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  1. So last week and the week before in one post because real life got busy. Managed to run enough and log all my transactions on YNAB. MyFitnessPal was fine the week before but I completely dropped the ball this weekend, noticed I struggled in general on the weekends.
  2. Couple of days late because of the joys of life and work. Logged everyday last week on MFP, Ran 3 times however I passed on lifting, my knee started really clicking on squats and generally not feeling as strong, I'm not chancing an injury so I'm going to drop it as a goal for now. YNAB is also logged and up to date.
  3. Totally agree, so far doing both in the same day has been fine time-wise as I run at lunch and lift in the evenings, I'm on a fixed work pattern with a really flexible lunchtime so I can schedule my life really easily. Biggest obstacle I think is going to be preventing injury, my knees are already giving me some grief and I really don't want to antagonise it too much. I might trial alternate days and see if that helps.
  4. Runs done again this week, sorting screenshots out is proving to be a pain so gonna introduce it when I can find a less painful way to do it. Missed logging calories on saturday unfortunately but hit every other day. Lifted twice this week but felt a twinge in one of my knees on squats so decided to wave off the third day to avoid an injury.
  5. Runs done this week, no weightlifting as my current programming needed more time than I had available for rest days, will pick it up next week. YNAB transactions all added and budgeting has been done. MFP screenshots to come tomorrow night.
  6. Ended up sticking with going under on the macros, out tonight with work so think I'll try even it out today. From next week I won't normally go over it was just meal planning from last week that I need to eat through so it's hopefully a short-term problem but wanted some more general advice to avoid stressing myself out too much.
  7. Currently toying with doing both on the same day to fit my life. Gonna trial it for a week and see how life treats me.
  8. Ok a little late but here goes, my first challenge since the respawn which I've already been following just without realising it, goals are below: - Log my calories every day over the challenge - Run 3x a week - Lift 3x a week - Add transactions to YNAB once a week I'm going to try and post here at least once a week, ideally every day with a screenshot of MFP and the Starting Strength App. You'll have to take my word on the YNAB stuff . First post will be on Sunday now coming
  9. To explain the title a bit more. I've been tracking calories more regularly and look to hit a goal of just under 2000 calories. Today I've managed to go over on both my carbs and proteins but under on fats, I'm also about 500 calories under my goal. My question is this, is it better that I hit my calorie goal despite the fact that it will put me even more over my carb and protein goal or can I get away with being 500 calories under my loss goal?
  10. So I joined back in 2014 and was gradually dropping weight, boosting race times and generally having an all-round good time. Then I foolishly decided I could go at it alone... In the interim I had changes (good and bad), re-assessment of goals and new animals. 4 years later (it really cannot be that long can it?) I'm back, heavier and slower than before but eager to come back and carry on. So consider this my respawn. I'm regularly running again and watching my food intake. I'm also getting involved with more fitness communities to build my support crew out.
  11. I'm in if there happens to be any people still looking for a partner, got lost in the dark else I'd have been here sooner
  12. At last I'm back and ready to get on with it Last Challenge: Could have gone better This Challenge: Time to get myself together and roll with it Main Quest: Stick to It My second quest taught me what was wrong, my motivation is non-existent. Now it's time to rebuild and start with a new mindset and a new motivation. Goals are still the same just the way I do it is gonna be different so main quest below: Getting myself to a state of fitness where I can successfully join the Royal Air Force as a crewman. The fitness requirements are as follows: 2.4 Km Run: 11.11 20 Press-ups 35 Situps Mu
  13. **Edit** Look before I post, put this in the right place
  14. Ok so checking afer disappearing for a while, this challenge was more a less a bugger up for me. Had a good start but quickly went downhill. On the plus I know what went wrong. I had absolutely no motivation to do anything, no matter what I couldn't perk myself up enough to actually get started on anything. So I calling this one a fail but the next one will be a success. Exercise - F Just couldn't seem to get this going, I managed about 2 weeks that were good out of the entire challenge, plus side is I found a great fitness group in London which once finance sorts itself out I will d
  15. Quite simple, my partner and my family. Both are supporting me towards my end goal and want to see me succeed with this new lifestyle.
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