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  1. It's been a very long time since I've been on. Determined to stay on track this time. HEY NERDS!

    1. RES
    2. FoodFighter22


      Thank you! Feels good to be back!

  2. I haven't been on here in forever :( I miss my nerds

  3. Death to grad school...it's taking away my NF time -_-

    1. broompeople


      I'm right there with you!

  4. I miss all my nerds :( I wish I could get on more. Thank you to everyone who has helped me thus far on my fitness journey!

  5. I'm going to post my challenge summary by Sunday! I know super late but it will be in my thread for anyone who wants to read it!
  6. I force myself to walk from the farthest lot lol. You just started grad school, too? Kudos to us!!!
  7. I wanted to check in with myself lol I plan on writing a long post tomorrow but I have established a sleep pattern that follows my guidelines. I've also been making some yummy dishes! Last night I had mashed cauliflower and salmon with a lemon garlic glaze & apricot spread Down 2 more lbs! I am so proud of myself I could cry. I wanna give a huge shoutout to tateman! He may have been one of the only people following my journey, but he makes sure I know my results count
  8. Hi All, It's crazy how hectic life gets when I decide to do something like this, lol. I had 1 soda, but you know what? I didn't even finish it. I think It's becoming something I'm not so addicted to anymore. Working out, I need some new tips, the beginner work out is getting a bit old for me now, anyone have tips to sprucing it up? Walking...I do a lot of it, but lately, I feel like I haven't been truly giving it 100%...meaning I don't walk as quickly as I should...any upbeat songs I can download? I love all genres I'm gonna go check in with my pals in the NF chatroom. Toodles!
  9. UPDATE! I have lost 6 LBS! I cried this morning on the scale...who would have known a couple weeks and some life changes later, I would be losing weight. I am so proud of myself..I think I'll treat myself to a fried treat for dinner, and then workout!
  10. Hi Team! Happy Wednesday, I've been a bit ghost, but I'm back! Stay encouraged and fight fight fight!
  11. Finally back! I missed NF so much!

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