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    Thrym comeback tour

    Friday! Weigh-in (from last / from beginning): Weight: 91,1kg (-0,1kg/-0,1kg) Waist: 100,5cm (-0,5cm/-1,5cm) Exercise this week so far: Wed: Fitness boxing 1h Thu: Martial arts 1h 15min So.. I'm basically exactly where I started from. But I bought a new, smarter scale so I can now track body composition in addition to just weight. I haven't checked if my old scale and new scale give anywhere near the same numbers so there might've been some kind of shift one way or another. And I guess the body composition numbers the scale gives are most
  2. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    Friday! Weigh-in: Weight: 91,2kg (+0,5kg/-0,0kg) Waist: 101cm (-1cm/-1cm) Exercise: Tue: Self defense 1h Thu: Self defense 1h Fri: Fitness boxing 1h (planned) Weight jumped right back (maybe just due to heavy lunch yesterday) but waist shrunk a tiny bit. Weekly exercise routine is starting to emerge. Consistency is key.
  3. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    Lots of fun, first we had couple hours of basic technique, then lots and lots of kicking and punching combinations to pads with a partner. And it was pretty good exercise, I was totally exhausted when I got home
  4. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    Friday! Weigh-in: Weight: 90,7kg (-0,5kg/-0,5kg) Waist: 102cm (-/-) Exercise: Mon: Kettlebell training 45min Tue: Some additional walking Thu: Self defense training 1h Tomorrow I'll be having 3 hour intensive course on boxing and kickboxing technique, yay!
  5. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    Hi! Yeah I missed my weigh-in last week. Last week altogether was a bit slower start than I was hoping for. Only one exercise last week (45min kettlebell class) and some beer and pizza on weekend. Fortunately this week is looking a lot better already and I'll be doing my weekly weigh-in tomorrow as scheduled. Also renewed my membership to close by martial arts gym!
  6. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    So it begins... I'll have a weigh-in every Friday. So here's the initial measurements: Weight: 91.2kg (201lbs) Waist: to be measured (where's my tape measure?) I'll be "officially" starting the challenge next Monday, right after celebrating New Year.
  7. thrym

    Thrym comeback tour

    Thank you! I've done a 80km hike a couple years ago and my hike last summer hike was something like 50km. So this one will be the longest yet! Scenery will be something like this:
  8. Hi everybody! It is time for an epic comeback! I did three 4 week challenges back in 2014 and made some pretty good progress. Then life got in the way and I had some other issues to deal with. Now I'm on my way to get back on track and start doing 4 week challenges again. As a motivation I'm planning to do a ~100km hike next summer so I need to be in shape to survive it. I'm also planning not to buy larger pair of pants this year. So here are my goals for the first challenge in 2018: Lose 1.5kg - For 5 week challenge this is 0.5kg per week which should be doable, e
  9. Final Friday measurements & wrap-up Weight 84.0kg (-0.4kg / -0.4kg) Waist 92cm Completed seven consecutive chin-ups this morning, though the last one wasn't very pretty. Weight has been bouncing from 83,6kg to 86kg and back during the challenge. So all in all, finished half of my goals. Happy holidays everyone!
  10. Bodyweight What a coincidence! I just did a push-up potpourri extempore on Monday. It was something like but not necessarily exactly: 2 x 10 normal push-ups, 2 x 10 diamond push-ups, 2 x 10 wide arm push-ups, 2 x 10 decline push-ups, 1 x 10 one legged push-ups Maybe I wasn't doing the one legged ones right since they didn't seem that much more difficult than any other variant I did.. I'm now on a quest to find new favorite (fun & challenging) push-up variation. Luckily we don't have thanksgiving here, though upcoming Christmas has it's effects as my wife already started baking Chri
  11. Friday measurements Weight 84.4kg (+0.2kg / 0kg) Waist 92cm I've been slipping from my dietary plan quite a bit in the last three weeks (my wife makes excellent pasta and cinnamon buns..). I think I'll adjust my weight loss goal to somewhere around 83.6kg. This week I've done push-up potpourri, chin-ups (2+3+4+2+3) twice and even went to run some intervals on Wednesday!
  12. I'm planning to visit pull-up bar (in a park near me, can't install one home) 3-4 times per week and/or do some strength exercises at home. Monday I did a kettlebell workout: squats, presses, rows, swings. For some unknown reason my legs went very sore, can't remember that happening though I've done similar workouts before So yesterday I concentrated on upper body, rows, presses and various push-ups. For weight loss I'll continue with my old routine of eating light at work and watch out for sugar and starch and try to add a bit more protein.
  13. Thank you! Last week went quite miserably but this week started strong with a kettlebell workout yesterday and for tomorrow I have plans to do some running and pull-ups.. I'm confident that once I get up to speed again this challenge will be another success
  14. Hi everyone! Third challenge on it's way! Started on Monday but haven't had time to report here before now. Last challenge was bit of a struggle because of the many distractions life tends to throw at you. Fortunately my goals were so cautiously set that I managed to do it anyway. And since things are going about the same I'll keep my goals very modest to be able to reach them and at least have some improvement. Main goals: 1. Weigh 83kg (or less) 2. Do 6 proper pull-ups and 8 chin-ups. New goals (28.11.) 1. Weigh 83.6kg (or less) 2. Do 7 consecutive chin-ups Life Quest Declutter
  15. Challenge Summary Wow, this hasn't been too easy. So many distractions and rainy days, lack of motivation and energy.. I'm not sure if I was very clever or just lazy when I set my goals so low six weeks ago But at least I made it! I lost 1,6kg and just today did my first five consecutive chin-ups! Week #6 summary Monday: Cooper 2300 meters, 20 lunges, 20 jumping lunges, chin-ups 1+2+3+1+2 Wednesday: Running (5.29km / 32:39), 20 lunges, 20 jumping lunges, chin-ups 1+2+3+2+2 Friday: 20 lunges, 2x20 jumping lunges, chin-ups 1+3+3+2+2 Sunday: Running (5.16km / 29:00), chin-ups 5+4+2 (and 2.
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