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  1. So yeah, I was on NF last summer, doing alright, and then had a rough fall/winter/spring, and totally fell off the NF map. My anxiety (GAD/social/phobias) spiked this spring due to a few factors, I was depressed and didn't know it, and have been under considerable stress from multiple sources. I realized in December that I needed to change my life in a pretty massive way, and then realized again in May that another area of my life needed some more huge changes. I'm working on getting into grad school and looking for a new job at the same time at this point, am single again, and trying to foc
  2. Well, this has been an interesting week. The aforementioned, above--plus I decided to ask a guy out. He declined Bloody relationships and dating and nonsense! ... Ahem. Report on the above plan: 1. Saw our regular vet. He was great. We have a short term plan to manage symptoms and a plan to get to the root of the issue. Dog is doing much better tonight. 2. Err... right. No more relationship drama. 3. Work is going. It's all good. 4. No walk today, but I WENT TO THE GYM AND I DEADLIFTED 85lbs!!!! Deadlifts make life worth living =D
  3. Well, this has not gotten off to the best start. My dog has been sick for 2.5 weeks (no answers yet) plus I was handed a VERY high-pressure, high-visibility project at work that has me stressed right out. I'm eating too much sugar (i.e. chocolate chips, honey and sunbutter on a spoon). Coffee was sending me into anxiety attacks, so I switched to black tea this morning. There's also some personal relationship crap (drama) going on. REALLY not having a good time. *Deep breaths.......* To win this battle: 1. Take dog to vet tonight. Get bloodwork, etc. INSIST on it ALL. 2. Step away from
  4. Subbing because your challenge goals are great, your motivations are entirely relatable, and I laughed out loud several times reading the first page =) I especially hear you on wanting smaller boobs... I'll never be able to go braless in public, but, sheesh, I'd love to just be able to buy bras from any old department store instead of specialty stores :S Also, MAJOR PROPS for pullups!
  5. I made this last night. Crazy good. If you like prawns, do try it. Note: it was dark by the time I was making dinner, so I ended up spreading all the prawns out on a cookie sheet in a single layer and broiling (on low, with the sheet about 6 inches below the element) for ~8 mins on one side, then flipping all of them, and broiling for another 5 or 7 mins. http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/09/pa-eating-thai-inspired-grill-out/
  6. Soooo.... I found dis: http://www.ourpaleolife.com/2013/04/paleo-marshmallows/ Do those count?
  7. Woke up this morning, and realized that I made my goals too hard, and too nebulous. So I'm going to modify them slightly. Clearly, still getting the hang of this!
  8. Day 1: I met my social obligation for the week! BAM! Good job, self. I went to a meetup for entrepreneurs It wasn't even all that nerveracking. Plus, we got a sweet tour of a local college's machine shop =) Food on the other hand... I skipped breakfast (but had coffee, of course), ate 3 poached eggs for lunch, and then was anxious and completely lacked focus all afternoon. Dinner didn't get et until just now (10pm)--and it was not Paleo (although was essentially Real Food). Sleep... headed that way now.
  9. Yay! A new challenge. Bring it on!!

  10. After watching from the shadows for a couple days, Talora determines that this group is probably safe, and the desire to carry on a conversation with someone who can talk back overcomes her anxiety regarding socializing, and groups of strangers, and just strange things in general. Hey, if you were raised by wolves, you'd probably feel the same. Not quite skulking, she moves into the circle of firelight. So many people, so much... fire. But it's warm, and an actual conversation would be nice. Hello and well met, fellow Rangers!
  11. Introduction Hi, I'm Talora Dion, and this is my second challenge at NF. I'm excited to join the Rangers, because I think I've always been a Ranger: I love XC running and mountain biking, as well as lifting weights and getting stronger. I have been struggling with fatigue of unknown origin, insomnia (worsened by exercise), anxiety, and various "weird" medical issues (like seemingly random allergic reactions to food) for about 5 years now. This is my continuing quest to get my life back! Current stats: 5'7", 143lbs (as of September 13, 2014 at 9pm), size 8 (Canadian), a mile long list of mino
  12. Challenge wrap-up: Overall, I'm happy with the last 6 weeks. I had a bobble in the middle, after week 3, but managed to get mostly back on track for end of week 5. Here's a goal-by-goal summary (and scoring): Quest #1 Goal: Eat Whole30 for the 6 weeks of the Challenge. Measurement: A = 100% success, B = 1 mistake, C = 2+ mistakes Result: I did 3 weeks out of the Whole30, then went off plan for about a week and a half. The last week and a half was good again. I have figured out that food is DEFINITELY connected with my anxiety: mustard seems to lead to panic attacks Weird, weird, weird.
  13. Saving this. I'm looking for a good collection of "go-to" Paleo meals that don't take forever to cook, and don't leave me with a mountain of dishes Thanks for posting!
  14. Finishing this challenge strong. Happy with my progress--because progress, no matter how small, is better than standing still.

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