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  1. Ok, this week Monday- Flexibilty Tuesday- Run/Skill Wednesday- Strength Thursday- Run/Skill Friday- Flexibility Saturday- Run/Strength.
  2. Stretch progression today. A decent amount of improvement in backbends, less so with splits. But I didn't do a sustain and organized flexibility program.
  3. Ok, here are some pics from about a year ago. I have done some stretching, but usually just along with typical workouts.
  4. Well, my daughter didn't push me so much as I walked with her. She has never run like that before though. Gonna have to build her up. I remember how hard it was for me when I started running. I will have to make it up to get my weekly goal in. I don't have too much longer before it gets too painfully hot is SC to stand running. Even at 5:30 in the morning... Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  5. I can rock a chart! So far, I'm on track. Only ran 2 miles yesterday because I'm getting over a summer cold. I am looking to get pics of current split/backbend progressions up soon. I rarely see people post stuff like that. I think it will help other people to see how fast/slow it is to gain flexibility for a middle age person (I'm 35). Also, my 10 year old daughter asked me to wake her up in the morning so she can run with me !!! My kids aren't very athletic, so I'm loving this!
  6. There are several goals I'm looking to hit but none of them can be accomplished in four weeks currently. So for this challenge, I'm just looking to stick with a workout plan I've developed that will help me work towards my goal. I have made me a handy dandy template (attached below). My overarching goals: Sub 6 minute mile Full Splits (middle and side) 20 pull up max 1 minute free standing handstand Pistol squat (it looks so simple...but it's so hard!) This is a pretty ambitious list. I have never done anything on this list and I am not close to any of it now. First things first... Training. My plan is broken up in two strength days, two skill building days and two flexibility days with cardio workouts tack onto three workouts a week. I'm pretty busy (Husband, kids, job... job...job) and the schedule switches up every week. I need to start each week by planning when I can fit all my workouts in. Then I need to actually do all my workouts. Life be damned! So this week (starting tomorrow): 13th- Flexibility 14th- morning run, Skill building 15th- Strength 16th- interval run, Skill building 17th- Flexibility 18th- morning run, Strength Wish me luck:)
  7. So, no stretching today:(. I had a meeting during my work hours and had to work 2 different jobs today. I'm really stiff from P90X legs and back too:(. It would have felt so good. Oh well, I'm going to pick up where I left off tomorrow. After this week, semester ends (!), also another class I was attending will be completed so I can have some work relief.
  8. I have started a bullet journal and it's genius. I. Love. This. Method. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up your journey!
  9. Ok, here are my middle splits currently. So as you can see, I have a long way together. Also I have a friend that is a yoga teacher and she said shoulders are super hard to get worked out. So I have quite a bit of work ahead of me, but this challenge is simple for me to comply with since I can do a lot of my stretches in my office during work. I am anticipating doing them for a while.
  10. Currently I am not seeing progress, but I honestly don't see myself getting any splits in the challenge anyway. I have never been able to do splits and now I'm in my mid 30s, so I assume it will take a while before I have them down. Anything will help. I never posted my middle split starting point. Let me see if I can find that pick...
  11. I found an interesting chart to work towards splits. I'll give it a shot and see how this works:)
  12. I have never heard of Neila Ray before and saw they have a 30 Day split challenge!. My first 6 week challenge is spit and back bends. Thanks so much! Good luck with you challenge!
  13. Hi Starsapart! I have already been and am eager to join your ranks! This weekend was the first home and free in a while so house work and kids got my attention. I am becoming quite good at squeezing stretch time in bits and pieces. TV time becomes hip and shoulder opener time, gardening give me the opportunity to stretch my low back and legs when I'm bending over to weed and plant seeds. Throughout the weekend, windows were cleaned, fridge was wiped out, bedding washed, floors swept and mopped, laundry ALL done, cabinets cleaned, kitchen dusted and my husband even started digging the area for a retainer wall and I started a craft project that will hopefully upcycle some old material and make me some cash! Very productive this weekend😅. But somehow, the house is messy right now😠. Oh well.
  14. Hi Nanners! Weekly pics are a great way to check on progress. Any specific goals for the first 6 weeks? Like a particular workout or what your diet plan will be?
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