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  1. I am still alive everyone! I know u haven't been posting but I'm in a no service haes to reach zone. Got a bit of mobile data going now - I am still training and going strong !
  2. Yep yep! On the road and traveling now but got my gym picked, my meals prepped and my motivation back to a high!!!
  3. Yes and I usually do the same thing - out of sight out of mind... I made this for company coming over... so I was smelling that SOB during the whole cooking process... And did I mention I topped it with little strips and bits of marinated steak? Booooo That's it -if company's coming... I am making them crap food I wouldn't want anyway :'(
  4. Well I screwed up yesterday. The whole day was going so well... but come dinner time... biiiiiiinge.... it seems to me about once every 10 days my sense of control and willpower gets completely depleted. There was a massive plate of super hot buffalo chicken casserole that I made for someone else... and I just went for it. At least as far as quality - I know it was good quality stuff: sweet potatoes, chicken breast, artichokes, and lots of pepper and hot sauce... but the AMOUNT I ate... was sickening. And to make it worse, I guess my stomach isn't super used to spicy foods especially in such large quantities... so I was in severe cramping pain for the 5 hours that followed. The sad thing is the day before... during a huge restaurant outing - I kept it together, and managed to keep myself under full control while the opportunity to blerch was so close. This isn't the first time I binge at home AFTER a willpower win the day before... I don't know how to fix that... need to strategize. It's like my brain has a good day... holds it together... and THEN....the next day as payback for its willpower feat:
  5. Well well well, not a whole lot going on this week. A bit of a groundhog day kind of thing - work, train, home, etc. etc. But sometimes structure and repetitiveness is good. I am getting mentally set for when I leave to travel in a couple of weeks. Already finalizing details of finding a place to train that has oly lifting platforms... and figuring out how I'm going to be keeping up with my meals in the interim (this will require some creativity as this is another one of those horrible "food provided" kind of trips). I'll just keep blaming my gluten allergy... it's just eczema but... nobody needs to know the severity. If that's what it takes to get people off my back about me staying away from the snack table... so be it. Is it bad that I am getting prepared by pre-thinking of lies? Well exaggerations... but still... Oh well, whatever it takes to get from my goal point A to point B:
  6. Looks like you're right on track! way to juggle all of your responsibilities!
  7. Second! and now it's getting mindlessly easy to pay quickly so you don't even think about it... a *buy online* click here, a visa tap there... now you don't even need to physically take it out of the wallet. Sometimes I switch back to good ol' cash... sure it's a pain in the butt... but it makes me feel more accountable.
  8. Antonella 27 Military dentist The usual -get stronger, drop body fat, be happy! Current quest- http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/53641-tinsis-quest-to-be-more-like-deadpool/#entry1203043
  9. Haha! You guys are such enablers !!! Well, I'll start small and try to upgrade track pants to black pants and the tshirt to a polo or blouse. baby steps... baby steps.
  10. The challenge is OFF - and already Day 1 was a mini-challenge that got defeated (mwahaha). Every month I have a weekend for a course that is 2 days of back to back death by powerpoint or crazy clinical - run around like a chicken with head cut off. The problem is - the food is "provided" - and there is TONS of it. Ridiculous amounts of ordered meals that when you are stressed... or BORED... have been previously gateways into overeating. The food is great quality... dinners, cheeses, hors d'ouevres, etc. etc. etc. BUT it is the "unlimited open buffet" aspect of it that has always been my downfall. And not just me, everyone else there always jokes that they "gain 5 pounds in 2 days", but for me this experience is always a major source of stress as it is an open access to a binge opportunity. Last module for this course was a couple of months ago... and it was an epic fail. I just tried making "healthier choices"... which made my brain lose and go the hell with it, and load my plate with everything there... just like every time before that. Unfortunately I am not at a stage where if there is availability of stuff, I can just "pick the good things that are good for me and exercise perfect portion control"... no once I start... I can't stop. This weekend was another course weekend and I was determined to succeed: For me, at this point I only have one winning strategy that works for me - Complete and total avoidance. I don't care how much of a "waste it is" in terms of what I paid for the course... but I brought my own food... and just stayed out of the food room for the whole weekend. Too bad - more food for other people. I might have paid for my 'portion of it' but I would rather pay more and not feel like hating myself to tears at the end of 2 days. Day 1 of my new challenge has been a success! This course has been going on since Oct 2013 and this weekend was the first time I managed to keep it together. Worth the effort of bringing my own food? Abso-freaking-lutely!
  11. yeah but if it was up to me it'd be tshirt + track pants for all occasions. It just feels silly to dress up for the drive to work if I change into scrubs as soon as I arrive, but I am the only one that doesn't... the guys wear sports stuff like me, but all the other women dress business casual and change into scrubs. seems bizarre to me, but I'm starting to think I should start because it's a skill I do not possess :| hah. My style is tank top + track pants, so the "be yourself" advice doesn't work so well for me hahaha. Scrubs ARE PJs! That's why I love them. I'm military as well, so on occasion I wear CADPAT which is military PJs... also so comfy. That's why for "normal clothes" my sense of style ends at sports-comfortable. The world of business/business casual wear is completely foreign to me...when I see people who color coordinate their jewelry to their shoes, I might as well be observing a unicorn.
  12. Hmmm anything similar available for women? Haha that was my thinking!! Deadpool is my spirit animal.
  13. Well, time for my second challenge! Since I am a huge nerd let's add a little thematic flare to this one! You know who I love? Deadpool. And for many awesome reasons... 1. He is freaking virtually indestructible. You guys think wolverine has healing powers? Deadpool recapitated himself. 2. He can think outside the box - he keeps breaking the 4th wall. 3. He's got an AWESOME sense of style - I mean look at his getup and weapons!! 4. He's honest 5. He does not take things too seriously There are a lot of things I could certainly learn from Deadpool for my outlook on life. So here comes my new Quest! Main goal – continue working towards competitive weightlifting Mini-Quest. Keep training to get some strength gains and get indestructible! Back Squat Goal A 95kg- 2x2, B 93kg2x2, C 90kg2x2 Snatch Goal A – 50kg B – 49kg C – 47kg Clean and Jerk Goal A – 65kg B – 64kg C – 63kg Food – keep fighting the binge monster Reduce mindless eating which is how I justify re-feed meals to: A – 1x/3 weeks B – 1x/2 weeks C – 1x/week *Bonus points for keeping all this up during my upcoming travelling. Plan ahead and face the road! Life - Develop a wardrobe and not sink into slob mode. My life is a life in scrubs, and my motivation for making myself look presentable on my way to and from work is almost non-existent. I would wear pajamas to work if I could… and change to scrubs… back to pyjamas. I don't know how my co-workers are always on top of their sense of style... So my goal is to: A: Buy 1 presentable article of clothing/week to create a decent wardrobe B: Co-ordinate current clothes to look presentable C: Co-ordinate current clothes to look presentable at least just for work. So let's bring it on!!!
  14. Thanks! We have to find more Warrior Women!!! I will definitely be following you on the next one !
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