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  1. This morning before prayer group I did the 20 minute Literal Immortality session from GMB. Then in the afternoon, I did a deload workout. I just took the full body workout, lowered the weights and reps. It felt very good. After lunch, I went for a walk. The plan was just to do a 30 minute walk, but I went about 45 minutes. The weather was not near as cold as it has been, and the sun was peeking out. It was so pleasant, I just kept walking. I also wrote up my program for next month. A few changes, a lot the same but with a bit higher weights. Yesterday, I listened again to the Jordan Syatt program on how to write your own program. I figured the second time through, after I had done my own program, I would be able to glean some more. I realized I had been doing more reps than I need for some exercises. Yay, less reps. It was good to do high reps last month. I rarely do that, and suck at it, so it's good for my body sometimes. February training plan. It's just for week 1. The next week will be mostly the same, but I did the new exercises with pretty light weights, so I may adjust that. And then change as needed, if things are too tough or too easy.
  2. I'm trying a new approach, with varying success. Instead of drinking from a water bottle all day, I fill up a glass of water and drink it in the morning. Then another glass after workout, and lunch, etc. I realized I don't really like drinking from a water bottle, or the constant sipping thing. I'd rather just sit a few moments and drink a glass. I also count tea toward my hydration.
  3. That's great that you used your time off to establish some good habits. That will help you when you return to work, even if you do need to adapt.
  4. I'm just using MFP.I don't track total calories, or list non protein foods. I'm also only tracking foods that are mostly protein. I know veggies have some protein, but I don't bother with that. You could also just make a list of common protein foods you eat and their protein count and do the math yourself.
  5. Having a car full of bees sounds alarming! I really like those bees though. My yard has several.
  6. Woot for walking when you didn't feel like it. Your habit tracker is gorgeous!
  7. Way to go on consistency with food logging and workout! That's awesome that you have been working on getting up from the floor.
  8. Yeah, my life is not boring. That's what I am hoping with the mindful eating. I'm not really sure how to post the articles from Instagram. They are usually on several screens. And the question of is it worth it to install Instagram? I'm not sure. I am trying to make sure the posts I follow on Instagram inspire and motivate me, but still it can be a big time suck . Just so tempting to scroll when you should be doing something else. And to feel you've accomplished something because you watched other people do something.
  9. It was super cold here last night and today. It was a gorgeous super clear, sunny day. But, yikes, it was cold. I had a hard time getting going in the morning. I was trying to talk myself into a morning walk, but that never happened. I did finally do the Literal Immortality program. And I went for a walk in the afternoon, when it wasn't quite so cold. I have all the weather gear to keep me warm, but it's so nice and cozy in my house too. I did enjoy the walk, once I finally did it. This evening after dinner I did a short recovery walk with YouTube. Literal Immortality had pylometric knee push ups. It's more skill practice than endurance. Meaning, the goal isn't to do as many as I can, but to do 1, then see if I can do another with good form. and take breaks before my form breaks. They are still tough, and kind of scary(ground comes at you fast!) and crab toe touches, which I have really improved at.
  10. Thanks. Yes. In 5 weeks we are going on vacation, so I worked the timing to coincide with that. I may try a 5 week program after that. Thanks. Yes, the dancing is something I look forward to.
  11. Thanks! I'm impressed with your bottoms up clean and press! That's a heavy weight to do that with. I have to do it super light, or I don't have control.
  12. Beautiful hike! Did you see any marmots? What do you do on the rings for core work?
  13. Ugh, ice storms are the worst. Kind of pretty, but impossible to go anywhere. I bet that your fitness will come back quickly. You've built a base, and your body will remember.
  14. Your hair looks great. Maybe Rurik should be your full time hair stylist!
  15. How do you do the feet up single up floor press? With the bottoms up clean and press, do you do the clean bottoms up or just the press? I'm thinking of doing some light weight ones next month, for the grip and form work they provide.
  16. I completed my four week strength program! I enjoyed it. Programming for myself it feels easier to hit that sweet spot of challenging yourself enough to motivate , but not so hard I get discouraged. I was up to either up the reps or the weight by the end of 4 weeks. I haven't done very many GMB Literal Immortality sessions, so I am going to do those next week as a deload. Then I'll do a new program. I'll probably keep most of the same exercises, but I'm going to switch to a 4 day program- 2 legs, 2 arms, and maybe switch out a few exercises for new ones. My clothes seem to be fitter better. I need to tighten my belt one more notch. I haven't really lost much weight, or inches (where I measure) though. I have been mindful of thinking before I have snacks, and deciding if I really am hungry. Last night we ate dinner at family's house. We were all sitting around the table chatting after dinner. I was going go grab some more food, but stopped and thought about whether I really was hungry. I decided that I wasn't, I just liked the taste of food, and then decided that I would rather not eat it , so that I could work on my weight loss goal. I've been doing great on keeping track of my protein intake and hitting it. High protein works great for me. It does great at keeping me full longer, and I love meat. Sundays are a bit harder to hit my protein goals, so I had a protein bar along with a couple of eggs for breakfast. Today was nice. Church in the morning. And then dance in the afternoon. Today we learned East Coast Swing. It's just enough different from West Coast Swing, to be confusing. But it was fun. We also did some Contra dances; the Virginia Reel, Barnyard Dance, and something else I don't remember the name of. I cooked some sausage to have with eggs in the morning, so I am set.
  17. I feel like the more I actually practice skills I've learned from books, the more I come to realize I don't know. You are building on the foundation of what you already know, and it will improve because of that. What mistakes did you make? I've dabbled a bit in Maffetone training. It's really hard to keep my heart rate down! For the last several months I worked on keeping myself in zone 2 when I rowed, but then I kept trying to make it harder, and ended up more like zone 3. Now, I'm dialing it back.
  18. That's great improvement on your English. I was surpised when you said it was your second (third?) language, as you write so well. Your father in law speaks Chinese, and you speak with him, and you are learning German?! You are very good at languages.
  19. Wow, scary! Glad your injuries were minor. Hope all the details get sorted soon.
  20. When I feel like I'm not trying very hard, it helps to think through the why. And to give myself permission to say that I don't think the goal is important, or it may be important but now isn't the right time to work on it.
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