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  1. Probably not. Not many Tatra 813 in the US of A (although the US army received quite a few of these from Germany after reunification and used them in Desert Storm), so the video this still is from was probably filmed in a former Warsaw-pact country. A bit of google-fu reveiled the young lady to be DVJ Bazuka. (Sorry, no english wikipedia entry. Only French and Italian, so I linked the French one.) The next two links would be considered NSFW in most work environments (unless you happen to work in the adult industry), might perhaps be considered inappropriate for juvenile audiences in most jurisdictions, and could possibly disturb some prudish americans. Klick on your own risk, you have been warned. But @Sloth the Enduring being half-german, he will certainly appreciate the nudity. (Not so sure about the violence.) Sloth, Sloth... does Mrs Sloth approve of you looking at scancily clad young russian ladies?
  2. NO SPORTS when sick! You are just prolonging your illness - and thereby prolonging the period you cannot train properly. Plus, there is the risk of screwing your health up really badly. It's just not worth it. Trust me... #beentheredonethat Eat and sleap. A lot and well. There is not much more you can do about it.
  3. And a place. Should we encounter a shortage of cafés, bars and/or restaurants... I happen to have a proper italian espresso machine. Regarding the date: what about tuesday afternoon/evening?
  4. @Schaengel @AugustaAdaByron - who could resist coffee?
  5. Next week is going to be better. If you cannot do anything else, please ditch the soda/kool-aid/lemonade...
  6. Keep an eye on your recovery. Generally, lifting and some cardio compliment each other well. If you find that you do not recover well enough between the lifting workouts, eat more and cut back on the cardio. Don't overdo the intensity on the cardio. 60 minutes easy steady-state cardio between lifting sessions should improve recovery, but if these 60 minutes of cardio leave you wrecked, they will ruin everything. Cut back on cardio intensity first, then on volume. Also, NEVER do steady-state cardio on the same day after a lifting workout. And remember: if you want to get stronger, cardio is a distant second priority.
  7. Kettlebell swings or snatches and TGU are a great full-body workout. Regarding snatches - before trying to learn them, you MUST master the swing. The swing is the base of every ballistic kettlebell exercise. If your swing sucks, so will your snatch and your clean. Rowing ist great. If you like HIIT, great, the indoor rower can be used for that, too. But do you really know how to row? Most people that I see on indoor rowers in commercial gyms don't. And I'd rather not have you go flat out with HIIT, if your technique is off... Learn a proper rowing stroke, learn to find a rythm. Then try to extend the duration. If you can sustain proper form and rythm for at least half an hour (and manage to do at least 5km in this timeframe!), only then you are ready for intense intervals. Should you have any questions regarding rowing, film yourself and put the video in the form check sections of this forum, or pm me. I'm a rowing coach* and I might know one or two tricks to help you... *DRV-certified, but my license is long expired. (Did not have time for the mandatory further trainings every two years to keep the license while I was in the army.) Rowing technique hasn't changed much during the last 50 years, though...
  8. Work out. Every second day. Eat protein... and work out. Try to improve every workout. Just one rep more every workout in the first set, perhaps two more in the total for each workout. Take it easy in the last week, have at least four to five days rest before the test.
  9. #1 motivational tool is my training log. #2 is the mirror, and/or unflattering photos. #3 is youtube videos of strongmen lifting heavy stuff, which always instill the "I want to be able to do that, too"-thoughts.
  10. There is a saying in the (german) army "a soldier without an entry in the disciplinary file is no soldier". Mistakes happen when people don't care - or when they care to much. (Or when they have cared too much for too long a time and get worn down). You obviously do not want too many of the first, but the others are the ones you need quite a few of in your company and you will be glad to have them, regardless of their disciplinary history.
  11. No, they don't. A lot of breads (and Brez'n!) do not contain milk, only water. The sweet stuff often has some milk in it, true... And even if they did, there is still beer. Which, basically, is liquid bread. "Sechs Bier sind auch eine Mahlzeit" - "six beer are also a meal", as the german saying goes. Also, only 37 beer cover the daily recommended intake of vitamin C! Healthy nutrition can be so easy! (A bottle of beer usually contains 0.5 liters.) If @Elastigirl ruined your life, I just fixed it, @sloth, as you are half bavarian, a proper dietary plan for you could look like this: breakfast: 3 Weißwurst (pl: Weißwürste), 1 or 2 Butterbrez'n. 0.5L Weißbier. snack: Leberkässemmel lunch: Butterbrez'n, Obazda (might be critical regarding lactose), radish. 0.5L Helles dinner: Hax'n with fried potatoes or potatoe salad and Sauerkraut, beer according to taste (this applies to both type and quantity). If in doubt, eat and/or drink more! And here is an instructional video* on proper sports nutrition in a bulking phase by german rapper Kollegah, the patron saint of german gym bros.** Opening scene: boy, eating salad: "I've been lifting for five years, and the biceps doesn't grow. What am I doing wrong? woman in traditional dress: "Heck don't you know that salad let's the biceps shrink?" Hint: the traditional bavarian diet may be less than ideal for endurance sports like cycling, but is well suited for strength sports such as strongman or even fingerhakeln. *only accidentally published on april fool's day. ** text reads: "Never train legs. Never".
  12. Yeah, the current cycle is definitely at it's end. New strength cycle, or hypertrophy, or even strength endurance next? Hypertrophy is more fun, strength is needed (I'm weaker than I look), strength endurance hurts. But the latter would help me most in my sport... Decisions. Also, kudos for being so open with your mental health goals. Mental health issues still are stigmatised in our society (outside of NF at least), so that might have taken some courage.
  13. Well, how much is too much? If it hurts, you've gone to far. STOP. Walk/crawl home and rest plenty before trying again. If it doesn't hurt, everything is fine... A good rule of thumb is to increase distance no more than 10% from one workout to the next.
  14. In your case, hypertrophy seems indeed the most sensible choice as it allows you to lessen the load on the wrist. But seeing everybody online suddenly doing hypertrophy doesn't help with the temptation to join in... But my strength still leaves a lot to be desired. I'm far weaker than one would expect given my mass.* That's a dangerous slope you are leading us here, Staci... *I've had the impression of running against a wall though with my current 5x5 (which I run since october after a five+ year hiatus from barbell training). 5x5 has become 3x5 on many lifts, and I've also dropped frequency a bit... but still, every training esession is wearing me down extremely. Now I'm debating whether to just reduce volume, or to deload and ramp up again, or just to end the cycle and do some months of hypertrophy instead. Hmmm.
  15. Photographing a wedding is a HELL of a job. I did five weddings, always as a gift for friends, but I would never do wedding shoots commercially. Ok,maybe, if I was starving and that was the only job I ould get... But else: No way. You have to be alert constantly, not only to bride and groom, but to everybody around, you have to anticipate the light (I have never been able to rehearse before the actual weddig - just was thrown into the situation and had to cope with what was there), you moove around constantly to get good angles because bride and groom and priest are also moving (not much, but enough to block the view...), and you have to do so - mooving around, preying on good shots - without disturbing the ceremony. In the evening, you will be completely drained, and then you'll spent the next week sighting the photos, choosing the best ones and editing them. Be nice to the wedding photographer. He has the hardest job of the day. And if he's a real professional, expect to pay accordingly. You might be able to find people that charge as low as 150€, but these are usually amateurs and/or beginners building a portfolio. Do not expect too much from them - they might be great, or they might not. The real pros charge somewhere within the realm of 600-1200€/day, depending on whether expenses are included are charged separately. And if you figure in all the postprocessing (rule of thumb: double or three times the time spent on shooting), even their hourly wage is sad... Strong is sexy. When I read the song of the Nibelungs as a teenager, the only female charcacter that was somewhat interesting to me was Brünhild... But maybe that was because I basically grew up in a boat house, with all the girls around me also rowing fast and lifting heavy.
  16. Oh, and what definitely helped me was to work on the arches of my feet and to reverse the flatfootedness (does that word even exist?). When forefoot-striking, it is the arches of the feet, the fasciae in the feet, the achilles tendon and the muscles in feet and lower leg that do all the dampening. But with improper shoes (raised heel, pronounced footbed etc) and no practice, all these structures loose their functionality. (It took less than one year of me wearing shiny high-tech running shoes to ruin everything I had build up in the decade before.) But luckily, you can at least train the muscles. Try moving the small toes of your feet independently from the big toe, try spreading the toes outward and contracting them inward etc. Lay a towel on the floor and try to grip and/or roll it with your toes, such stuff. And walk barefoof on uneven substances. Frustrating or painful (often both), but this really helped my regain the arches of my feet...
  17. You HAVE TO take it easy. Start with VERY short distances. It's like beginning to run again. (Actually, that is the case: you are just learning to run.) I ruined my running style, my achilles tendons and the arches of my feet by "upgrading" to a modern running shoe. (previously, I had run for 12 years in my old army-issued running shoes which were designed somewhen in the 60s... very neutral, and not very much damping, which meant you had to run with a forefoot strike. When switching to the new, dampened running shoes my running style immediately degraded.) It took 2 years for the achilles tendons to heal, and even longer to be able to run 5k again. (Before the injury, I would usually run 10+km twice a week. I'm still not back to these distances... 6-7km once a week is the longest I can go now before the muscles in the lower leg shut down.) I guess I could have been back much sooner, but in my usual fashion, I always overdid it. I got extremely sore, had to skip running, sometimes for several weeks because of the pain in my tibia... You learn from mistakes. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes. Be smarter than I was. Yes, when working on running style it is totally normal for the muscles to shut down long before your cardiorespiratory system feels exhausted. Which means, you either have to accept the decreasing performance for a while, or you'll have supplement your running with some other type of cardio, like riding a bike or rowing.
  18. I don't usually watch ESC, but somehow I still can remember the polish milkmaid! (Slavic women are hot.)
  19. I might have expressed myself a bit unprecisely. While middle-eastern was included in the sentence about gluten, and technically carried over to the next one regarding lactose, this was meant to be qualified by "the farther to the north, the less probable is lactose intolerance", which should have implicated that lactase persistence in the mediterranean is considerably lower than in scandinavia. Forgive me, english is not my native language.
  20. Lactase persistence (the mutation that allows the body to produce lactase in adulthood) is a relatively recent one; evidence (including DNA samples from skeletons) hints that lactase persistence has spread through Europe between 5000 and 8000 years ago. According to the german wikipedia entry (I know, I know... wikipedia is not a quotable source...) 75% of world population is lactose intolerant, while only 15% of the population in german-speaking reagions are. And in Sweden, it is only 2%... https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laktoseintoleranz (scroll down, there is a table comparing different populations.)
  21. Hiking is strongly approved. Koolaid and lack of vegetables not so much.
  22. strength theory (now renamed, but still run by Greg Nuckols): http://www.strongerbyscience.com/
  23. Whenever I noticed me gaining a bit of weight back in the army days, I'd just make sure to ban cookies from every meeting i was hosting, and I'd skip the Feierabendbier.* These two alone would get me down ~3-5kg within a few weeks and without much effort. Time to quote old Paracelsus again. "All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison ." The overwhelming majority of people of middle-eastern, sub-mediterranean or european ancestry are not gluten-intolerant. Nor are they lactose intolerant (the farther to the north, the less probable is lactose intolerance). And even far less people are fructose-intolerant, as fruits have been part of the human diet since before humans could be called humans.... The classic test for fructose intolerance is to administer the patient 50g of fructose and then measure the hydrogen content of the gas he exhales - if he cannot digest fructose, it will ferment and hydrogen will be set free. To take up 50g of fructose via natural food, however, you would have to eat nearly one kilogram of cherries. At once. It is totally doable to eat a kilogram of cherries, but you'd probably need an entire day for that. You would never take in 50g of fructose at once with a diet of whole foods. That is only possible with refined sugar. Refined sugar is one half glucose, the other half fructose. 100g of refined sugar will bomb you with the fructose equivalent of one kilogram of cherries. HFCS can be even worse. And sugar hides everywhere in processed food. (I've even seen syrup been added to dark, sour breads... WTF?!?) It is very probable that you can tolerate sugar (whatever kind of sugar), but that you were just overdoing it. Two snickers bars a day alone would be 100g of sugar... Now eat some baked stuff, have a salad with a store-bought salad dressing, or have some ketchup with a meal, drink one glass of soda and one glass of juice, and you have just taken up fructose equivalent of several kilos of fruit and berries. I'd not be surprised if we have similar story here with gluten. Gluten has been in the human diet since the invention of agriculture. Probability is high almost anybody in the western world does tolerate gluten. But wheat and rye have only been a part of a grain-based diet - don't forget oats, for example. Then there is millet. And pseudo-grains like buckwheat. But since the industrialisation, wheat has replaced most of these in the western diet, meaning we probably eat a lot more wheat then our ancestors did. And on top of that, a lot of baked goods have extra gluten added to them. If a bread is extremely "fluffy" or soft, it probably has some extra gluten in it. (Sometimes disguised as "wheat glue", "wheat protein" or similar in the fine print.) Eating gluten is probably all right, just not in the ridiculous amounts most of us do nowadays. * I have no idea how to translate this. Basically, it is a german tradition to pop a beer after work, be it either with your coworkers (or comrades, if in the miltary), or when arriving at home. Anyways, it is custom law that you open a beer when you are done with your day's work. Except in Bavaria, where it is totally fine to drink the first beer during lunch break.
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