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  1. This is my first time adding diet changes as one of my goals. I figured if I wrote it down for the world to see, that I will be less likely to cheat for the next 6 weeks hah. I'm gonna update this post everyday with what I eat so that there is no cheating! today: bfast-cucumber and olive oil salad, 1 plum, green tea lunch- fallafal Pita with 2 tblspoons hummus, black tea dinner- baked chicken breast w/broccoli and carrots, glass of white wine
  2. I'm diggin' your goals : ) also I never would have thought about making an effort to keep my bedside clean and tidy. It makes perfect sense, since it's the first thing you see when waking up and the last thing you see when going to bed. I'm gonna add this to one of the things i'm going to work on, i'm very guilty of emptying my pockets and leaving everything there for days at a time. thanks for the idea. Best of luck!
  3. The best of luck to you! I find doing just a little everyday adds up in a big way and keeps you motivated, I guess it's because it makes everything more fun : )
  4. Thank you for all the kind words everyone! The hardest thing for me so far is letting go of items and clothes I no longer need or use. I was talking with a friend and told her I am sentimental about a lot of things and that I hate throwing away a dress or nic-nac that stirs up a sentimental feeling. She gave me a great idea of taking a standard size box that you would use when moving. Fill the box up and give the rest away to others who could use it, because if it's sentimental then chances are it will almost never leave it's box and continue to get moved from one apartment to the next. As far as clothes go, I feel like it's a good thing to give them to someone else so they too can look fabulous while making memories. Also giving up caffeine- oh how I miss you Dr. Pepper :[
  5. I haven't given up meat since I started living cleaner. What I have noticed for me at least is that the QUALITY of meat that I am willing to eat has changed. KFC makes me want to gag, Oscar Mayer got no business from me this 4th of July, and sweet and sour chicken is no longer my go to meal for Friday nights. I still get cravings for meat, but now I'm more reasonable in it's quantity and quality. I stick to baked chicken, LOTS of baked fish, and lean steak. Meditation can help you listen to your body better. Just give it a listen and it will tell you what you need I imagine that for a lot of people, once they start their physical changes, want to start adding changes to their way of life as well. It makes the process seem more intimate and personal.
  6. First challenge for me so I'm going to focus on improving just a bit in each catagory and see where I'm most comfortable. Going to focus on mostly dealing with anxiety because I have reacently started getting severe migrains. They are so severe that I'm at the point of doing anything to prevent them but I would prefer to treat them the natural way. so for six weeks I will be : ~Giving up caffine in all forms but hot tea, diet soda and migrains are a no-go according to the doctor. ~transitioning to the paleo diet by cutting out sugar and complex carbs(God I love wheat thins heh) ~Learning to let go of the small stuff and destressing by turning off the 24 hour newsfeeds that follow us around everywhere we go. ~down sizing my material possesions and giving my extras to those in need, if I haven't used it in over a year than it's off to the PTA ~Breathing meditations and begginer's yoga, 20 mins in the morning ~Reading at least 2 books on philosophy, I'm guilty of the netflix marathoning habit lately and staring at the screen can apparently trigger migrains. A nice, simple start that I'm sure will have rather signifcant impacts on my day to day, I wish you all luck!
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