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  1. I will definitely check out Kettlebell Anonymous. Just came back from the bike ride to the "playground". Especially liked the coordination and balance exercises. Hard facts: - pull-ups 4, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 - bike ride: 23km I guess that should cover both Q1 and Q2. Q3: none. The weekend will be a little bit of a challenge. I'll have to shoot a wedding (and besides working am expected to also enjoy the party).
  2. Is there any chance you can increase your walking distance? Just 100 meters more every day... :-) If you can't, because your weight hurts your knees or shins or whatsoever (this is what ruins my efforts of running...) I'd strongly suggest finding a sport where your body weight is supported and thus taken out of the equation. Swimming would be great! Are there any pools in your neighbourhood? You also mentioned a bike... Use it! (But get it fitted. Riding a bike with improper saddle height can be an absolute pain and spoils all the fun. A lot of people I see on the streets have their saddle way too low...). You also mentioned you were looking for a gym... if they have indoor rowers that would be great! Just on moday I was reminded myself how great the benefits of not having to carry your weight are - I spent nearly two hours of continuous exercise in a rowing boat. No way I would have been able to run more than just one hour - and even that would have been rather painful. You got to move more (nearly everybody of us in the "west" - europeans and americans alike - needs to). If it's the weight hindering you, remove the (influence of the) weight! :-) Forgive me if I overlooked something, but it seems your strength training focuses on squats and push-ups. Are there any pulling movements? If not, you should try to implement some. By all means stick to strenght training - strenght is the foundation for everything else. And last, but not least: f*** the scale! Are you improving? Are you moving farther and faster? Are you getting stronger? Are your measurements improving? Then you're doing great. Why bother about the scale?
  3. Bought new bike shorts. Hope I can use them tomorrow... Otherwise only little exercise: Q1: kettlebell, 24kg: - clean & jerk: 2x10, 2x10, - snatches: 2x13 (left hand became slightly wobbly) - squat: 2x11 (limiting factor seems to be the lower back) - modified clean: 2x16 - push up: 15,14 Q2: none Q3: not a single drop, just like yesterday. :-)
  4. Yesterday's rowing totally ruined the inside of my hands. Blisters as well as -not-yet-blisters (you know that sensation when the skin ist irritated and touching becomes painful and while there are no blisters yet, they will inevitably appear immediately if you continue). Consequently, any exercise that puts a shearing stress on the skin inside my hands (basically everything where the handle of the kettleball glides through your grip) became rather unpleasant. I tried some clean&jerk and snatches, but quickly decided I skip these today. So todays "strength" workout was rather mild: - modified cleans (ditched the the transition to the rack position, just focused to driving the weight heigh above and besides my shoulders ): 2x15 - "specials" (as explained in the post above): 18 - push-ups: 14, 14. Then I stopped, as I really felt the muscles burning. Yesterday's program seems to take it's toll... According to my experiences, this high-freqency strenght training (= 1 or more short workouts every day) only works when you avoid training to failure at all cost - once you notice form deteriorating you are at the border to going to far. Pushing further means drastically longer recovery times. But todays workout was half the work as normal, and there will be no second workout today. (Will spend the rest of the day driving home. Besides, I really feel some rest would not do harm...). So does that mini workout still count against Q1? Tomorrow I shall try to get new bike shorts (I no longer fit in the old ones I bought in 2004...) and get some miles on a bike. There is a nice "adult playground" at the banks of the river Isar in Munich which I visited once last year. Lots of bars, rings and funny structures to climb on and challenge your balance. Goal for tomorrow and thursday: bike there and do my pull-ups there at least once.
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome. @ ChristArtist: No surprise you liked it in Kaiserslautern - the sunny south-west is one of Germany's nicer regions. . I'm currently telecommuting between Berlin and Munich. @ both: Funny that you'd classify me as something between adventurer, warrior and scout - having read the character classes I'd rather see myself as ranger. There is definitely some warriorness (I like strenght!) in me, but I do love endurance sports (a pity I let myself go so far...). I strive for functional strenght and overall fitness (and if I happen to look mean, that's a nice bonus on the side). Today was semi-successful: one of my university courses went sour in the morning (I'll probably have to repeat), but I managed to redirect my frustration into exercise. For the record: Q1: around noon kettlebell (24kg): - clean&jerk 4x5 (5 each side, immediately switch hands, next five, switch hands...), - special (I made that up myself - I do not know if anybody has already created something like this and how it's called. The exercise can be described as follows: lunge, pass kettlebell under tigh, then stand up and while getting up clean, catch kettlebell with the other hand in front of body, turn torso - all in one fluent movement. Change hands and continue...): 16 - snatches 2x12, - squats (kettlebell in front rack) 2x10, - swings (15 with both hands + 2x15 for each hand) Q2: In the evening I went rowing. First time since two months (4th time in the last 4 years...). The crew greeted me with friendly 18km for a slow beginner's start... That was definitely tough. Had real problems getting out of the boat afterwards... Muscles seem ok though, (I notice some burning in my back and in my legs, but that should not matter much), but my lung definitely does not like endurance workouts in the heat. I partly had the impression I could not get enough air... There is definitely room for improvement there. While the paunch does indeed annoyingly get in the way in the catch (beginning of the stroke), the extra weight as such is an advantage in rowing (the heavier you are compared to the boat the less the boat will slow down during recovery). Compare that to running where every pound just hurts! No way I could have sustained nearly two hours of running in my current condition... My small lap is enough for my shins to signal pain, and I can thus only run every other or every three days (if I trust the pain). I shall thus definetely supplement running with other endurance activities whereby the body weight is also supported such as swimming and cycling. Q3: One Weizen (0,5).
  6. Good evening. Things are not going as planned. I'm stuck in my studies (which I should better change to applied procrastination), and I'm stuck in my fitness. That is: If I compare my pull-ups and dips self to last year, I must admit I did not progress. At least it did not get worse... Background: 34years, 190 cm, approx. 105-110kg. Having served 12 years in the military, I now study architecture in a rather nice town, while my wife lives 580km away in a not quite so nice town - which complicates things a little bit, to say the least. So most of the weekends are usually spent travelling. I do have an extensive sports background, however, I must have become lazy some years ago. As a teenager, I first played handball, then began rowing. The latter with great enthusiasm, but no corresponding success, as I my participations in the german championships always ended in the preliminary heats. At that time, we used to train 8 to 9 times a week. Mostly rowing, of course, with 2-3times/week strenght training (during late fall and early winter, low reps for max power, during the rest of the year high repetitions for strenght endurance.) We also supplemented that with cycling - when I started I'd usually go for 2hr trips of 60km, after some months I had arrived at 120km/4-5hr-trips. In the winter, when lake and river were frozen, we'd run a lot - a typical workout would be 14.2km (1 lap around the lake) in 60-70 minutes. At that time I had a heart rate of 45 strokes/minute and virtually no body fat. I could run up stairs into 4th floor and not even notice... I was not content, however, as I struggled extremely to gain weight. With strenght training I had to be extremely careful, as I would easily run into overtraining - in the same time, with endurance training I was virtually indestructible. As long as I could eat enough... which was not so easy. Our coaches required that we wrote diet diaries, and I recall loosing 1.5kg from february to june 1998 while on a diet of over 6000kcal daily. From age 18-20 I changed sides and coached some kids - obviously not too bad, since three of them later went on to win medals at the german championships and two also had some success internationally. When I joined the military for my first 2-year term, within the first weeks of basic training I managed to gain weight (the first time I could see a little bit of fat on my belly ever!). That was out of necessity - my body fat was so low I had absolutely no reserves and would simply black out if I did not eat at least every two hours, so becoming fat was a priority. Well, what you call fat when you come from "starved"... I spend my two years in a training bataillon and at army schools, so I stayed reasonably fit. Afterwards I started to study law, got bored to death and rejoined the army for another ten years. Even then, I stayed fit: I could run 30km in BDU and with a backpack in just over 3 hours. I was still skinny (75kg) and desperately trying to gain strenght and muscle mass - which seemed futile. Not that I was weak: I had a decent level of strenght, but that came not from muscle mass but from being efficient. But then, something must have changed. Well, pretty sure it was the desk I suddenely found myself beneath. Slowly, the waistline kept increasing while my endurance began to diminish. I spend insane times behind my desk or on official journeys and worked myself nearly to death - I got taken down for a few months by a pneumonia and suffered a heavy burnout (which was not diagnosed until way to late), but miraculously I could still run 3000m in less than 13 minutes (even after 3 months of absolutely no training due to pneumonia). And the weight kept creeping up. I used to strenght train 1-2 times a week and ran 1-3 times a week, but still... the weight came. Often, I had to pause strenght training, as I'd often injure myself or risk overtraining. As I reached 90kg, I needed to take action. I changed my diet - increased portein intake, reduced carbohydrates (I tried to avoid carbohydrates in the evening altogether). And, by chance, I literally stumbled over kettlebell training. In my landlord's front lawn I spotted an old kettlebell - and, curious as I am I tried it out. Beginners routine: kettlebell swings. With 50kg. But I happened to like that and bought myself a significantly lighter kettlebell. I restructured my training - very short, but frequent workouts at home with the kettlebell instead of hour-long grinding in the gym. That was successful: while my weight still increased, so did my strength. As i no longer focused on looking strong, but becoming strong I did put on noticeably more muscle in my shoulder area. I was still gaining weight, but as I got definitely stronger, i did not care. Then I ruined my achilles tendons ( I suspect wrong running shoes in combination with increased intensity) and could not run for over a year. That's when weight exploded to over 100kg. I slowly recovered and started again, but somehow had lost drive... and when I did sport I always struggled with my old problem: not taking it easy enough. I'd happily restart working out, overdo ist, get sore or injure me and loose the next week or two... rinse and repeat. Currently, my training regimen is as follows: - some very short duration kettlebell training nearly very day (interrupted by weekend trips). Main effort is clean&jerk, which gets supplemented by swings, lunges (combined with under-knee passes), snatches, squats as I see fit. Workouts are extremely short, often just one or two sets, but can be as often as three times a day. This seems to work much better for my funny body than the conventional approach of training until exertion followed by 48 hours rest, which quickly burns me out. - When I find the time and are in the mood for it, I do run a little bit. My running lap is approx 5.8 km, which is cut in the middle by a sports ground with bars and rings. I'd stop and do super sets of pull-ups and dips, which are followed by a set of body-weight rows. I will refer to this combined running/strenght training as "power laps". Other than in the good old days, this little bit of running is rather strenuous. I definitely feel the etxra weight to carry... While I definitely do like the fact that I'm no longer so skinny and while I should have some raw but functional strength (helping my parents on the farm, last year I broke the shaft of the sledgehammer when setting fence poles. To lazy to walk back to the shed, I drove the remaining three poles into the rocky ground holding the hammer head in my hand... kettlebells rock. ) I must nevertheless admit my body fat percentage has spun a bit out of control. Even though stronger than ever, I can do fewer pull-ups. No surprise, I weigh 40kg more than when I was 19... I have no problem weighing over 100kg, but I'd rather convert some of this ballast into useful machinery - or loose the balllast. And when I compare my current fitness level with what I could do 15 years ago, it becomes clear that there is a LOT room for improvement. (Current resting heart rate is 68, which is ok - but could be better.) It sucks running out of breath when walking the stairs. It sucks to suffer from heat (I've alsways preferred the cold over heat, but somehow managed to cope with heat. Now, temperatures over 25°C suck, at over 30°C I nearly collapse.) Main Quest: improving power to weight ratio. This shall be judged on the basis of the number of consecutive pull-ups. 10 reps in a single set would mean passing with flying colours, but any substantial improvement will suffice. To be beaten are todays numbers: 12 pull ups in total, in sets of 4-2-2-1-1-1-1 Quest 1: strengt training at least 3 times/week, of which at least one workout/week including pull-ups. "Power laps" count as both strength and cardio. Quest 2: cardio training at least once a week. "Power laps" count as both strength and cardio. Quest 3. control alcohol. No more than 5 drinks/week, of which no more than 3 on a single day. Excemptions may be granted on special occasions such as e.g. weddings, but must be sanctified publicly on the forum. Motivation: I like that I'm not skinny any more. But at the same time I notice my weight is complicating some things. So while my absolute strenght might be acceptable, my relative strenght is not. And while I look great in a suit, my paunch is no pretty sight. To make matters worse, I rarely wear suits. And under a t-shirt or polo, the paunch really shows... So either I grow much stronger or I loose weight, which both boil down to "reduce body fat percentage". Or I do both... build muscle and burn fat. But I need to do something, and I need to be more consistent.
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