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  1. Well, I'm following you for this one. I skip some time on NF and miss all kinds of stuff. In your corner though!
  2. This challenge is over and I haven't posted in days. It was such a busy week at work. However, I did manage to get my workouts in. I'm giving myself an A- for this challenge. I pretty much stuck to my workout schedule. Except for missing a couple of sessions due to a minor groin strain. Also, I managed to meditate most days for at least 5 minutes. I didn't add a fourth workout in each week, so maybe should get a B for the challenge. However, I'm feeling positive and am an easy grader! I have a feeling the next challenge will look strikingly like this one... Last week's spreadsheet will be posted shortly.
  3. really sad. Oh well, one more week off won't be the worst thing for me.
  4. I've been absent from the forums for a few days because I was feeling sorry for myself. Turns out it was for no reason. I had a hernia screening yesterday and am fine. It's been a week since I've lifted and am feeling much better. At any rate, my attitude is back on track. I'm seeing the trainer this evening and it will be a great workout. I'm taking another week off from deadlifting though.
  5. Rough end to the week. I came down with some sort of stomach bug. Stayed home from work Friday with a fever and no energy. I felt better yesterday but still pretty low energy. Also pretty sure I have a groin pull. Not sure, but the symptoms are there. I guess that's better than appendicitis which is what I thought on Friday. Sigh. Will probably need to take a little time off from lifting. The pain is not bad and not constant, just aggravating. I know, it's better to take it easy and make sure before going in for a heavy week of 5/3/1.
  6. Week one update: I stuck with my 5/3/1 workouts for the week and have posted the updated spreadsheet above. Also, I meditated for at least five minutes 4 days this past week. I did not, however, get another workout in as planned. All in all, not a bad week. I am finding the meditation is helping me stay more mindful. I also had a great week at work and was focused and productive. That's not something I struggle with typically, although lately I have been in a bit of a slump at work. More action was necessary to get me through that and it ended up being a fantastic week. Also, went with the family to see War for the Planet of the Apes today. It was excellent overall, but I wasn't crazy about the ending. But a good time at the show nonetheless. Makes me want to watch the other two movies again.
  7. Just checking in to see how it's going. Keep us posted and remember that progress isn't linear.
  8. Thanks for posting the photos! Looks like it was a great time at the wedding.
  9. Looks like a very good week overall. Keep it up and let us know how you're doing!
  10. This is a great way to start. I hope you stick around the forums!
  11. Hey thanks for stopping by! Also welcome to the Rebellion. I see that you're a new member. This is a great community. I've been part of these forums since July 2014 and really enjoy it.
  12. yeah, there's actually three low load warm up sets prior to those working sets, too. So the spreadsheet is not really that accurate. I just grabbed it off the interweb and haven't taken the time to adjust for my actual workouts.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, I should probably adjust the spreadsheet to actually reflect what I'm doing. For one thing, I deadlift on Wednesdays with my trainer and he has me ahead of schedule. Also I actually do warm up sets and then the prescribed sets. I do four sets at the working weight, but only record the last three. On the last set, I try for max reps. So my main lifts this week were actually this: Squat 80 1X5, 90 1X5, 100 3X5, 1X7 Deadlift 180 1X5, 190 1X5, 200 4X5 Bench 80 1X5, 95 1X5, 105 4X5
  14. Spreadsheet updated and posted. Should have time for more details this weekend.
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