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  1. ~ Another Comrade Has Fallen ~ This morning I laid to rest to the jewel of my heart. While it was to be expected as he was 16 years old, it was very much unexpected that today would be his final day. I thought I had at least another couple of months with him - I was hopeful he would be here for the holidays. At any rate, I'm thrilled he made it to his birthday last month, and I'm incredibly grateful that I got to spend one last night with him. What a blessing. This morning we drove to the vet; it was relatively quick but incredibly painful (for me, not him). After the vet I drove him to ge
  2. Thank you, aeshnidae! Just your supportive words alone help. Really. Thank you! That means a lot. Thank you, Xena. We certainly did have a great run, together. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you so much! Yes it was so hard. I struggled with it for so long, so I suppose in a way this was a good thing as it finally forced me to make the decision - at this point there was no more question. I really appreciate your understanding.
  3. Thank you - I've been thinking about this for quite a while now. I just didn't expect it to go down so quickly. Your girl is in my thoughts as well. ^.^ Thank you so much Fonzico - he did have an amazing 16 years! He was certainly a little firecracker. ((())) Thank you, Kobnach. I truly appreciate the support. ^.^ Thank you so much! It's more comforting than you can imagine. Just reading the words.
  4. Thank you, forkboy - I did enjoy my remaining time with him. Thank you so much, Ciara.. ((((()))) I really appreciate it - and I'm sorry for you own loss. I do live on my own, but thankfully my family is all nearby, so they were able to be with my today. I so appreciate your offer to call. It means a lot. Thank you - I definitely kept those thoughts in my head. I really appreciate your support! Thank you, jaex. They are indeed great friends - it's a blessing to have them in our lives. Thank you so much for your thoughts and support. It means a lot. ^.^
  5. Ryoko

    Speed kills.

    Those are all good. I recommend the classics - Akira, Ninja Scroll, Ghost In the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Bebop. Moribito is a personal favorite. And of course, anything by Miyazake is magnificent. ^.^ Grave of the Fireflies is hauntingly beautiful. It's quite sad, though.
  6. *** Day 3 Results *** Quest 1 - Improve My Training Schedule As previously mentioned, I woke up early today and did my morning run! It was only a mile, but it felt great getting out and on the track. I stopped by the triathlon store to see my Coach today and pick up a wetsuit rental - I have it for one week. I got a sleeveless one. It was my first time in a wetsuit, and I have to say...I felt like a sausage. o.O I imagine this is what a sausage would feel like, if it could. I hope to sign up for a open water swim trial run on Sunday, but that will be contingent on a phone call I ne
  7. Thanks so much! Encouragement like yours is what really keeps me going. Yeah, for sure! Now to make it a habit. ^.^ Give all the DOMS to Daniel? Thanks Shello! ^.^
  8. Thanks Katydid! ^.^ Thanks! Hahaha yeah the LMUs are so hard! ^.^ Lol @ platonic domestic partnership! The more the merrier I say. Hi!! ^.^ Naruto is great. I haven't seen Clannad yet - it's on my list. And I know what you mean about the drawings! Lol the more the merrier!
  9. I'm glad you had a safe flight! Well done on the sugary drink - doesn't it feel great when it's not an impulsive decision, and YOU are the one who decides? That's what I felt like last challenge with my birthday brownie. And crossing my fingers for your 10 minute mile!
  10. You are doing great! And pleasantly sore pretty much sums up my progress with YAYOG to date as well.
  11. Lol do we work at the same place? I had a similar day at work. Dinner looks awesome!! Love the pic.
  12. Gah sorry I never made it back today! It ended up being quite a crazy day. I will definitely come back with a few suggestions though - I haven't forgotten! ^.^
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