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  1. Well, I thought I was going to have a "bad" start to my challenge - I was summoned for jury duty Monday and Tuesday - So i sat, all day. I didn't want to walk, because 1-I had uncomfortable shoes on, thinking I wasn't allowed to wear sneakers, and 2-I was nervous to leave the area where the jurors were kept. However, they didn't need us so they sent us home early enough that I was able to make my workout classes both Monday and Tuesday! Tuesday was my first barre above class - kicked my butt! Then i stayed for zumba, so now my butt is doubly kicked. I was so beat I went to bed and fell asleep only 400 steps shy of my 10K. I am sore as heck today, but its the good kind of sore, where you know you had a good workout
  2. Takes all the positive energy you got working out and turns it into a now stressful start to the day!
  3. WilkyMouse - When I am trying to get up to get to the gym before work, its the hardest thing ever...I also love to stay in bed until the last second! The classes are after work, so the good news is, while i am trying to adjust, i will have that workout! Grizzy - I have been lucky that i usually feel great after finally getting there...only mishap I did have is one time I got messed up with my time and was late for work
  4. Great goals! Your work is amazing too! Love the pictures! I really like the idea of leveling up your hobby in your goals - and the idea of prizes to yourself! I may have to borrow those ideas! ;-) Because i do photography, I can absolutely incorporate steps, calories etc right along with it too!
  5. Thanks! I'll either feel fantastic or really regret it! haha. I am totally stircrazy from missing my workouts all week! I used to do Body Combat then Zumba so this shouldn't be too bad...
  6. ScarletFyre

    Back Again!

    Your goals are great! I hadn't thought about using calorie burning as one of my goals/measurements - which is funny since I also have a fitbit! I am also a numbers person (hence the fitbit, MFP etc) so I may have to borrow your calorie burning goal You really have a lot going on! It can get tough - we try not to let life derail us but sometimes there is just way too much life going on!!
  7. I hadn't taken barre before, but went to a demo at the place where i take zumba. I love that they added it because i pay a monthly fee to go, and its unlimited classes! Unfortunately even though something like 12 of us signed up for the demo, 50 or so showed up; so most of us did not get to use the barre. Irritating as that was it taught me how butt kicking those workouts were, because i did finally get to use it for the last exercise; I really felt the difference! I may be insane but i signed up for barre AND zumba tomorrow AM....dog sitting all week and missing my workouts and classes i just feel like i need to move! Sunday I'll post if that was a terrible mistake or not haha. I did break down and buy a scale, but I do want to keep with the idea of what you did...it all makes sense - if you hit your goals, then its going to happen!!
  8. I am back! This is perfect timing for this 4 week challenge - I want to go on my vacation feeling like I accomplished something! I am healing nicely from the shoulder injury, my ankle is wonky, but I've got a nice brace for it, and no more scarlet fever! I dogsat all this week for a friend, so I have been off my routine. (workouts, sleep AND food!) I am done as of Friday, and trying a new class (Barre Above) so in this next challenge I'll be incorporating a new workout! Here we go....! Main Quest: 1- walk at break at least 4 days per workweek 2- go to the gym at least 3 days per week (when I get THAT down pat, I'll modify to add specific activities, as i am aiming for these to be mostly BEFORE WORK time of day - a challenge for me!) 3- go to zumba/barre at least 3 days per week 4- get back into the habit of logging all my meals - with the help of a little gadget I just had to have, by the end of this challenge I will be drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, outside of what i drink working out. When i have mastered this I will increase my water goal. In the bigger picture, i would like to lose 8-ish lbs by the time I leave for my first trip (early June, so about a month) and I'd like to lose around 12 lbs before my following trip, around the end of June. I do not currently have a scale (mine died so ordering today) So it should come just in time for me to weigh myself in. I also plan to measure, because although I will cry and complain when I do not like the numbers on the scale, I do realize that other factors (measurements, how your clothes fit, how you feel etc) are just as if not more important. I am hoping to expand my AM gym time to 5 days per week so I can do weights there at least three times per week (since I do so much cardio with my classes etc) but I will wait a week to refine that
  9. Definitely! Steal it and I hope its true!
  10. Fleaball, I think that this month has been a good example of "when it rains, it pours"! Thanks...I'm glad too...maybe it means I hit my quota for crap for the year now. ;-) Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  11. Blaidd- are you ready for this? Sleeping on it, I think. I have what the dr called hyper mobility in my shoulders (sounded way cooler when I used to say they popped out lol) Evidently the tendons or ligaments are loose and my shoulder comes out just a little. I must have done that then slept on it all night that way, causing the separation. The good news is that the paper my doc gave me said there are degrees of separation. Mine was the mildest, so n as long as I m followed orders, no surgery. Unfortunately I has just bought a house...lol...and now culd b t move my boxes! Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  12. Although my main thought was apologies for not beingon the site...sick and not working out all I'd be doing was complaining ha ha. Plus I have really fought with guit over my "break"...but you are right, this are pretty legit things! Thanks for the welcome back, and giving me some perspective which stops me from torturing myself fortaking it easy to heal. I tried a littke workout, and tried a plank; hardly any pain so yay forthe shoulder! Now to make sure I'm ovet this infection and I'll be back at it when I'm healthy!
  13. Hi! Sorry I have been MIA - as I was getting over the separated shoulder, and then on bereavement leave from work, I came down with Scarlet Fever - rather ironic considering my screen name! haha. (It has not been a fun month for me...lol) Anyway, I am no longer contagious, and the hives or whatever they are are starting to let up, so that is good! I haven't been working out much because I have had no energy. I am back to work and walking on my breaks, and hoping now that the antibiotics are finished that by the end of the week I might be able to actually get a real workout in! AND I think the shoulder is about mended too! I might be whole again soon! Thank you guys for asking and sorry, again, that I was MIA!
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