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  1. Tere! What part of Estonia are you located? I'm in Lääne Virumaa.
  2. I'm back. Battered and bruised from the mother of all Dementor attacks. The battles were long and hard (that's what she said) but I feel like I'm finally winning the war. 

    I'm back on a healthy living regime and am confident this go 'round will be the one that sticks. 

  3. Hey everyone! Ugh! The heat will NOT let up. I'm ashamed to report that I've been slacking off a bit. My two dinosaurs have been having a hard time in the heat and Bao-Yu had a gnarly ear infection. All of that (plus writing a workbook for my group this fall) has gotten me a bit bummed. Dementors have been a constant in my life and recently all of the chocolate in world (of which I only ate a little, I promise) has not kept them at bay. I've been walking around 6km every other morning and started a weight lifting circuit mixed with my favorite thing in the workout world: jumping jacks. â€
  4. The heat helps. No one is grilling meat because of the fire danger, so I'm not tempted my the smell. No one seems to have an appetite these days. We aren't like you guys . We get crabby when the temp goes above 25. We would never survive Australia.
  5. No rain. I think my cat senses I'm bummed so he gave me a gift this morning: a decapitated mouse....He spoils me. Day 3: (Yesterday) Sun Salutation Day 3 of 30 Yoga 100 Jumping Jacks 40 push ups (modified) 30 sit ups I walked to Säästumarket on the other side of town. Again, I took the scenic route. Food: peach, handful of prunes, banana pepper, 1 bowl homemade veggie soup, 1 1/2 grilled cheese on whole (rukkijahu) wheat, 2-3 cookies (i didn't finish them so hubby got them) 100gram bag of crunchy leib (black bread) and garlic snacks. Drink: 1 cup coffee, lemon/cinnamon/honey tea, 2 g
  6. I know how you feel. I have yet to find anyone from my neck of the woods. But, I'll be your buddy.
  7. Way to go Dan!!! Color me impressed Keep it up.... *giggles* I love that word.... "bloke"...*giggles more*
  8. Thanks everyone! I was watching the weather report yesterday and we are (hopefully) getting some rain. I was sitting outside this morning and it seemed cooler already. (huzzah) I would like to add some running (my turtle- like version of running anyways) and some playground workout (without seeming like too much like a creeper). Previously on "Chubby's Road to Redemption"... Day 2: Sun Salutation and Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge. ... Who else is having trouble with Downward Facing Dog? I mean, I have two of the giant beasts right next to me on the floor. Can't I channel their doggy powers j
  9. Happy Day 2 everyone!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks everyone! I've tried diets and fitness routines countless times and always ended up quitting fairly soon. But here I feel like I have a strong support system. (single tear falls on grapefruit half) I wanted to keep a journal of my routine and regular goings on. Day 1: I found these two channels on YouTube (YouDoYoga.com, "30 Day Challenge" and Psyche Truth " Complete Beginners Morning Yoga Workout For Energy, Sun Salutations Flow & Flexibility Stretches") and so far I find them easy to follow and they offer a realistic set of challenges for me. I woke up around 7:30am checked
  11. Crap! I put my goal list in the wrong thread!!!!!! Let's try this again: I'm Karen. I'm a 30 year old mom in 'rural-ish' Estonia but I'm originally from Maryland (not the bay region, more the hillbilly, moon-shiner, mountain folk region). A daycare worker by day, crime fighter by night... and the rogue tutor on the weekends. I have been toying with the ideas of fitness and eating healthy (raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) for years and enough is enough. MAIN QUEST: Lose Weight I hate being the stereotypical "fat American". I am also in terrible shape. Case in point: Estonia has a song f
  12. Geez Louise! Hopefully third time is a charm
  13. Karenso

    RAW till 4?

    Is anyone else doing Raw Till 4? I started it about 10 days ago and I can see a slight difference and I feel less bloated. Lately though, I have been having intense sugar cravings. I was wondering if anyone else in doing it too and what do you do when the cravings for human blood..... I mean sugar hit? Also, what do you eat after 4pm?
  14. Congratulations! I have always been afraid of the migraines so I often give up halfway through week one. You, my dear, are one tough cookie.
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