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  1. Have any of you seen the Shortcut to Size by Jim stoppani? What are your thoughts on it?http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5abac16e1f275/shortcut_to_size_e-book_revised_9-9-15.pdf Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  2. Agreed with the above comment. Depression is no joke. There's is a great merit in recognizing it. Now the next step, seek help. It's not a sign of weakness. It is not stupid to get help. You WILL get better. You WILL triumph this battle. the war will be won. You are not alone. The shieldwall is made brother next to brother. Push on.
  3. I feel ya broda. I also get to carried away. Both in the Good (too many changes abruptly) and in the bad (I get into this "depressive" state every 2 months or so...). So yeah, let's both make small changes from now on, and let it build up into greatness? I think most of us try to become the superhero way to fast. We need to learn patience. Micro speed to MACRO patience !!
  4. Hi guys and Gals, Lokes' here again! Been away for about a year or even more... Sorry about that. Just Remember that even though I was away, my heart was still with you all, because I kept referring this beautiful group of people to almost everyone I knew (Not a smart move for a Rebellion, but we're so strong that everyone knows we exist and we still fight the Evil). So, I wanted to recharge and find that fun way of living life. Which of course, led me back to you. And from now on I'll be sure to stick around. I think that my major problem in here was the hiatus between challenges and I must set up smarter quests, in the measure sense. I have a hard time tracking, well, anything. So, I'll restart at 0 (Been to long, tutorial needed), and I'l make sure to set up my challenge nice and proper Also, funny enough, I recently wrote my purpose in life/code of conduct, and I want to share it with you: I am a sheer force of positive emotions, a lone rebel fighting to place some sense in the world. I will not bow before adversity and I will speak my mind when something is amiss. No matter who stands with me, no matter the cost. because "those who mind don't matter and those o matter don't mind". I will turn the world much brighter than it was before I came along. I am the spark that will light the flame of positivity that will make the world a better place. I will succeed. Battle by battle, until the war is won.
  5. I'll drink to that! Now, it's time to set up the new challenge!
  6. CHALLENGE RECAAAAAP: fist of this last week: Slacked Parkour Training tracked all my meals except for one day Meditated everyday Did do a lot for the mini this week Didn't play all that much this week REAL challenge recap: Sequence 1: Chase and Escape (+3 DEX;+2 STR) No Parkour habit set up yet. But the Video thing made me aware that I was missing out. I think i'll set up again this challenge, because I think that the video will do wonders for a lot of things, my confidence, my movement and will keep me accountable. Alas, this is a no go, yet. Sequence 2: Follow your Target (+2 WIS) I felt like I tracked most of my food, and I think I got this habit. At least the alarm system was a great help because now I have the alarm even if I forget to track right after my meal. The snack was not in effect though, since I only managed a few. For the next challenge I think I can start to focus on my actual food intake instead of just tracking it. Sequence 3: The Mentor teaches, the Apprentice listens (+2 WIS) I think I got this again. I'm still going to set it up the next challenge, as a precaution, but I think I got this habit again. And boy does it feel nice. The Bonus quest here really made the trick. I think my sleep got so much better. And Journaling what my vision-like meditation made me see was a great help. So Bonus as well (+1 CON) Sequence 4: A Friendly Competition (+2 STR) I skipped a bit on this. Even though I felt sometimes that I could do better and I wanted to win, the training in the 5x5 got somehow in the way and I usually felt like I could not or did not have the energy to do it. But, even with these excuses, a challenge is a challenge. And I failed this quest. Sequence 5: Entertain the Crowd. (+2 CHA) This was also a failure in a way, and a win in another. Even though I did not play as much as I wanted to, and I certainly did not set it up as a habit, I re-found my passion for music and playing, and will most certainly do it more often. This is probably stay out of the next challenges, unless I really want to make a habit out of it. So thats 2/5, and that means I did not level up. But I go +4 wis and 1 con, so I got that set up for me. Which is nice!
  7. Recap! No Parkour Training this week! Didn't Tracked 3 and a Half days. Dammit! This week I meditated pretty much everyday except these last two days since I was out partying (I also need this from time to time, it's almost a cathartic experience) These last 3 days I didn't help out the mini a lot, but other than that it was great to do the exercises at home! I almost got the music, but I am really enjoying the experience of playing again. Let's get this last week pumping!
  8. Hitting the gym right now, and since it's rest time I thought I could tell you something. Today, at 88 lbs I hit my first milestone. At a 88 lbs, I could not do 5 reps of Overhead Press. And instead of feeling sad or enraged... I was happy. I am happy. This is my first wall. My first monster. And I respect it. And can't wait to beat it. That's all!! Enviado do meu SM-G925F através de Tapatalk
  9. Yesterday (1st March) No Parkour Tracked All 3 Meals (and Snacks!) Meditation of 28th Feb, led to the realization that I need to contain myself. I can be way to extroverted at times, and that usually leads to me talking too much and get out of a certain situation badly. So I need to learn by the class and become more "Assassin"ish. I need to shut up more, and listen more. I need to have my own "secrets". Shrimp Squats 8|6 and One Arm PullUps (T,A.) 4|4 No music. Today: No Parkour Tracked all 3 meals (and snacks) Meditation of March the 1st led to realize that I don't have a strict code of conduct. I lack discipline of the Soul and the Mind.I am currently working on this and creating my code. So far the two values I hold are in line with the 9 Noble Virtues: Truth and Discipline. I'll see what else I find. Toes to Bar 9| 9 and One Arm Pull Ups (T.A) : 5|3 Light Chords (Sailor's Boots by Frank Turner and "Homem do Leme" by Xutos & Pontapés
  10. Today (28th February) No Parkour: Ended up not training. I'll suffer for it, I'm sure. I need to think about how to change my methods in order to be sure to go out and train. Tracked 2 meals, lunch and dinner. Yesterday's meditation was for 10 minutes, and ended up being more of being aware of my body than being aware of my thoughts. Yet, it felt relaxing and I enjoyed it. Today's "training" was 2x6 Shrimp Squats and 2x6 Toes to Bar. No practice today.
  11. RECAP: Parkour only on Sunday (The video I posted). Rest of the week was a complete mess full of work and tiredness. Tracked most of my meals, but didn't ate that much snacks. So this is now something I'll strive to do but I can't reward myself the Bonus. This week was a bit off in the meditation thingy. But every time I did it I at least completed the bonus requirements and did not engage in any technology devices! And My sleep has indeed get better!! Missed a lot of the mini this week :'( But alas, a new week dawns upon us!! Practice was a bit off as well. Overall this week didn't went as good as the one before. As for sunday: No parkour Tracked 2 meals (skipped breakfast) no meditation :'( no mini engaged. light practice, just jamming a few chords and lines. Today: No Parkour (maybe tomorrow morning?) Tracked 2 meals, but dinner was not tracked because it was All you Can Eat Sushi and... well... I always eat too much xD Meditation is after posting! 8 Shrimp Squats and 4 One Arm PushUps. I don't feel like I can do much more today. Practice the intro and verse of Under the Bridge.
  12. No Parkour Tracked my 3 meals (and Snacks! Yey!) Didn't meditate neither yesterday. Going to do it right to this! LEGS LEGS LEGS. Advanced Shrimp Squats (Each Leg) : 8|8|8 Today I wanted a change of pace so "If it means a lot to you" Chords by A Day to Remember
  13. No Parkour Tracked my 3 meals, no snack Didn't meditate yesterday :'( Toes to bar 14|12|12|12 and a bonus 7 reps to get to that 50 score (my OCD couldn't let it be at 49 xD) No practice today neither, going for it tomorrow. AH, take that Mini!!
  14. No Parkour Tracked my 3 meals (Bought a pack of "healthy" crackers though! That counts to me!) Tried to get it yesterday. I visualized the Hidden Blade, which I guess can somehow relate to striking with precision and swiftness, however I still can't quite figure out the Black Flag symbol and the Bioshock speech... another attempt today. Toes to Bar 12|12|12|12 Because competition is making me work out and I'm loving seeing those numbers pile. Should've played today... way to tired though.
  15. No Parkour today Tracked my 3 meals (still no snack because I'm a lazy bastard) Yesterday I meditated for 12 minutes, and even though the "visions" were not clear I kept seeing the AC Black Flag symbol and kept hearing the Bioshock speech of "A man chooses, a slave obeys". I've been trying to figure it out the whole day and I still can't seem to understand why I saw/heard both of these. Maybe today's session will clear it up. Toes to bar 12|12|10|10 (Trying to get a sense of that freaking forest xD) No music today. Thank you! Still a long way to go though! Thanks! Before I stopped training I could get all of the stairs in one go, with both legs. This is now one of my main milestones, to know that I am able to do it again.
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