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  1. I started with the Academy workouts, but now I write my own. I’ve had a couple of injuries to work through, so it was easier to work around them when I did my own programming.
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    I am up for the challenge!

    I have one of those bodyweight scales and it's good for seeing progress. I had a scan done at the gym, and it was so different that I had to research the tech. Apparently the gym scanner is supposed to be very accurate. It was like 30% lower than my scale :-o
  3. Hello! I have been a member on here for a long time, but this is my first challenge. I recently went on vacation, and I had one of those moments. A moment of truth. Many of my life goals revolve around traveling. Going places and doing things. I could barely fit in the airplane bathroom. Moment of truth. If I want to reach my goals, I am going to have to lose weight. So I'm starting with this. A four week challenge to try to keep the momentum going. I lost 100lbs with weight watchers years ago, and I really liked the plan, so I'm starting there. My challenge will be: Track my food every day. (Follow the plan) Some sort of activity 3x a week. I will probably do mostly strength training, but I also swim and ride my bike. Try one new recipe every two weeks (each shopping cycle) Write out in detail, my BIG WHY Other life related goals: Since I was a kid, I've wanted to be a travel agent, and I've been researching it again. Use 20 seconds of courage to sign up and begin training.