days so far this week. I also took advantage of the small one's extra nap to take a walk entirely by myself (gasp!). I had noticed that Google Fit has a Paced Walk function so I gave that a try. I set it for a pace of 111 steps a minute, but then apparently I actually walked an average of 118 steps a minute. Either way, it was definitely nice to spend some time out walking while not pushing a stroller.
  9. Following for the bees! And the challenge!
  10. Welcome! Cutting down the caffeine can be tricky (it is a little physically addictive) and you might want to keep an eye out for withdrawal, but a gradual decrease should definitely help. If you start getting headaches and the like when you get to zero, you might want to try small amounts of coffee without the sugar or some black tea until you can get to zero.
  11. Oh, how exciting! The last stretch of pregnancy can definitely be challenging, but you're almost there. Following along! For me it was:
  12. My week 0 progress: 1. Sleep routine for the small one and me: I did manage to get the small one to sleep through a nice bedtime routine. It only took 45 minutes, so we were done by 9:45. It's the second day in a row we've tried a more dedicated time. I did not get to bed by midnight (we were watching a movie so it was 12:30 before we turned the lights out) and I let my alarm go. I think I have to adjust the time a little earlier (aiming for 7:30) and I will set a few alarms tonight so I can't sleep through them all. 2. Daily Yoga: I've done three sessions of yoga so far, including one today. Today's was pretty free-form since it followed a longer aerobics session. 3. Calisthenics: none today, but I did have one session yesterday so I'm at one for the week so far. 4. Aerobics: I found a new video today and it was fun. I definitely need to try it again to get the moves down because I'm not the most coordinated person, but that's two sessions for the week. 5. Eat my fruits and veggies: got them in yesterday (and the day before). So that's two days this week (with today in progress).
  13. For sure! When the small one was smaller, I tried to do some yoga with baby routines when my core recovered enough from the birth that I could do yoga again, but by then the small one was too heavy and my core was too weak so I couldn't really manage. I've seen some mentions of toddler yoga, but I'm not sure how well that would actually work when mine takes me lying on the ground as an invitation to hit me in the face. It's definitely a challenge on its own.
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