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  1. It seems like a lot, but I agree that your goals are very clear! And so far it sounds like you've hit them pretty well! Best of luck with all of your goals! May you kick the living day lights out of 2016! ðŸ˜
  2. Laghail: Thanks so much man! And uh, I signed on to do a status report sooo: WELL. Apparently a fantastic motivator is my brother who is well versed in Spartan runs and Triatholons, asking if I'd run a Spartan with him in May, and me saying sure! Soooooo now I'm training for the Spartan Beast on May 7. And if I don't want to make my brother wait all day for me, rigorous training shall ensue. DIET: I only ate out twice this week which is definitely a reduction. I made some white bean and chicken chilli in the crock pot which made for many yummy-riffic lunches for the man and myself! I also
  3. I just like to say that I snow drift when my car decides to do whatever she wants in the snow. Sometimes it's fun as hell! Also traffic ruins everyone's day, I feel ya there!
  4. Thanks so much CJ! Here's to you getting to your Mightyness as quickly and smoothly as possible! Thanks so much, fleaball! I wasn't suffering alone though, my entire class had to do the same thing over the summer as is required for our program, and everyone looked like they were ready to jump off a cliff haha. But we're good now. We're pretty stoked to be almost done with the program!
  5. Hello fellow rebels! So a while back I actually was doing well, but school got intense and then I had to stop. EVERYTHING. I dropped down from a full time job to barely part time due to unpaid full time Clinicals during the summer, and so I couldn't even afford to eat decent. I was severely depressed and I think I'm FINALLY getting over that and getting motivated to better myself (also super excited to be done with school in 4 months!) With that in mind, I'm going to start off slow. Here are the goals: DIET Eat a veggie with a meal a day Reduce fast food consumption by 50% FITNESS Do 1 body
  6. Woooo belly dancers!! I took a year of tribal/gothic fusion belly dance when I was 18 and haven't been able to get into any classes since moving to Ohio. Everything I have is waaaay too far of a drive or I can't afford at the moment, so I buy DVDs from Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes and just practice at home. I think DVDs are a great way to go as long as you know you're doing the movements correctly - they're cheap and offer skills techniques, and choreography. However I think if you're just starting, doing a few classes so you can some sure you get your forms down for basic movements would be be
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