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  1. As a dad, I know how time consuming kids can be, especially little ones. I assume you are busier at home with your son than I am at the office. Good job getting started with your goals. If you need more yoga videos, consider checking out doyogawithme.com. They have a bunch of free videos. Another NF member recommended them to me last year, and I have tried a bunch of their videos. In fact, I have used their videos a couple of times already during this challenge!
  2. Great goals and progress, Ed. The stories are fun, too. Keep up the great work!
  3. Results from Week 1, Day 3: Tracking: I tracked today, and finished 500 calories below target. I need to make sure I don't go that far below too often. Exercise: I did 30 minutes of yoga today. My arms are sore from yesterday's YAYOG workout, but that is no surprise. Weight Loss: My weigh-in day is Monday morning, so nothing to report here until the end of week 1. Photography: After eliminating obvious duplicates, my real count is 47,897. I need to sort through about 1,000 per week to hit my target of finishing by the end of the year. This is going to be a tough one, but I will feel very
  4. @RadicalEd - For a number of years, I trained (and taught) Tang Soo Do. I haven't been actively training for the last year or so, but hope to get back to it again before too long. I tend more toward the rangers, which is why I picked that guild last year, but I do have some monk tendencies, too. Good luck with your challenge.
  5. Results from Week 1, Day 2: Tracking: I tracked today, and finished right on target. Exercise: I exercised for 51 minutes (23 minutes of yoga and 28 minutes of strength training). I decided to try starting the YAYOG program over again today. Boy, did that ever kick my butt! The sad thing is that I finished the 10-week program a little over a year ago and felt great about it. It seems much harder this time. I'll just have to plow through it until it feels more normal. Weight Loss: My weigh-in day is Monday morning, so nothing to report here until the end of week 1. Photography: I took a qu
  6. Results from Week 1, Day 1: Tracking: I tracked today, and finished below my target by ~150 calories. Exercise: I exercised for 30 minutes (15 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of walking). Bonus - my wife wants to start a 30-day plank challenge, so I did a plank with her today. The challenge starts at 20 seconds (which I found easy), and finishes around 5 minutes (which sounds impossible). Weight Loss: My weigh-in day is Monday morning, so nothing to report here until the end of week 1. Photography: I got started today and processed about 30 photos. I am a long way from being done with my goa
  7. Good luck!. That sounds like a good first challenge.
  8. I had a lot of fun here and made some great progress through a couple of challenges about a year ago, but I lost my way last year. This is my moment to resume my march toward my goals. My long-term goals are still about weight loss and fitness, and I am adding in a goal around photography. So here we go: Big Goals for 2016: 1. Lose 50 pounds 2. Participate in a triathlon 3. Rescue my photo library from chaos What am I going to do during this 4-week challenge to help me reach my goals? 1. Get back in the habit of tracking all of my meals on MFP, and maintain a deficit of 500 calories per
  9. I am essentially even on my weight so far for this PVP. I have been doing my planned strength training -- I am focusing on getting to 100 push-ups in a single set and increasing the duration of my planks. I also did a good run today. However, I have not been sticking to my eating plan, which is why I am not flat so far. Time for a little auto-butt-kicking!
  10. I am not doing a very good job of posting here on NF. Here is my Week 2 and Week 3 update. I am doing well on 2 of my goals, but slacking on the other 3. I guess that's why they call this a "challenge." Goal #1: Complete the 100 push-up challenge. I have been making good progress on my push-up workouts, and have finished the first 3 weeks of the 6-week program. Getting to 100 in a single set is going to be tough, but I am now doing more than 100 in a workout - my last workout was 120 push-ups broken down into 5 sets. My maximum single set is now 40 (up from 22 a few weeks ago). Goal #2
  11. Here are my week 1 results: Goal #1: Complete the 100 push-up challenge. I am almost at the end of the week 2 workout for the push-up challenge. Things are going well so far. My last workout was about 65 pushups (broken down into 5 sets). Goal #2: Complete the 100 squat challenge. I did sets of 35 this week, so I am moving up a bit. Goal #3: Plank every day, and reach at least 120 seconds. I planked 6 days this week, doing a max of 93 seconds at the end of the week. I am definitely on track for this goal so far. Goal #4: Experiment with some creative lighting techniques with my photogr
  12. What the heck. I'll join in for another round. I'll be pushing to hit 20 again, but it will be tough. My focus will be on keeping in line with my MFP targets and with making big progress on a couple of exercises. I am using the current 6-week challenge to try to complete the 100-pushup challenge, the 100-squat challenge, and to increase my planks to 120+ seconds. If I am successful on these challenge goals, I think the weight loss will come. I will use 236.6 as my starting weight. I am a little over that today, but that was my weight a week ago, and I want to base my progress on my "
  13. I love the Rocky theme. Strength sounds like a good theme for a challenge. I am trying the same idea, but taking a different way to get there, at least for this 6-week period. Good luck in round 4!
  14. Sounds like a good way to start the year. Your weight loss has been pretty incredible so far. Good luck in this challenge!
  15. I am back for my 4th challenge to start the new year. My focus this time will be around some specific strength training goals. This will leave me with 5 goals for the challenge, but I think they are doable if I push myself. Goal #1: Complete the 100 push-up challenge. Value: STR 2, STA 1. My initial test for this goal was 22 push-ups. Goal #2: Complete the 100 squat challenge. Value: STR 2, STA 1. I didn't do an initial test for this goal, but I know I can do a set of about 30 body-weight squats before tiring too much to continue. Goal #3: Plank every day, and reach at least 120 secon
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