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  1. I'm a natural night-owl. Before I changed my sleeping patterns I routinely went to bed at 4AM and woke up between 9AM and 12AM. However, I wanted to include morning runs in my day so I put effort into wake up at 5:30AM. Now, I don't even go running anymore. I just like waking up early. I used to study late into the night. Now? I study early in the morning. It's far better that way.
  2. Well, I hate long-distance endurance runs. I do them when I'm told to by a coach, but I would really rather not if I had the choice! However, I absolutely love sprinting. There's something awesome but going in an all out mad dash. Listening to music isn't really something sprinters do, either. Why don't you try some sprints in a park or an athletics ground? Sprinting, especially when included in HIIT programme, is an excellent way of improving cardio and I believe there are studies relating to how it has benefits for endurance too.
  3. One would argue that the ability to beat the tar out of someone in the ring/cage without getting yourself beaten up transfers well to most defense scenarios.. But of course, that's beside the point. As for my own philosophy on the most important part of self-defense.. well, don't get into fights. Some guy with a knife wants my wallet? Take that shit, I'd rather walk out alive and able to remedy the situation later than get myself stabbed and injured/killed. Walking in a shifty neighborhood with a reputation for shootings/muggings? Take a taxi. No money for a taxi? Ask a friend for a lift. No
  4. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/done-deal--floyd-mayweather-will-fight-manny-pacquiao-on-may-2-194611430.html Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have announced the date of their match. It's been like, six years now. I'm too excited, I can't type. That last sentence took me three tries. History in the making, May 2nd. I've been in around seven internet arguments over this topic.
  5. I found my old PS1 and a crappy little square box TV last night. I also found Ape Escape inside the PS1... So, yeah. I'm just, you know, reliving my damn childhood. The game is almost 16 years old, but it's still so fun. =D
  6. Question 1: Hey, d'you think Olympic gymnasts are born with the balance and co-ordination they display in their routines? Not at all. Balance and co-ordination are honed skills. You get them by working at them. Innate skill is in my opinion a load of tosh in most cases and athletic background has very little impact on those who truly want to learn. Have a look at this: http://www.japansubculture.com/from-98-pound-weakling-to-black-belt/ Question 2: Age old question. The only style that will ever fit you is the one you enjoy the most. Go around martial arts schools and combat sports gyms
  7. Yeah, massive shame. I guess exams ultimately lead to more satisfying results than amateur sports, better keep that in mind!As someone whose future plans are riding entirely on academic success, getting my priorities straight is step zero. It sounded great at first, but now I'm actually dreading it! Just a beginner's competition so nothing I can't handle, but I'm expected to pull of a somersault, a round-off back-handspring, a five-second handstand and a series of rolls and leaps. Individually the skills are easy enough, but the real tough part is gluing them together to make the routine se
  8. Okay week this time around! Conditioning: Complete! Went gymnastics twice for the whole week. I'm entering a competition in a few weeks for beginner adult gymnasts. Let's see how it goes! Academics: I've done so much of this that I'm starting to think in terms of circuits. Yay! Rhythm: Spent a lot of time on the harmonica, not enough on the guitar. Boxing: Once this time around. Yeah, boxing's going to take a backseat for the next few months. Might do a couple more fights, but then I'm focusing on exams. That's a B+ for this week.
  9. @Nubbins McGee; I always enjoy reading your posts, they're always so full of wisdom. In this case, I share your opinion word for word. I believe that gym class back then is far superior to what we have now purely because of the competitiveness. Now, this is coming from someone who never really faced any trouble with gym class, but believe me when I say that I didn't start off that way. I can't work in a team for shit. I can't play football well (in the UK, that's a big problem). Basketball was the bane of my existence. Tennis? Nah. However, my failures did not make me say "Oh, I'm nonathleti
  10. @ captncid ...that is so damn cool that I don't know what to say. I spent a good few years of my childhood trying to make bows, but they always broke! Eventually I stole the bamboo that made up my neighbor's fence* and made a bow that worked, but it was nowhere near as good as what you've made! =D * If my neighbors happen to be on Nerd Fitness and are reading this, I'm really sorry. I assure you that I did feel guilty about taking the bamboo and it still haunts me to this day.
  11. First off; If you don't want your kid getting hurt, then you won't find much in martial arts. Judo, BJJ, wrestling.. all of them are rough sports. Size and weight differences exist everywhere. There are big kids and small kids, and your son will face them all as a student of any art. In regards to wrestling (an excellent sport in itself and in preparation for many other grappling arts), you don't have to worry about your kid rolling with experienced wrestlers. Students spar at the discretion of their coach; a good coach wouldn't put your son in a situation he cannot handle. --- Here's an
  12. Back! Well, I wasn't ever gone, I've just been too busy lazy to update this challenge. Well, in hindsight, this week went really well! I attended everything I had to, did everything that needed to be done and, looking back, I had no junk-food at all last week and I'd only just realized now. Pretty good stuff! Conditioning: Complete! Went gymnastics twice for the whole week. Academics: Revised electrodynamics every day this week, circuit theory is starting to become less of a chore. Rhythm: Again, too easy. Spent a lot of time with the harmonica last week too, mostly because I've had
  13. Argh, forgot to update yesterday! So yeah, I felt completely fine and made gymnastics training yesterday. All was going well until I tore calluses on both my hands swinging around on the high-bar! Yeah, no hanging apparatus after that. I spent the rest of the time working on floor techniques and support apparatus. As any gymnast will tell me, I should have used bar grips. However, I wasn't planning on doing insane full swings! I didn't think I needed them, but the gaping cuts in my hands tell me otherwise. On the other hand, I guess this just a stepping stone to getting rock-hard palms. S
  14. I respectfully disagree with a lot of the above, but now ain't the time and place. --- Now, as I write this, I anticipate that it'll be a long block of text. Never fear! There'll be a TL:DR below. I would recommend that you don't take anybody's word for it, Traveller, and actually visit the schools that interest you. You could train any style, but if you have a shitty instructor you aren't going to go anywhere at all. We most likely don't have any experience of the instructors near you and so we can't advise you on which school to choose. Therefore, you have to go and investigate for you
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